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The JC Show Live

I been using Photoshop since the turn of the century. I used it all through college to create textures for my 3d models at the Art Institute of CA- Inland Empire where I graduated with a BS in Game Art and Design. After graduation I got a job at a company called Vanguard Software Development. I Illustrated Children Story Books Using Photoshop and s Read more


Hey! I'm Excited to Work With You, Now Let's Get Started

I have worked with 2nd-6th grade students through a licensed day-care center for five years. More specifically, I have tutored those who read below grade level and were failing Language Arts. I helped them improve their reading, vocabulary and spelling thorough oral reading assignments, working together on homework assignments and/or correcting the Read more


Specializing in the Visualization of American Sign Language

I have interpreted for the Deaf Community. I have been of assistance to Hard of Hearing college students. While working at Tustin Unified School District I have taught deaf children English and math. Read more

Teaches 2 subjects



I've completed a year each of Algebra I, Algebra II in H.S. as well as a semester of College Algebra in college. I've had a total of 4 years of H.S. mathematics and a total of 2.5 years of college mathematics. Read more


Math, English, Spanish Tutor

Hey there. My name is Juan. I'm here to help you. That's right. I'm here to help you understand some subjects in school! I want you to get that A+ and to ace that test. I want to help you improve and to help you achieve better things through your grades. Having problems with an upcoming SAT/ACT? I can help with that too. I've been tutoring for almost 3 years now. I have experience tutoring clients from ages 5-18 in different types of math, English, and Spanish. When it comes to math, I've bee... Read more


Experienced Mandarin Speaking English Tutor

During my 15 years of tutoring, I have provided one-on-one tutoring for many children of diverse nationalities in the K-6 grade range while in China, as well as in the States during university at the Jones Reading Clinic in La Puente and privately. I have provided tutoring in all major subjects, including English, Math, Science, History, Geography Read more


Retired Teacher Still Making A Difference

With my California Standard Teaching Life Credenital K-9, I am licensed and certified to teach all academic subjects in elementary/middle school K-6. The main subjects I will focus on for tutoring are reading, language arts, and phonemic awareness. If necessary, tutoring will also be offered to students in social studies. Read more


ESL/Mandarin Tutoring

I was born and educated in mainland China. I studied advanced HanYu while I was at Suzhou Nornal School. I am now tutoring ZhongWen to my twin sons at home every day. The textbook I use is sponsored by the China National Educational Department and is designed specially for children of Chinese immigrants in the USA. Read more


Very well educated science and general education tutor.

I have attended medical school, completed a masters in medical sciences and taught Anatomy and Physiology at the community college/trade school level for two years. Read more


Language Arts/ Soc. Sciences/ English (K-12), Reading/ Math (K-6)

My undergraduate degree from UCLA was in Anthropology. I have studied each of the subfields in the discipline extensively and have taken research-heavy courses involving projects under anthropology professors. I have also worked with peers in collaboration on research projects (one of which was exhibited ad a language and interaction conference) an Read more

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