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Personal tutoring: Series 3, 7, 63, 65, 66, 79, Accounting, Finance

As a Mensa member, CPA (Certified Public Accountant), MBA and inventive Patent Holder with the US Patent Office, I know that learning is a great investment. My passion for teaching comes from a life long passion for learning. Both students and parents say that I help students succeed and realize their own potential with improved confidence, grades and test scores. I specialize in tutoring subjects and tests for math, science, history, government, geography, accounting, finance and related ...

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Janie S. from New Canaan, CT

Kevin is a very honest person and wanted my son to succeed. Before agreeing to tutor my son, he identified my son's needs to make sure that he could help him. He tutored my son in college accounting and my son did extremely well and I believe my son would not have progressed as well as he did without Kevin's help. He has the rare talent of being able to identify a person's needs immediately. I believe Kevin is exceptionally well qualified and that students would benefit immeasurably with his help. My son says: Kevin is very personable and very relaxed. He helped me understand accounting by reviewing the textbook, going over homework problems and then explaining how the material would help me after obtaining an accounting job. He definitely gave me the chance to succeed.

Josh P. from Saint Louis, MO

Kevin is more than a tutor, he is a fantastic teacher. Kevin tutored me on the subject of the series 66 and test taking skills. When I had my first meeting with Kevin he immediately helped me identify my problems so that we had a good structure to build from. One thing I have noticed through all my classes in high school and college is that a good and smart teacher is one that can take a complex subject and make it simple. Kevin does just that. He would take these confusing subjects within the series 66 and make them simple so I could grasp them. On the series 66 and many other exams I have taken, there are a lot of questions that can be overwhelming and down right confusing. Kevin taught me tips for handling such questions and taking exams that made all the difference in the world. My only regret is that I did not find him in college or my test scores would have been significantly higher. It speaks volumes that I took the series 66 three times and passed my third time with the help of Kevin. My first two times I took the exam were before I met Kevin and I received a 67% and a 68%. After studying about a month with Kevin I took my exam for the third time and received an 80%. Those scores truly speak for themselves and Kevin's ability to help people.

Anna L. from Jefferson City, MO

Kevin is a fantastic tutor. He is patient. He clearly knows the material and he is excellent at explaining concepts.

Elena M. from New York, NY

Professional. Bright. Personable. Charismatic. Very senior, knowledgeable and experienced in finance, accounting and other areas of business. Adept at passing on the wisdom and making complex concepts easy to grasp. Straight to the point, no nonsense. Gets back to emails/text messages in real time which makes planning and communication easy and prompt. In one word -- perfect. I couldn't recommend Kevin more, you'd be lucky to have him as your tutor.

Eddie I. from Saint Louis, MO

Kevin helped me immencly with the series 66 exam!!! I took the test twice and barely missed it both times. But Kevin helped me get over the hump on the third attempt by assisting me with my test taking strategy. I didn't realize how much I needed help until using Kevin. He was also very knowledgeable and flexible to work with. I would recommend Kevin to anyone in the St. Louis area that is taking the series 7 or 66 exam.

Tony S. from Latonia, KY

Kevin is very hands on with working to narrow down the correct answer (s) on series 7 practice exams, as well as extremely knowledgeable on the vast topics.