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Offering tutorial services in Spanish, French and other subjects.

I have been a professional tutor for several years. I have tutored in different subjects such as Spanish, French, Hebrew and English in varied settings to different age groups. I use various techniques in my tutoring sessions such as flashcards, educational games, drills, skits and many more. Not only have I tutored in this country, but additionally I lived in Honduras for three months, where I tutored adult students in English and Hebrew and also taught conversational French to Honduran ...


SAT reading

SAT writing


Spelling has always been a subject in which I did well when I was in school. I loved spelling tests back in elementary school. Moreover, I feel that proper spelling is important, because even though nowadays we have spellcheck, it is still a desirable skill to know how to spell correctly.

ACT Reading

ACT English


I feel qualified to teach ESL because I have had some successful and rewarding experiences doing so in the past. When I was a Senior in college, I was a volunteer ESL assistant teacher for a Hispanic non-profit organization. Also, when I was in Honduras, I had some opportunities to teach English to native Hondurans. Some techniques for teaching English as a second language, which I found to be successful are using pictures to express a concept, giving a basic definition of a word using the target language rather than translating the word into the learner's native tongue and using flashcards.




I feel qualified to tutor in English, because English is a subject that has always been one of my fortes. When I was in Honduras, I had the privilege to teach English to Honduran natives, which was a rewarding experience for me. Some of the techniques I have used to teach English are flashcards, colorful images to reinforce grammatical concepts and charts to demonstrate a complex concept such as verb conjugations.

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I feel qualified to tutor vocabulary, because I have always had a passion for that subject. I always enjoyed increasing my English vocabulary and have liked to help other people augment their vocabulary knowledge. In fact, when I was in Honduras, I had the opportunity to tutor Honduran natives in English vocabulary, which was a very rewarding experience for me. Some techniques I use for teaching vocabulary are flashcards, using the words in a sentence and finding mnemonic devices to aid students in memorizing the words.


I feel qualified to tutor grammar, because grammar is a subject that has always come naturally to me. Since grammar has been a forte for me, I have used it in four different languages: English, Spanish, French and Hebrew. When I was in Honduras, one of the aspects of the English language that I tutored was that of grammar.

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In every language, being able to read is essential. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to help people with their reading skills, not only in English, but also in Spanish, French and Hebrew. Some basic techniques that I have used to help people learn to read better are showing the student how to sound out the word by breaking down the syllables, recognizing vowel patterns and combinations making inferences for meaning. Additionally, I have successfully used games to strengthen reading skills.


Margarita S. from Philadelphia, PA

Michael tutored me in Spanish 2. Michael had a very flexible schedule and was almost always available when I most needed him. He always made sure to be punctual and even stayed a little later to finish an assignment with me if needed. Michael is very knowledgeable - we never wasted time looking anything up. We were able to get all the necessary work done with each tutor session. With Michael's help, my grade increased and I was able to comprehend Spanish a lot better. Michael was very helpful and I recommend him to anyone suffering in a language class.

Marcia Z. from Southampton, PA

My son has increased his grade from a C- to a B with Michael's very patient and in depth tutoring for the second half of his junior year. He was always on time and ready to work. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Lisa Z. from Philadelphia, PA

Michael is a exceptional tutor! He is professional and very knowledgeable in French. My daughter's test grades went from a D to B- after only a few lessons. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who has a student who is struggling with French.

Renee B. from Ambler, PA

Michael is very reliable and gets back to you right away with his availability! He definitely is a subject matter expert in High School level Spanish IV with a great approach to "coaching/supporting" his students based on their needs. Definitely recommend Michael for Spanish tutoring!

Dhirja G. from Belle Mead, NJ

Our 8 year old son wanted to learn Spanish because his elder brother and sister learn different languages and have their own tutors. We were very unsure about him being able to concentrate for an hour for a Spanish Lesson. Michael was very flexible and willing to work with us to find out what would work best for our son. We sometimes break the class into Spanish and English Reading just to keep our son interested. Michael always comes prepared for the classes and has various activities like word searches or coloring or interesting books he picks up from the library for our son to read. We are very happy that our son is working with Michael.

JD P. from King Of Prussia, PA

8th grade Spanish was getting more frustrating each day for my son. Once we contacted Michael, my son now exhibits more confidence, shows a greater understanding of the language by being able to answer questions from stories written in Spanish, and has shown consistently improving grades. Overall, we are so glad that we contacted Michael and wish that we had done so sooner!!

Michael G. from Philadelphia, PA

Michael is an excellent Spanish tutor. He is punctual, organized, extremely patient and just an all around good guy. Our six year old son has a blast at each and every lesson and looks forward to seeing Michael weekly. Do not hesitate in choosing Michael as your tutor!

Liz Z. from Pottstown, PA

Thank you Michael for coming up. your style of teaching is incredible, you enhanced my conversational skills and help with my writing. I had a great time -- didn't feel like school at all. I am looking forward seeing you again, and hope to get some homework assignments.

Matthew G. from Bechtelsville, PA

Michael is a great tutor/teacher! He is currently teaching Spanish to my wife, my five year old daughter, and I. His ability to adapt his teaching technique is evident in each session, due to the large age gap in our group. We're happy with our choice, and look forward to every weeks lesson.

Joseph K. from Morrisville, PA

Michael was an excellent Spanish tutor for my son who is in high school. He was punctual, an excellent communicator and took something difficult and made it easy to identify the grammar in the sentence structure.. Great a translator as well. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking for a tutor.

Carol F. from Newtown, PA

Michael arrives well dressed, with a professional demeanor and ready to teach. My daughter understood everything he taught and has now received and A on her quiz for the first time! Thanks to Michael she will be able to remain in honors Spanish.

Louise D. from Richboro, PA

Michael U has recently begun to tutor our daughter in Spanish. He is punctual and knowledgable. Our daughter has begun to show improvement in the short time he has assisted her in Spanish.

Noelle S. from Blackwood, NJ

Michael is a a very nice young man. He seemed very patient with my boys who can be a handful. My boys really seemed to enjoy the lesson. My oldest son learned a lot from one lesson. I was impressed. Michael has good communication via phone and email. He got back to me quickly and called to confirm the lesson. Highly recommended!!!

Sheila D. from College Park, MD

Michael is a great tutor. He is very punctual and reliable. He is able to understand the specific needs of a student and tailors the work/study accordingly. His mastery of the Spanish language is remarkable and is evident when he converses with the student. Michael is able to explain all the concepts of the language in a manner the student can understand very clearly. My son is very confident of the Spanish language after only a few lessons and as a result is way ahead in class. I highly recommend Michael as a Spanish tutor and we will definitely continue tutoring with Michael.

Amy N. from Morrisville, PA

Michael arrives on time and clearly has a great command of Spanish. He is prompt with returning emails and I feel that he fills each hour of tutoring appropriately. We know no Spanish at all so this is a challenge for any tutor, but Michael was not afraid to take on the role. He is tutoring four people at the same time of all different ages. He uses many examples to illustrate his points.

Sheila D. from Irvine, CA

Michael is a great tutor. He is very punctual and reliable. He is able to understand the specific needs of a student and tailors the work/study accordingly. His mastery of the Spanish language is remarkable and is evident when he converses with the student. Michael is able to explain all the concepts of the language in a manner the student can understand very clearly. My son is very confident of the Spanish language after only a few lessons and as a result is way ahead in class. I highly recommend Michael as a Spanish tutor and we will definitely continue tutoring with Michael.

Heather S. from New York, NY

Michael is a knowledgeable, kind, patient, and encouraging tutor. He goes at the the speed of the student, gently pushes the student forward, and fills the gaps. My son saw a grade change almost immediately thanks to Michael. I highly recommend him!

Kate R. from Morrisville, PA

Michael is dedicated to trying his very best to teach his students the material. He goes above and beyond what is expected of him to convey the information. He also is very professional in his interactions.

Mary Z. from Princeton, NJ

Michael is very organized and stays on task. He is really helping Lizzy with vocabulary, Grammar and conjugation! She is much more confident in school.

Kathie D. from Skippack, PA

Michael helped Julie understand her Spanish lesson. He is patient and effective and would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish.

Denarvet A. from Bensalem, PA

We reviewed the conjugation of verbs along with going over various conversational aspects of the language. His review got straight to the point and helped me to remember concepts I had difficulty grasping in the past.

Chrissy G. from Doylestown, PA

Michael was very helpful in assisting my son with some tough sections of high school Spanish. He was flexible in meeting our busy weekend schedule and was extremely knowledgeable in high school Spanish. In addition Michael was patient with my son and willing to address and work on whatever area needed extra attention and time. Michael always called to confirm appointments ahead of time and arrived at our home on time and prepared to work with our son. His help made a significant difference in our son's performance and grade in his Spanish class.

Elena T. from Southampton, PA

Michael is very knowledgeable and patient tutor. He made my daughter feel at ease and motivated to learn. Michael covered 25 pages packet in 2 hours to prepare my daughter for the midterms! Thank you Michael!!

Natasha C. from Philadelphia, PA

Michael explained the different between ser y estar. He lead the session and was informative! I will definitely use his services AGIAN! I highly recommend Michael!