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I am a skilled tutor with more than 5,000 hours of experience tutoring or teaching. I studied a variety of fields, while pursuing my Chemical Engineering degree. I became a tutorial instructor, because I am excited to see people learn. I was a tutor, through college. I always studied for depth with the intent to teach what I learned. It is common for my students to laugh during study sessions. I was voted the most inspirational student by my senior year band class. For every semester that I ...


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Patrick M. from Tacoma, WA

I was able to reach Nels on a Saturday and he came to my house on Sunday and worked with me from around 2pm to around 1am getting me caught up in my Basic Statistics class. The amount of work that we covered would have taken me a few days at least, and with his help we covered it in one night. He was very knowledgeable in Statistics and what he did not have memorized he was able to look through my book and figure out. Even though I am 8 years older than Nels I noticed that he never got flustered at my learning style and was able to adapt his help to my needs. I would recommend Nels to anyone looking for help in any field as he is prompt, smart, and above all attentive to what the student needs. Thanks Nels for saving my butt.

Jean S. from Renton, WA

Nels was very good at explaining mathematical and scientific concepts and procedures to my son. However, he had a problem with punctuality.

Stephen S. from Duvall, WA

Nels had his first session with my son last night, and my son said that Nels did a very good job of teaching the topic in a way that was easier for him to understand than the teacher at his school. Nels appears quiet, focused and very capable. Thanks for a great first session!

Pam E. from Bellevue, WA

Nels is terrific. My student is doing better in math than ever in his senior year, and Nels is proficient in other subjects too, and a pleasure to have in our home.

Annie G. from Kirkland, WA

Nels helped me get through a really difficult Statistics class. He was always extremely flexible and willing to adapt to my schedule whenever needed.

Denise B. from Issaquah, WA

Excellent math tutor makes my son want to learn. Teaching strategy, and big picture learning. Flexible with scheduling and great communicator of when available. Prompt. Thanks Nels.

Connie A. from Issaquah, WA

Nels has an excellent command of many subjects and conveys them very well. He has a good understanding of seeing the big picture and not just the immediate lesson.

Sandy N. from Seattle, WA

My HS senior son met with Nels for physics tutoring. My son reported that Nels is an excellent tutor, able to clearly explain concepts that had been difficult for my son. Further, regarding one concept, my son said he 'got-it' in two minutes with Nels, something that didn't happen over a few days of lessons with his school teacher. We hope to schedule regular tutoring sessions with Nels going forward!

Bonnie B. from Renton, WA

Nels is an outstanding microeconomics tutor. He is patient, articulate, explains his reasoning and is clearly gifted in all areas of advanced mathematics. Nels is also a really nice guy who is considerate and kind. WyzAnt is very lucky to have Nels on the A++ team.

Blair B. from Redmond, WA

Nels has a gift of being able to communicate with teenagers. He is very knowledgable and is an excellent teacher.

Jennifer M. from Kirkland, WA

While I have never met Nels in person, I'm quite impressed with his ability to connect with and relate to my 17 year old son. He seems to understand my son's learning style and adapts his teaching method to best suit the young man. I appreciate the insights he provides about education, learning styles, motivation while engaging. My son's confidence has improved as a result of the time spent working with Nels. Thank you

Ben M. from Seattle, WA

I always get something new I end up thinking about for weeks and weeks after meeting with Nels. For anyone looking at an advanced math tutor this is your guy.

Paula B. from Kirkland, WA

My daughter was agonizing over chemistry prior to tutoring with Nels. Since tutoring with Nels, she has gained understanding and confidence with this subject. She is now getting A's on her chemistry tests and is feeling confident with this course. Nels has been able to assess her skills and needs and help her to get where she needs to be to be successful! Plus she has really enjoyed her time with Nels and his teaching style.

Paromita S. from Sammamish, WA

My son just at his 4th lesson with him and I am already seeing positive changes. Nels is definitely a good teacher.

Patricia A. from Kirkland, WA

I had high hopes for this tutoring session. Based on the reviews, Nels sounds like a tutor God. But I'm sorry it didn't work out one bit. He would make side comments about my skills and the way I tried to express my knowledge on science background. I felt like I was being judged by him. And that I personally took offensive. I guess he was too smart to be a tutor for someone like me. He kept mentioning his degree. I may not have a few bachelor degrees up my sleeve or whatever it was, but I know I am smart enough. Things might not come easy to me but I work my butt off harder than anyone will know. I don't need someone to tell me what they think about me and make me feel stupid. I'm sorry but this was disappointing. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. I'm sorry.

Heidi P. from Bellevue, WA

I cannot say enough about Nels. He has been such a great help to my daughter! She's bright, but Nels is able to explain things significantly better than her teachers so she really understands it. He recently even met her way off normal hours to assist with a project for her!

Daniel V. from Kirkland, WA

Very knowledgeable in chemistry and math topics. My daughter is very comfortable with Nel's skills, his ability to explain difficult concepts, and his general attitude towards his students.

Seunghan K. from Bellevue, WA

My son got more confidence after tutoring for Chemistry and Precalculus. Nels knows how to teach and is a great tutor.