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I love to tutor!

I have been tutoring for 4 years. I began tutoring in all subjects during my sophomore year of high school. I worked in a first grade classroom after school as well as tutoring for an after school program at another elementary school. I tutored at both schools until I graduated high school. My sophomore year of college I began to tutor in the Writing center located on campus. There I assist students with essays and help them to improve their writing skills. I work at the Writing center and I ... Read more


Tutor - English, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Math, Science, SAT Prep

Hi! My name is Vincent and I love to tutor! Great Tutors seek to help others understand and learn various academic subjects. They must be patient and understanding, as well as be able to assist, evaluate, motivate, develop and integrate their students in learning. I promise to use all of the tools at my disposal to guide your child to a greater understanding of the subject at hand. I will always try to motivate my students and provide them with confidence. Students need to have positive att... Read more


JMP Ph.D. 10-2010

Ph.D. Chemist with over 20 years in applied research in the area of surface treatments and modification. PA Secondary Certification in Chemistry - 2009. Primary focus - General and Inorganic Chemistry. Will also assist students with algebra, geometry and trig, though not as the primary focus of the tutoring sessions.... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Full Time Teacher, Part Time Tutor, All day Math lover

I am a full time Math teacher in New Jersey,and am available after school hours, usually 3:30 and later. I am very flexible after those times and willing to work with you. I have taught and tutored in New York, Arizona and Florida, at many different levels and abilities. My time spent in different areas has made me appreciate the different types of learners and challenges involved with teaching and tutoring. I look forward to the challenges that come with any tutoring opportunity. I am c... Read more


Hello! I am Patrick and I knowledge of Mathematics up to Calc 3

Hi there! I am a new tutor with vast knowledge in the field of mathematics. I am currently attending Seton Hall University, and it is my plan to graduate with a major in Mathematics and a minor in computer science. I have always been very interested in Math and have been known to excel at it quite well (Just recently I Aced my Calculus III Course). A part of me loves helping others understand mathematics, for math is a fundamental part of our world. If you are willing to learn, I am willing t... Read more


Not just another English Language tutor!

I was born and raised in Guyana - South America where our primary language is English. I am a qualified teacher of English and hold a Bachelor's degree in English and Humanity studies. I obtained my Masters in Education Leadership here in the US at Seton Hall University. As a tutor, I do not offer static, 'one size fits all' English language learning encounters. My cultural background is a unique blend of South America and the Caribbean so what I offer is a true Language experience. I have... Read more


Certified School Counselor with 14+ years of college counseling

I am a certified School Counselor currently working at a public school in New Jersey. I have been counseling students on their post-high school planning for close to 15 years. I frequently visit and tour colleges to keep informed of ever changing admission trends. I am very knowledgeable regarding schools for specific majors, students with low test scores and learning disabilities. Terri ... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Calm and patient k-8th grade tutor.

I am currently a substitute teacher with a fantastic reputation in five local school districts. While I substitute for all grades k-12, I am obtaining my certificate in k-6 with specializations in Middle School Social Studies and Middle School Language Arts from Rutgers University. I am extremely patient and work great with children of all backgrounds and abilities. I scored in the upper 10% on both of my Praxis exam math tests. My job as a substitute teacher has placed me in classroo... Read more


Certified & Experienced Teacher, Specializing in Special Education

If your child is in need of some extra TLC when it comes to their school work, then you have found the right person to help them where they need it most. My background with in-class support in a regular education classroom will be very helpful in fulfilling your child's needs. I am available to help with study skills, as well as every day help, such as with homework. My style of tutoring will not only improve your child's grades, but will also help them improve their confidence, wh... Read more


Michael D. Experienced retired Language Arts/Reading teacher

I am a retired public school teacher who spent nearly thirty-five years primarily as a Language Arts/Reading teacher. My Bachelor's Degree is in Elementary Education while my Master's certifies me as a Reading Specialist. I consider myself especially adept in the areas of comprehension, spelling and vocabulary building. I enjoy doing activities with Greek and Latin roots, synonyms and antonyms. I would also feel comfortable helping a prospective student succeed in any other curricula... Read more

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