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Expert Math Tutor: Calculus, Statistics and SAT and GRE Test Prep

I am a current professor at the University of Vermont and the Community College of Vermont (M.S., Johns Hopkins) and am available to tutor mathematics and statistics, and to help you prepare for the quantitative component of the SAT, ACT or GRE. I have substantial experience in teaching and tutoring statistics and calculus. Also, I have conducted SAT prep workshops and personally have made perfect scores on both the quantitative and verbal portions of the GRE. I am a kind and caring tutor ...

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I scored a '99' on my New York State Regents in geometry.





SAT math



ACT Math

discrete math

algebra 1

I taught Algebra as recently as 2010, when I taught several sections for Seminole State College.

Maja S. from Shelburne, VT

Michael is helping A LOT. He's making it all clear. In addition to being a smart mathematician, Michael is patient and thorough as a tutor, ensuring that full understanding is achieved. Thank you!

Curt D. from Burlington, VT

I just wrapped up my last session with Michael. The semester is coming to an end and I have a 95 average in my calculus class. This is mostly due to the tutelage I received from Michael. I highly recommend him. He was patient, and I genuinely enjoyed learning the material with him. Thanks Michael!!

Adam K. from South Burlington, VT

Michael is probably to thank for the success I was able to achieve on my calculus final at UVM. After going through the entire semester with a lackluster understanding of the material, I spent several hours with Michael prior to taking the final exam. The difference in how I felt on the material before we started and after we finished is astounding. I think his genuine passion for the subject and for teaching are what helped me to reconstruct my own perspective of the material. That really helped me to understand and remember everything a lot easier. He also responded to my email immediately and had no problem scheduling despite the urgency of my request. If you need help in math, no matter the scenario, I wouldn't waste your time looking elsewhere.

Reiko M. from Burlington, VT

Our first tutoring session, Michael knew all of the answers and how to solve the problems without any hesitations. He made sure I understood each and every question and re-explained it until I was able to understand the problem I didn't know. His tutoring helped a lot unlike some of the tutors I have had in the past. He was quick and efficient, and that helped a lot for me because that made me concentrate more. The tutors I have had in the past seemed to explain questions for a very long time which made me very bored and tired, but with Michael it is the opposite. I would definitely recommend him to others on WyzAnt that are looking for a good tutor!

Dani H. from Burlington, VT

Michael was a great tutor for GRE math. With his help, I significantly increased my score as well as my confidence.

Harry K. from South Burlington, VT

I am a sixty-year-old man, taking the GRE, and much of the math was but a distant memory. Michael has been both diligent and forgiving in his approach to our studies together. His strategy for test preparation has given me confidence in my ability and the knowledge I needed to bring my score up to a respectable level. At first, I wondered if a tutor would be conducive to my success, but now I believe that working with Michael will have been essential to it.

Lizzy S. from Burlington, VT

During the hour, we went over basic GRE quantitative reasoning problems. He was both patient and helpful. I am grateful that he is proactive about helping me become fully prepared for test day two months from now!

Jeanne G. from Waitsfield, VT

This was my first tutoring session with Michael and I though he was a huge help. He was patient and explained everything in detail. I plan to continue to use Michael as my tutor for this class.