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Keith B.--Test Prep, ESL, History, and Math

I'm an experienced teacher who loves helping students achieve their educational goals. I have a B.A. (History; Math), two M.A.'s (European History; History of Science, Medicine, & Technology), and a wide range of teaching: taught many different college history courses; high school math; junior high math and science; ESL in Taiwan; chess. Also have good standardized test scores (e.g., GRE 790V, 780M, 720A; "competitive" score on the NSA's Professional Qualifications T...

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Steven L. from Providence, RI

Keith has been great! He has been tutoring my daughter once a week in AP Euro for the last few months. Keith is professional, has a passion for his work, taps into all types of resources, and has made history much more relevant and interesting to my daughter. His biggest strength has been his ability to connect with my daughter's learning style to bring out her strengths and improve her weaknesses. As a result my daughter now studies in a much more focused manner and with more interest and confidence.

Jamie H. from North Providence, RI

I was having an extremely difficult time passing the math content knowledge Praxis exam (5033). As an older student in a graduate program, I hadn't practiced this kind of math in 20+ years. I was pretty much starting from scratch, having to re-learn problem solving, algebraic thinking, geometry, etc... This was not easy for me; as there were many times I felt lost, and passing this test seemed out of the realm of my ability. When I first took the exam, my score was one of the lowest on record at my University. With Keith's help, not only did I pass, but I scored 20 points higher than the passing score!! I would not have done it without Keith! He is a great tutor; very patient, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. What makes Keith stand out from other tutors though, is his ability to translate the "call of the question", and he is so skilled at providing strategies to help his students do the same! This made all the difference, and I finally passed thanks to him! He always made himself available, working around my crazy schedule; and even followed up with e-mails wanting to know how the test went. He is very encouraging, reassuring, and caring! I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks again, Keith!!

Julie K. from Barrington, RI

Keith was awesome in working with my son. While he is in a high level math class, he is able to accommodate all questions he has and make sure that he understands the material. Really recommend him to anyone!

RUTH . from Warren, RI

Keith is extremely patient and gives feedback on all lessons and when I need to get him by phone or email he is very accurate on time. I am happy to have him as my tutor and would recommend him to all my friends and family.

Anna S. from East Greenwich, RI

We’ve known Keith for the last couple years. He has been helping our sons, a high school senior and a sophomore with Pre-calculus and Algebra. Our experience with Keith has been excellent; he is knowledgeable, patient, organized, engaging and approachable. He is helping them with strategies and skills needed for math. I echo the feedback left by his students and parents in his profile and could add the same superlative adjectives; the bottom line is he as a tutor is at the top of my list. Keith’s approach is friendly and courteous; he teaches step by step and acknowledges your understanding along the way. He is extremely easy to get a hold of, and always seems to make room on his schedule. I have tried a few different tutors on WyzAnt and other places, and he is by far the best. Keith continued to tutor my youngest son Calculus in his senior year and proved to be a big help. He is very patient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. We could not be more pleased with Keith and his approach towards the tutoring process. We would highly recommend Keith for any tutoring/teaching positions. Bottom Line... If your child needs a math tutor, Keith without a doubt should be your choice. He truly has the qualifications and positive attitude to get your child on track for success.

Beth T. from Barrington, RI

I could tell that Keith was teaching our son in a way that helped him understand the material. He was also patient and kind. Great session! In three lessons, my son went from in the 50's to 60's on his quizzes to a 78 on his big quarterly assessment. His confidence is growing, and I finally feel like he's on top of the material. Keith is patient and teaches my son in a very multi-sensory way.

Theresa C. from Providence, RI

Keith was the right choice for a tutor. He tutored my daughter for several weeks and it was well worth it. Keith is on time, patient, funny, reasonably priced, and most important, knowledgeable about what he teaches. He helped my daughter with the ACT. Though her scores were decent, there was room for improvements. It's extremely helpful when you have a previous exam to see where help is needed but not necessary. Keith is attentive and helps you to understand where you went wrong, why a choice was a good decision, and what types of questions are tricky. After each lesson he wrote a review on what was learned and recalled the strategies and suggested a plan to put into practice. Keith had tons of strategies that actually worked! My daughter appreciated this as well as the way he was able to help her understand the problem. We typically would meet Keith in a nearby Cafe that was comfortable and relaxed for an hour to 1.5 hours. We were so fortunate to find Keith on WyzAnt. My daughter took the ACT and was very happy with the results. She scored a total of 4 points higher on her composite score than the previous test! For the breakdown of the composite, she received a 35 on English! (6 points higher), science was 5 points higher, reading was 1 point higher and in math, 2 points higher. We are so happy with Keith. There are so many tutors to choose from but Keith will always be go-to tutor if she needs help again.

Sandra C. from Providence, RI

Keith is a great tutor and very realistic in his approaches. He is patient and understanding. He explains the LSAT concepts very well and gives his students confidence and hope. I admire his tutoring skills and passion. I always get him on the phone when I need him and he is fast in replying to emails.

Jennifer S. from Swansea, MA

I wish we hired Keith earlier on in the year. My daughter has severe anxiety, so some quarters she does excellent and during others her As and Bs can slip to failing grades. In 5 weeks, Keith helped build her confidence. The teachers saw a remarkable difference. She was able to complete missing work and understand concepts in math and science. Keith was always prompt and met her at convenient times at our local library. In a matter of weeks, she turned her 49 average to an 84 and received a 120 on her next test in chemistry and received the highest grade in that class (A) on her final exam. He also gave her SAT tips as that test was coming up too. We will definitely us Keith's services again next year.

Nadia T. from Riverside, RI

Keith is one of the best tutors I have ever had. He gave me books to better understand the GRE and took the time to explain everything I didn't understand. He was also flexible with my schedule. Keith is a great tutor!! I would not be prepared for this test if it wasn't for Keith. I truly appreciate all his help.

Lifen B. from East Greenwich, RI

Keith is very knowledgeable, patient and nice. He gave us suggestions on test strategy and book selection. He also borrowed his book to my daughter for her to study. His teaching is very effective. He will find out the student's weak points and work on them. My daughter already saw improvement on her practice. I will follow up after her PSAT test. My daughter took her PSAT test this October and SAT test on December. The score came out really good. Her PSAT score was 223: Critical reading 73, Math 80 and Writing 70, which is 20 points more than last year's. Her SAT score is 2280: Critical reading 720, Math 800 and Writing 760. It is an amazing improvement for her. Keith's effective tutoring really helps. His strategy to use GRE and GMAT test problems to prepare for SAT also helps her to achieve this high score. We really want to say thank you to Keith for his tremendous help to my daughter.

Barbara B. from Barrington, RI

Keith is very helpful, knowledgeable and flexible regarding availability. Keith is everything one wants in a tutor for his/her High School Student! I highly recommend him.

David J. from Foster, RI

My daughter was struggling for more than a year in her attempts to pass the math Praxis test. She had worked with two previous tutors that were helpful, but it took Keith to pull it all together, figure out what she needed to do to succeed, and make sure she went into the test confident enough to pass. It worked. She crushed the test thanks to Keith and her hard work. I highly recommend Keith. Well worth the investment.

Tami C. from Portsmouth, RI

Keith tutored my daughter in math in preparation for the ASVAB. Throughout her sessions he was extremely patient and introduced teaching techniques that helped her retain the algebraic concepts that were previously difficult. As a result, she raised her ASVAB score by 25 points. Additionally, he provided my daughter with his own personal study material which made the concepts fun and easy to understand. Keith was able to get her thinking about problems from a different perspective and it increased her confidence with test taking. He is an excellent tutor!

Hazel B. from Warren, RI

When I took the SATs for the first time, I was somewhat disappointed in my score. I received a 1960, with a 590 in math, 660 in writing, and 710 in reading. I then contacted Keith, who came and worked with me once a week for eight weeks. Keith is extremely patient, kind, and easy going. I definitely struggle at math, but with his help, I soon began to understand the most difficult of problems. During each session, we not only did problem sets, but also reviewed the errors I was making and discussed how I could change my test taking processes. We also covered the verbal portion of the SAT, as Keith felt that while my scores were respectable, they had the potential to be much higher. I went into my second sat feeling extremely confident and left the test feeling the same way. I was excited to receive my scores and find that I had improved by 140 points to receive my goal score of 2100, with a break down of 620 in math, 730 in reading, and 750 in writing. I owe so much to Keith, whose easy going yet didactic manner helped me achieve my goal.

Korrie K. from Pawtucket, RI

Keith is an absolutely excellent and very knowledgeable tutor. I sought Keith's help because I was preparing to take the GMAT after getting low scores on the GMAT twice. After my first session all of the concepts I struggled with came together. His schedule was very flexible, he was easy to reach, patient and always well prepared. He took his time to make sure I understood every concept and thoroughly explained each one. Keith even provided the study materials I needed. Also at the end of each session Keith would e-mail me a very detailed study report and guide regarding everything we went over and what I should continue to practice which kept me on track. Keith even volunteered to read, organize and give me feedback regarding my personal statement which was done on his own time. Now that I will be starting Grad school in the Fall I feel very confident that all the concepts Keith taught me will be put to good use and easier to understand. Thanks Keith!!!!

Olabisi D. from Providence, RI

It was a pleasure to have been able to receive LSAT tutoring assistance from Keith B. I completed tutoring with Keith B. for about 2 1/2 months. He was very patient and helpful with providing new techniques for exploring the 3 areas of the LSAT that I needed to focus on. Additionally, Keith B. was flexible with his availability and was accommodating with my schedule. Keith B. was able to provide me with other resources to assist with my study techniques and was diligent with ensuring that I understood the material. I would highly recommend Keith B. as a tutor to others!

Nancy B. from Newport, RI

Keith did a great job with my son and he increased his score by 80 points on SSAT. Thank you!

Yongsong H. from Barrington, RI

I and my daughter cannot say enough thanks to Keith - he helped my daughter's SAT to go up 200 points and math up by 140 points (from 580 to 720) with a couple of month of weekly tutoring. Keith really cares about his student and explains things patiently. He writes a very detailed report of progress after every meeting. I will give him highest remarks for his tutoring ability.

Michael W. from Portsmouth, RI

Keith did a fantastic job! My daughter improved a lot as a result of his work with her. I would recommend him to anyone.

Patricia E. from Newport, RI

I feel lucky to be working with Keith to prepare for the GREs. I was mostly concerned about the math. I was never good at math and haven't been in a math class in more than thirty years. He's able to get the concepts across, motivate and encourage, and provides great strategies for moving through the questions at the most efficient pace. He also has provided helpful strategies for responding to the questions in the written section. Thanks, Keith!

Sean B. from Bristol, RI

Keith B. helped me tremendously with my GMAT preparation and graduate school admission. I would like to touch primarily on his excellent writing skills. I had to write a purpose statement for the admission to graduate school and with his help I was able to turn a very rough draft into a superb final copy. Without his help I would not have been able to do it. In addition to his expert grammar revisions he provided me with thorough content and sentence structure advise. I cannot thank Keith B. enough for what he has done for me and I would recommend him to anyone that needs tutoring.

Dennis B. from Bristol, RI

Keith has been tutoring our son in 8th grade math for approximately 10 weeks and the progress has been amazing! Our son has risen from a 66 grade on his last quarterly math test to a 92 on this quarterly test. His Math grade has risen from a 'D' to a 'B' in one quarter! We directly attribute the progress to Keith. Keith's command of the subject, patience and teaching style all combine to create a learning environment that facilitates our son's learning process. Additionally, Keith is extremely flexible if an appointment needs to be changed or if we request an additional tutoring session on short notice before a test. He took the initiative to reach out to our son's math teacher to coordinate their efforts. Keith is definitely an advocate for our son! I am so thankful to have found Keith on Wyzant as a resource for our son!

Kelly T. from Johnston, RI

Keith was a great tutor. He was always on time and willing to be flexible with meeting locations. Keith was very patient and professional and he was always willing to review anything my daughter did not understand. Math has always been her greatest challenge, but he patiently and consistently explained different ways of solving algebraic problems and questions. Her overall SAT score increased by 150 points after her tutoring sessions with Keith! I would highly recommend him for any tutoring needs!

Diane C. from Portsmouth, RI

Keith began tutoring our son 6 weeks prior to his taking the SAT, for Reading, Writing, and Math. Keith was always on time for each lesson, and immediately "dove in" when he arrived. He was always prepared and engaging with our son, and willing to answer any questions. Keith's knowledge of the strategies needed for approaching the SAT were impressive; not only did he help our son arrive at the correct answer, but he also helped him think through ways to approach each problem or question and explain the thought process for choosing the best answer. I was also impressed with the way Keith took the time to write up and submit a thorough, thoughtful summary of what and how our son did after each lesson. I feel certain that our son's above-average score was largely due to Keith's excellent coaching and care and attention to the details of how our son was performing on the practice assignments. It was clear that Keith enjoys teaching and knows how to relate well to students. I highly recommend Keith as a tutor.

Ginger C. from Barrington, RI

My son has worked with Keith to prepare for the AP Calculus AB exam. Keith came to every session extremely well prepared. I sent Keith specific topics that my son needed help with and Keith came with many problems for my son to solve. He loaned my son several books to help him prepare for the exam. He explained many strategies to help my son approach the problems that were giving him the most trouble. He is very patient and kind. He provides lots of positive feedback and a very reassuring attitude. My son specifically enjoys the discussion they have about the best way to approach a problem. My son has commented that Keith really knows the material and is able to explain it in a very easy to understand method. I appreciate the extremely through reviews that Keith sends me after each tutoring session.

Judy F. from Bradford, RI

Keith is very patient and takes his time to explain all applicable methods for doing math. My son is catching up on some very important lessons he missed in class.

Laura V. from Providence, RI

Keith is a great tutor and helped me raise my GMAT score by 50 points in just a month. Highly recommended! Keith is very knowledgable and is a great teacher. Thank you!

Allegra H. from Bristol, RI

I showed great improvement in all areas of the GRE, particularly in the Analytical Writing section, after meeting with Keith once a week for a little over a month. He was always on time for our sessions with pencils and scratch paper at the ready. He would also bring with him 2 or 3 GRE prep books which he allowed me to take home and use as extra study materials. Not only would he highlight and focus on my weak areas, but he would actively take the time to work through any problems I seemed to have and provide step by step explanations for how to answer them correctly and in a time efficient manner. Keith was very generous with his time, clearly knows what he's talking about and constantly went above and beyond to help me in any way that he could throughout the stressful and exhausting process of preparing for a standardized test. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone preparing for this type of test, whether it be to learn the material or just brush up on what you already know.

Christopher M. from Rehoboth, MA

Keith was incredibly helpful in explaining GMAT problems. We worked mostly on the quantitative and data sufficiency questions and after three lessons I was able to solve most of the math problems. The lessons were well worth the money that I spent for them.

Michael T. from Warren, RI

My experience with Keith B as a college board SAT tutor for my son has been excellent. I found Keith to be engaging and patient with his student. Keith spoke with my son on strategies for taking the test. He focused on the subject matter with attention to detail when explaining a particular question. Keith emphasized the need to work on lessons between visits. Keith was always on time and did his best to engage his student in serious conversations. I would recommend Keith to others seeking a tutor.

Richard S. from Providence, RI

Keith tutored my son for his ASVAB test. He scored a 32 on his initial pretest. After two sessions with Keith he took his official ASVAB test and scored a 61. Thanks for everything!!!!

Michael D. from Cranston, RI

I was in a time crunch to get a certain placement exam done and Keith had helped me tremendously! He was very patient, he kept track of what I had problems with, he explained various methods of solving each problem, and he corrected me on certain steps that I kept making errors on. Keith was kind enough to write reminders telling me what steps and order of operations to use, among many other algebra rules. This was very helpful because I could check them to recall myself before taking my exam. He is very encouraging and went out of his way to help me with long tutoring sessions that sometimes got late.

Brian C. from Bridgewater, MA

One word will describe Keith as a tutor AMAZING....... Keith is the best tutor,very organized and patient. Keith went above and beyond to make sure I was prepared for the asvab test. Keith I just wanted to thank you again for taking me from a 31 on my asvab pretest to a 55 in a few sessions. Thanks for you great tutoring....

Gail R. from Seekonk, MA

Keith tutored my daughter, who finished her final four months of her Senior year of high school at home. Not only was he organized and on time, but brought with him a wonderful way of making the subject matter fun! I was amazed how my daughter actually looked forward to the sessions and for the first time really grasped Math; something she had struggled with throughout all twelve years of school. She literally hated math, and with Keith's patience and whit, was able to enjoy it! English was a subject which she had a better understanding of, but needed someone to keep her moving forward so that she could graduate. Not only did Keith achieve that monumental task, but he did it in such a way that gave my daughter more confidence in her own academic abilities. He was always positive and patient and a highly recommended tutor-I feel strongly that there isn't a subject that he cannot teach!!! My only regret is that I wish we had met him years ago!!!! Absolutely a gifted teacher!!!!

Evan P. from San Diego, CA

Keith tutored me for 3 months before taking the GMAT, helping me to score a 730 and finish in the 96th percentile of all test takers. During this time, Keith demonstrated impressive knowledge of both Math and Verbal concepts and helped me to greatly improve upon my weak areas. Keith not only helped me to learn core competencies for this exam, but also provided helpful test-taking strategy advice. As the exam neared he also assisted me in refining my critical thinking skills in an effort to prepare for the Analytical Writing portion of the exam. Most importantly, aside from being an impressive teacher of the subject material, my tutoring experience was excellent because Keith was always on time (generally early!), always prepared, always flexible and ready to adjust to what I specifically wanted to accomplish with each tutoring session, and extremely patient in coaching me along. I strongly recommend this tutor to anyone looking for assistance in taking a standardized test, or looking to strengthen his/her understanding of a specific subject.

Meaghan H. from Warwick, RI

Keith was helpful with my GRE preparations. We focused on what I felt was my weakness, math, to develop some confidence. We went through Kaplan and ETS books to work on some problems and to familiarize myself with the test format. His patience was really appreciated during our two hour sessions of several math problems and techniques to figure out the answers. Keith's extensive knowledge in mathematics was useful in demonstrating each step in the process of getting to the answer. I would definitely recommend Keith to anyone who is taking a major broad test or a more specific math test.

Kathryn S. from Providence, RI

Keith was an excellent tutor!! He prepared me for the GMAT exam in less than 3 weeks and my grade went up a lot! He was easy to reach and had great flexibility. He had great tools to help me. He was always prepared for each session. He taught me many great strategies and practiced a ton of problems with me. He made the test so much easier to take and made the concepts so much easier to understand! I recommend him to anyone. He was a wonderful tutor and helped me so much!

Brittany T. from Charlestown, RI

Keith was able to give me a crash course to prepare me for my asvab testing. Within two weeks he was able to fill in the holes for me and strengthen my knowledge base. I went up to the test HOPING TO PASS! And I ended up blowing the test out of the water. Thanks again Keith!

Nicole L. from North Kingstown, RI

Keith has helped my daughter turn her grade around in honors pre-calculus. Not only has he helped her grasp the concepts, but has also given her confidence in her math abilities. He is very intelligent yet not intimidating. He usually asks her what she is working on before the session so he can plan ahead. He goes out of his way to provide additional supports such as library books. In addition, after completing a problem, he has her explain what she did and what she learned. This reinforces the concepts in a positive way.

Sarah D. from North Easton, MA

My GRE verbal score improved significantly after a few lessons with Keith. Also, he found some great materials to help me prepare for the test, and answered all of my questions about strategies for tackling the verbal questions.

Anon A. from Barrington, RI

I wasn't sure where to turn when my little one requested chess lessons. I don't play chess and he is really young. Keith was wonderful every step of the way, both teaching my son patiently and helping me assist my son in learning beyond the tutoring sessions. He recommended books and groups so he could continue to improve. I was truly impressed with the professionalism and thoughtfulness of this tutor. I think that gifted teachers combine intelligence with an ability to patiently explain and invest energy in their students beyond what is necessary. If each of us is lucky, we will encounter one such teacher and that person can be transformational. Keith is such a tutor. He is outstanding in every way. He is just wonderful and I was lucky to find him through WyzAnt.

Peter E. from Providence, RI

I write as a parent about Keith's talents and capacities. Our daughter had struggled during the early part of this academic year with Algebra 2. She is a bright and conscientious girl, but became overwhelmed by the extraordinarily fast pace of the classroom. None of her academic needs were being met. We called Keith and he responded immediately. He conducted an analysis of her core mathematical skills and determined that she had an enormous capacity and skill that was being frustrated. Keith determined an academic pace that was reasonable for her, reviewed her previous learning, addressed and helped to mediate her deficits, and placed her on a pathway to success. Our daughter's grades rose from a C- level to an A level shortly after the tutoring commenced. We have Keith to thank for that. Keith has all of the qualities that a parent wants and needs in an educator: He is kind, thoughtful, infinitely patient, courteous, thoughtful, well read, and a strong achiever himself. We recommend him highly and without reservation. Thank you Keith!

Emilio C. from Barrington, RI

Keith has been a great tutor for my son, who is taking a very challenging Honors Geometry class. He has gone to great lengths in requesting to have the material and any difficult problems ahead of time. He took the time and effort to procure the textbook my son was using from the library so he can follow what was being taught in class. He accurately has identified the thought process towards approaching problems that have been an obstacle for my son's understanding of the material. I recommend his service without any hesitation.

Lisa P. from Middletown, RI

My daughter recently met with Keith to prepare for her ACT exam. She said that their 2 hour sessions flew by and that Keith gave her many tools to solve the ACT problems. He boosted her confidence by providing her with positive feedback when she was right and well thought out strategies for her to use when the problems became more difficult. I know that her time with Keith exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend him to anyone preparing for their ACTs or SATs.

Mike B. from Providence, RI

Keith was instrumental in my GMAT prep. While we focused on quant, he also helped me with verbal, and my total score rose from a 620 to a 680. He was extremely knowledgeable and tailored his tutoring to the way I learned. If I take the test again, I will absolutely be seeking out Keith's services.

Beth M. from East Greenwich, RI

We hired Keith to help my daughter prepare for the SSAT. I have hired many tutors over the years and Keith was by FAR the best! He responds to communication very quickly and makes it very easy to schedule appointments. He is extremely knowledgable and has a wonderful way of teaching his students, not only content but also tips and tricks for testing. After each meeting he provided a very thorough summary of what they covered and reiterated particular strategies that my daughter should review. He offered to meet us at Barnes and Noble close to our home which was so convenient. Keith is a fabulous teacher and we are so lucky to have found him! Definitely will use him again if the need arises.

Wande D. from Providence, RI

Just getting started on mastering portions of the LSAT. happy to have came across and chose Keith. I am a slow learner and appreciate the fact that Keith is attentive and patient!

Anna B. from Franklin Lakes, NJ

Keith was very helpful for my military ASVAB tutoring and helped me to get a near perfect score. I forgot many of the basics and Keith provided many easy techniques to solving complicated fractions, geometry, etc. He was always on time for the sessions and willing to re schedule as needed. I would recommend Keith to anyone especially struggling with math. He also provided multiple quick ways of solving certain problems, giving you the option to choose your preferred method.

Alex W. from Barrington, RI

Keith is extremely patient, and has done a great job explaining difficult geometry concepts to my daughter. He certainly has a profound understanding on the subject. Easy to communicate and work with. I really appreciate his efforts. Thank you, Keith!

Lauren A. from North Kingstown, RI

Keith helped me raise my verbal and writing score on the GRE. I improved 10 points on my verbal reasoning. I went from 143 to 153 with just 3 sessions and improved from a 3.5 to 4.0 on the writing section. Keith was always early and even extended our sessions to ensure I understood the material being taught. He was so patient when going through the different questions with me and provided several strategies to help me perform better. Keith went the extra mile and it was evident that he prepared himself for each session and spent a lot of time outside of our sessions researching and picking up books for me. He also lent me the GRE book and another book that practiced math problems. Keith truly cares about his students and them doing well. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone who needs a tutor. He is reliable, prompt, and is great at teaching!