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Former Writer and Proofreader for a Daily Newspaper

In my last position at the Greensboro News & Record, I gained considerable practice in writing and proofing briefs on Internet trends as the paper adapted to digital media from newsprint. I also have several years training in performing regular, technical research of census data, archived stories, and online databases, such as LexisNexis, for reporters and editors alike—much of it conducted on deadline for the next edition. I have also had the privilege of supervising undergraduate emplo... Read more


Professional Writer/Editor

Since 2003, I have been a professional writer/editor for national magazines, websites and public relations companies. I have published thousands of articles as both a staff and freelance writer. In regard to teaching, I have conducted classes with the Boy Scouts, and been an hunter safety instructor for the state of South Carolina. I'm currently a full-time editor for a national publication company, and freelance writer. I have been working with young people for close to 10 years in vario... Read more


Language Arts teacher ready and willing to help!

I am currently a middle school Language Arts teacher in Boynton Beach. I am the team leader of my grade and subject. I teach gifted as well. I love teaching because it allows me to build a connection with my students, and guide them to success. I am outgoing, easy to talk to, easily reachable, and down to earth! I have a B.A. in Language Arts, and I am a certified teacher in English 6-12. If you want to learn from someone who understands the struggle of studying, prepping, and practicin... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Patient Teacher Specializing in Learning Differences and Creativity.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Special Education, I worked for several agencies providing ABA therapy for children with Spectrum Disorder (Autism, PDD-NOS, and Aspergers) since 2006. In this setting, I often work one to one with each child and in groups of 6 students. I help to develop programs that will enhance learning by breaking down skills into small steps and addressing various behaviors that may prevent optimum learning. Read more


Lawyer and College Instructor: I like to learn and love to teach.

I love to read. And every time I read I'm learning something new not only about the author's message but about the delivery of the author's message, too. This last part didn't come about until just before I received my B.A. in English with a Concentration in Fiction Writing. I had five English classes that quarter: four literature and one writing. All I did was read and think and write---I loved it---and something clicked. In high school, I wasn’t one of those kids walking around scribbling ... Read more



I'm Jill. I am an experienced professional educator who loves to tutor! I work hard to design personalized lesson plans and I enjoy getting to know my students and their specific learning needs. I know the importance of creating a welcoming learning environment that encourages success and builds confidence. I always strive to incorporate fun and engaging activities based on students' specific learning needs. I take the time to set goals with my students and build a solid academic foundation... Read more


Chemistry and Math Tutor from William & Mary

Learning and teaching are two activities that have never gotten old for me. My first experiences teaching came as a junior in high school, when I volunteered as a Spanish reading/writing assistant at my old elementary school. Moving into college, I again volunteered to tutor local students in math, reading, writing and science. Lastly, as a graduate student, I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant in numerous lab courses, along with some freelance tutoring in chemistry. All told,... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


K-6 Subjects, especially Reading & Language Arts

I have a master's in reading development and spent 10 years in the public classroom, two in private, two with the Department of Defense as an Education Specialist with Training and Doctrine Command, Ft. Lee, and the last 11 as a home educator. My two sons are now grown and I want to share my love of learning and reading with others. I believe learning is best achieved by matching the learning to the learning process that best fits him or her, while being given opportunities to learn using ... Read more


Patient & Versatile Tutor

I have really enjoyed working with elementary through high school students as they develop an awareness of the world around them. It is an age where teaching is critical to having a positive impact on students’ attitudes as learners and members of a community, developing a sense of self, of commitment to their fellow human beings, and awareness of their environment. I know that how students feel about themselves influences how productive they are, their ability to learn with confidenc... Read more


Dedicated Test Prep Instructor with 22 years of experience

I am a graduate in English Literature and hold a Post Graduate Diploma in English Studies. There are patterns in standardized tests such as the GRE, GMAT and SAT, and nuances of thought which a test taker must become familiar with. I nurture the dormant mental abilities of the test takers and enable them to acquire the mindset required to take the standardized test successfully. It was in 1993 that I began to teach GRE (Verbal Section) and TOEFL in a small test prep company. ... Read more

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