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Special Ed Teacher Highly Qualified in Hist., Gov., Geom. & Alg.

I am a retired psychologist who worked with children and youth with learning handicaps for 20 years. I was also a special education teacher for 14 years. Most recently I was employed by a high school as a special education teacher in self-contained Algebra and Geometry classes for ED/LD youth. In addition, I have taught or been a tutor for Pre-Algebra, US/VA History and Government, English, Biology, Earth Science, Active Physics, and Law in Action/ I am a licensed teacher in Virginia and Ari...


I provide study and organizational skills, and life skills coaching. I have taught the ADD/ADHD student at both the middle, and high school levels for over 14 years. I am licensed in Virginia and Arizona to teach youth with these problems. Finally, as a psychotherapist, I provided clinical services to youth and young adults with these problems for over 20 years.

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I have been a Special Education teacher at the middle and high school levels for the past 14 years. My primary certification area is students with severe emotional disorders. This teaching has most often taken place in either self-contained schools or center programs inside larger schools. The most recent placement was Cedar Lane High School. Cedar is one of 2 self-contained schools Fairfax County has created to serve its students with severe emotional problems. Thus it was the setting utilized for Aspergers and other high functioning autistic students who could not be dealt with in the general education setting.







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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Jennifer B. from Manassas, VA

Mr. G. took the time to put my daughter through a series of steps which allowed him to evaluate her learning problems in a way no one has ever tried or taken the time to do before, in private or public school. We can hardly wait for our next tutoring session to learn more strategies from Mr. G.

Vicky W. from Arlington, VA

5/7/2014 Mr. G. has a lot of past experiences to bring to the tutoring table. My daughter has, or had, very poor study habits. After only 4 sessions with Mr. G. her English teacher is raving about the change in my daughter's homework and class participation. My daughter said her teacher came to her with shock and stated "You have an A in my class and I'm not talking about a crappy A, you have a very strong A in my class." I have also noticed a difference in her attitude about homework; she studies without being asked and hasn't used the words, "I don't have any homework" since starting her lessons with Mr. G. My daughter looks forward to her sessions and has bragged about her tutor to her friends. Mr. G. has also given me some advice in dealing with a special needs family member; his past experiences have been very appreciated in this area. I really liked Mr. G's profile and he has surpassed all my expectations and then some. My daughter says "Mr. G. really understands me." 10/21/2014 Mr G. has not only helped my daughter with organizational skills and study habits, but Mr. G's experience has helped to diagnose my daughter's vision and reading problems. My daughter has complained about double vision since kindergarten; she has been to the eye doctors at least 20 times but I was always told she has 20/20 vision. Mr. G told me my daughter may have Dyslexia and convergence issues. He suggested I take her to an ophthalmologist that specializes in pediatrics. My daughter was then diagnosed with severe convergence problems meaning her eyes don't work together, causing double vision. This condition is magnified by long hours on the computer, causing her headaches (she had an MRI for severe headaches earlier this year). Due to Mr G.'s knowledge and recommendations, my daughter is starting to get the accommodations she needs: large print text, paper vs. computer assignments, breaks from the computer. My daughter was able to finish her Economics assignment in record time on paper.

Michael M. from Alexandria, VA

Mr. G is very knowledgeable and patient when working with our son. Our son is now more confident when trying to complete his math homework without constant coaching. We are very thankful to have found a tutor with his expertise.

Laurie D. from Fairfax Station, VA

Rick helps our son and has been a Godsend to him and our family. He is patient and helpful. He provides instruction and is an "organizational" coach as well. I cannot say enough good things.

Cindy B. from Vienna, VA

I cant say enough good things about Mr. G! Not only has he had a huge impact on improving our sons academic success, he has proved to be an invaluable resource for our entire family. We have learned so much from his words of encouragement and advice. Mr. G has vast knowledge and experience in working with teenagers who need help with learning a different way to learn. Thank you.

Rebecca G. from Springfield, VA

I feel like we have a plan going forward to identify learning issues and address them for improving my son's college prep.

Marvin S. from Alexandria, VA

Richard G. has been instrumental in helping our child improve his understanding of Algebra I. Our child has been struggling in his high school Algebra I class throughout his high school year as indicated in his and test scores. We were able to solicit Richard G's assistance twice a week, during the last several months of our child's school year. We wished we had found him earlier! We have noticed our child has a greater understanding of Algebra. We had also enrolled our child in an Algebra I summer program. Our child's overall grade significantly improved and our child was able to pass the SOL! Hail to Richard G.

Francine B. from Springfield, VA

My son has completed 3 sessions with Richard and he likes Richard's words of praise when he completes the algebra equations correctly. My son also appreciated Richard's patience and willingness and ability to explain/demonstrate the algebraic steps in different ways to help him grasp the concepts.

Bill A. from Silver Spring, MD

My child is not resistant to mentoring with his organizational challenges. He does have difficulty though following through to implementation. Rick has presented a couple approaches, searching for one that will prove effective and easy to implement. We are seeing progress.

Chris R. from Washington, DC

Richard has worked very well with my son, helping to build better home work strategies and stay focused so he gets his work finished as needed.

Margarita M. from Bethesda, MD

Richard taught me techniques I can use to have my son improve his reading skills. He is also using new tools to work on his fine motor skills and letter recognition.