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Skilled, experienced, encouraging tutor/teacher of Spanish

I have a lifelong love of the Spanish language which I desire to share with students. Raised with early exposure to Spanish through my mother, who was also my high school Spanish teacher in a private, college preparatory school, I went on to major in Spanish in college and graduated with a 3.6/4.0 GPA. During my junior year abroad in Spain, I acquired near-native fluency which has stayed with me throughout my adult life. Last summer when I traveled to Spain, I was often mistaken for a nativ...


music theory


I have designed original classes in beginning folk guitar which I have taught in three different churches. In this class, I teach basic chord progressions (chords grouped by keys) and basic strums in duple and triple meter. I then apply these chords and strums to familiar songs, such as folk songs, old gospel hymns, Christmas carols, etc.


I studied piano privately for ten years, and then received a bachelor of music degree with a concentration in organ. I have been employed as a church choir director/organist/pianist for many years and I accompany my own rehearsals. I hold the Service Playing Certificate of the American Guild of Organists. Currently , I teach private piano lessons for two local community music schools.

voice (music)

I have a Bachelor's degree in Church Music with a minor in voice. Relevant coursework includes Vocal Pedagogy, in which I acquired a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the voice; Singers' Diction, in which I was taught the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), which enables me to coach singers in a variety of foreign languages; Children's and Youth Choirs, which prepared me to work with young voices. I have a Master's degree in Choral Conducting which included Graded Vocal Methods. I have 30 years of experience as a choral director, vocal coach and voice teacher and am currently on the faculty of two local music schools.

Sunit S. from Ashburn, VA

Elizabeth is a great teacher and has really helped my son get ahead in Spanish. She works with him at the appropriate level while pushing him to get to the next level. He has gained a new sense of confidence when speaking in Spanish after just a couple of sessions with Elizabeth.

Manoharie N. from Sterling, VA

Our son is a visual learner and Elizabeth helped to improve his Spanish skills by using different learning techniques. She is excellent in helping him understand his material rather than simply memorizing vocabulary.

Susan L. from Herndon, VA

Elizabeth did a great job working with my hard to teach 15 yo son. She kept him focused and built his confidence in improving Spanish. I would recommend her.

Sujathas D. from Ashburn, VA

Elizabeth is a great Tutor. She is very knowledgeable and makes Spanish learning very easy. She provides lot of clues and makes it easy to remember words of Spanish. She is patient and always smiling creating a very friendly atmosphere for students to learn. My son learns Spanish from her and I would definitely recommend her

Aruna M. from Ashburn, VA

I am very glad to have Mrs. N as my tutor. She is great at Spanish, and tailored her tutoring to my needs, skill-level and comfort level. What makes her unique is her personal interest in my progress. She has all the tools to help me learn faster and correctly. She plans the time very well, and doesn't hold back. She gives good suggestions and provides great resources. She makes learning interesting, and goes above and beyond to help with it. I would definitely recommend her to anyone learning Spanish at any level. Muchas gracias para todos, Señora Elizabeth!!!

Vel N. from Sterling, VA

Elizabeth is a great tutor and pleasant to be with. She is an experienced instructor and very knowledgeable of Spanish grammar rules, constructions, advanced vocabulary and even culture. Though I spoke Spanish as a child and while growing up, Elizabeth has helped me brush up on complex grammar and rules. Thanks to her, I am honing my proficiency and building my confidence when speaking Spanish. I would recommend her to anyone.