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MBA/Harvard ALM for Business, Accounting, Finance and Marketing

Hello fellow students! My name is Fahad, and I am currently a graduate student at Harvard University pursuing my second masters degree in Financial Management. I hold an MBA and nearly 10 years of real world business experience working with fortune 500 companies around the world. I love to share, and teach, management skills and business related topics. I am extremely passionate about helping you do your best! I have a broad set of skills and techniques that can help you fully master compl...


Hi! I can help you master accounting quickly. Accounting can be intimidating, especially when working on complicated assignments and/or preparing for exams. I use my 10+ years of work experience with fortune 500 companies, an MBA and a Harvard education in finance to help my students become accounting pros in no time at all!







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Derrica M. from Huntsville, AL

Fahad has helped me in my marketing class, which I have been struggling with. I wasn't understanding my professor's explanations of concepts and steps to solutions weren't provide. But Fahad, made my lesson come alive through clear explanations of how to take steps to solutions. I would have never been able to accomplish this without his help and I look forward to working with him again.

Cherry H. from Seattle, WA

Fahad is extremely professional and tactful in dealing with business cases. He was very much well-prepared and punctual, guiding me through the case with a general interview as well as filling gaps that I have missed. He provided me with concise yet straight-to-the-point ideas and helped me to check over my draft analysis. Fahad hit on many key concepts that an HBS professor would do and was very clear in his explanation. He is definitely a tutor you are looking for if you need help with business!

Anoud A. from Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you so much, I understand everything and it was clear excellent. He is very honest and makes me very comfortable Thanks.

Daniel B. from Pittsburgh, PA

He taught me some of the intricacies of the test and some secrets that I did not know. We have only had one lesson but I am looking forward to the next!

Corey G. from Clermont, FL

Fahad helped me understand where I was struggling in marketing! Made the concepts seem easy. Look forward to working with him again soon.