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Honors Chemistry Grad Tutoring HS, AP, and College Chemistry

Chemistry is occurring around us all of the time, and I love being able to learn more about the way the world works at the most basic level. It is a difficult combination of math and art where everything can be calculated to be true, but it is beautiful in that it explains the very nature of life! This reality has driven me to study Chemistry and apply it in multiple fields over the last 8 years. I completed a B.S. in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry degree with honors from on...


Lisa G. from Minneapolis, MN

In just one session, my daughter went from feeling lost to feeling prepared for an upcoming test. We look forward to regularly scheduled sessions with Betsie!

Lisa B. from Osseo, MN

My daughter has a had a few tutoring sessions in high school chemistry with Betsie. We are very thankful to have found her and plan on continued sessions through the year. Betsie is very knowledgeable in the units my daughter has been and is currently working on. Beyond that she is a thoughtful and compassionate and my daughter enjoys working with her.

Marina M. from Minneapolis, MN

Betsie is tutoring my daughter in AP Chemistry. She is accommodating with time, has a positive attitude and is very knowledgeable. My daughter always walks away from the lessons with a much better understanding of the concepts than she gets from school or the textbook. Betsie can translate difficult concepts into easy to understand ideas.

Terri C. from Saint Michael, MN

Betsie did a great job of helping my daughter understand her college chemistry! I highly recommend her for her teaching abilities and inspiring presence!