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Experienced Thai Language Tutor

Hello, my name is Patti, and I am a Thai native speaker. Fully bilingual in Thai and English and a trained foreign language instructor, I have taught the Thai language to adult students and school-age children since 2013. In addition, I translate domain-specific documents, including counter-terrorism and non-proliferation and disarmament of nuclear weapons/weapons of mass destruction. A professional interpreter, I interpret remotely for English-speaking professionals in the United States a...


Anjie V. from Washington, DC

Patti has a great proficiency in both English and Thai. She accommodated our request to work with two students at the same time. My friend and I are both at different proficiency levels. I am a heritage speaker (my parents are both Thai so I learned to speak Thai at home), but I don't read and write very well. My friend is Filipino, but he learned Thai through the Defense Language Institute. Patti formed a lesson that could test both of our skills and she gave us each homework that was suited to our levels. She was patient and very helpful. I'm looking forward to working with Patti again next week.

Cynthia K. from Vienna, VA

Patti taught us the basics (introductions, numbers, etc.) she was so patient and fun and great to work with! We look forward to additional lessons with her!