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Tutor for basic math, science, computer skills

I'm currently a student at Springfield Technical Community College, and am planning on transferring to Univ. of Massachusetts for electrical engineering. I am good with computers, and provide computer help to various people on a fairly regular basis. I am good with math, and passionate about scientific topics. I'm interested in getting a job as a teacher at some point. I haven't tutored before, strictly speaking, although I do have extensive experience helping people with homework. ... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Tutor for English, Reading and Writing

Whether you’re looking for a tutor to help with GRE vocabulary, fourth grade reading, academic essays or creative writing, I can help. I’ve taught and facilitated in a wide range of contexts. During my Master’s (Dalhousie University, 2006), I acted as a Teaching Assistant in Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Philosophy courses. Last year, I designed and co-facilitated a group in Contemplative Bibliotherapy or “creative reading” (writing and art in response to favorite books) for clients and prov... Read more


Qualified History and Writing Tutor

History and writing are areas of learning that challenge many otherwise strong students. The key to opening this door lies in forging a personal connection with the material and then turning to learning organizational and mechanical skills. The “ownership” of ideas is the primary ingredient in a forceful persuasive essay–-the cornerstone to success in Social Studies and English. My approach to teaching and tutoring was honed in University, High School and non-traditional settings. I earned... Read more


Experienced Humanities Tutor With Proofreading/Editing Skills

Hi! I’m Meghan P., and I’m a History student at Clark University, in Worcester, although I spend my summers in Northampton. I have experience tutoring high school students, primarily in history, as well as five years of experience in childcare, working with children between the ages of five and nine. I have worked with kids with learning disorders in both age groups, and have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to creatively adjust my methods, or discover entirely new ones, to suit the ... Read more


Stanford PhD in History and Publishing Professional Can Help You!

My whole life, as person and as student, educator and publisher has involved investigating transitions, sounds, and choices. I have done this primarily as a historian and publisher, one who is well versed in all areas of the social sciences. I have had the good fortune and privilege to pursue my studies all over the world, but especially in a community in northern Ghana in West Africa. Here I conducted research for my doctorate in African History. School is hard and I am sensitive to the fa... Read more


I am a tutor of 3-Dimensional Design and Animation in Maya

For the past year and a half, I have been a student in the Digital Media Program at Greenfield Community College. Having worked on many projects in Autodesk Maya, I am well versed in modeling, animating and UV texture editing/unwrapping. I have done freelance work using my skills in Maya, and most recently, I have taken on an internship for an on Read more

Teaches 2 subjects



To all students who are interested in being tutored: I am pleased that you are taking the time to find an appropriate tutor for your learning needs. As a psychotherapist, I have had 34 years of experience working with children and adults who have had various challenges in their learning. I have worked with adolescents and elementary school children who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities, including dyslexia. I am well aware of how difficult it is for a child to be in a situa... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Experienced developer and programming/CS tutor, teaching at all levels

Hey, I'm Alex. I'm a web developer and programming/CS tutor based out of the Northampton area. I mentor adult students at the online coding bootcamp Viking Code School, have about 90 hours of experience volunteer mentoring and teaching with teens. I'm currently teaching a biweekly programming class at the LightHouse learning center for teens in Holyoke. In my other life as a developer, I have experience building web apps and content sites with complex requirements and large audiences. I l... Read more


The Art of Communication and Social Discourse

I have worked with non-verbal and verbal people with Autism since 1970. I was a ASD trainer hired by the Ma. Dept of Education under a grant to provide training, modeling, direct service and family outreach. I am a licensed Speech/ Language Pathologist who has worked with people on the spectrum for over 30 years. Read more


Elementary Math - Middle School Math

Hello. I am currently a 6th grade teacher in the Frontier Regional School District. My teaching experience rages from 3rd grade all the way through high school. I have tutored many different levels of mathematics. I have been teaching 6th grade for 5 years and have been teaching for a total of 8 years. I thoroughly enjoy math, and love to teach it. I like to connect with my students and relate what they are learning to things they are interested in. ... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects

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