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"I really believe that you can do this..."

When I teach.... My first job is to create a learning environment that students enjoy. I love learning something new, so education has always fun for me, except when I was learning nothing. Boredom is painful, so I work hard to avoid it. I don't want to receive it, nor inflict it on others. Once I find out what a student enjoys, what he or she enjoys, whether content or activity or energy, becomes part of our interaction. My second job is to set high expectations for student achievement. I ...







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Laura F. from Montpelier, VT

Susan was a great SAT tutor for my daughter. She was able to identify trouble areas and coach on how to master them. My daughter developed a much better mastery of the material.

Robin S. from Boston, MA

Susan was exactly what my daughter needed to allow her to take her SSAT math test with confidence and come out with a shining scores!

Barbara P. from Abington, MA

Susan is awesome. She's a pro at identifying her student's strengths and weaknesses, then putting together a plan for optimal results. My daughter just took the SAT. She stated how well prepared and confident she felt since working with Susan. Three of our friends have also tutored with Susan for both the ISEE and SAT, they too were extremely pleased with Susan's approach to teaching.

Jackie K. from West Newton, MA

Susan is a excellent tutor. She is very helpful and very nice. I having been tutoring with her for over a month working on SAT prep and my junior thesis. She has helped me improve my writing by helping me how to organize my thoughts, which now makes it much easier for me to write a paper. Whenever I have a question, I am able to call or email her and she replies instantly.