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Grounded Traveler

I am a person who is in love with traveling, although right now I am in college and grounded to the area! I am an AmeriCorps Alumna, which is often called the domestic Peace Corps. Through this I have had many hours of community service (over 2000) and many of those hours were teaching and tutoring across the nation in public schools. Most recently, I tutored pre-school children in New York City for entrance exams to the top level kindergartens in the country. I can pretty much cover the basi... Read more


Accounting and Finance Professor (CPA)

I have been a CPA since 1974. I have twelve years experience in auditing and report writing. I have twenty years experience in healthcare finance. I spent ten years teaching for ASU - Beebe, Harding University, and Webster University. I am currently on staff for Park University at University Center, Jacksonville, AR. I teach all classes in accounting and finance. I Will finish my DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration), with an emphasis in Accounting by the end of 2013.... Read more


Passionate biologist and dedicated natural resource proffessional

I am very passionate about natural resources and our responsibility to caring for our planet! I have devoted my life to natural resource management and I am currently a program coordinator at Arkansas Natural Resources Commission. Since I was a child, I have always loved being outside and I am a passionate outdoor enthusiast. I thoroughly enjoy spending time educating our young people about our state's abundant resources. I have tutored many young people and I am very capable in helping a... Read more


Success Starts Here

Hello! My name is Lauren, and I am a Therapist. I am currently working on my Doctorate so that may I be better equipped to help others. I am a military veteran, and continue to serve in the National Guard. My future goals are to work as a sports psychologist, as I have always had a passion for sports, and I believe that athletes are a demographic that tend to go without mental health treatment as it may portray weakness. I love learning. I often refer to myself as a professional student becau... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Middle School Tutor

I graduated from Arkansas State University in August of 2015 with a degree in Mid-Level Education with an emphasis in Language Arts and Social Studies. I am qualified to tutor in all subjects through 8th grade. I hold a standard five-year Arkansas teaching license. During my internship I worked in fifth and eighth grade classrooms. For the last year, I have worked with an at-home prek program. So I am familiar with working with the needs of students and their family. I strongly believe th... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


English/Linguistics Tutor

I tutored and taught various English courses for Trio/Upward Bound Program at ASU-Beebe from 2004-2008. Classes taught include Shakespeare, Reading, Writing, Literature, Grammar, and Creative Writing. I graduated from University of Arkansas at Little Rock in May 2008 with B.A. in English/Linguistics and Magna Cum Laude honors. I also helped peers with studying while in college and took on a project to tutor as part of one of my independent studies my senior year. The best way to learn ... Read more


English/Literature Proficient

First off, to be honest, this will be my first time officially tutoring anybody. I have little brothers that I occasionally help, but nothing very serious. I am currently in college at ASU Beebe. I am majoring in childcare and college literature. My strong suits lean more towards literature/English classes. I love kids and enjoy helping someone understand something better. I would prefer to tutor someone a little bit younger, but if needed, I will help older children. If requesting me to tuto... Read more


Certified Teacher

I am a certified Teacher with 13 years of experience. I have taught K-3rd grade, but have tutored several students in 4th and 5th grade. I have also given many different benchmark test. I have prepared my students for such testing. I have experience in teaching Common Core, lesson planning, finding materials to prepare students for test and much much more. I have taught for 13 years. I have taught students how to problem solve and to find many different ways to come up with their answers.... Read more


Certified Retired Teacher with 15 yrs Experience

As a former public school teacher, I relished working one on one with struggling students. I believe all students can excel with the right encouragement and the right teacher. As a young elementary student, I struggled to learn due to both hearing and sight deficits. It was the interest of a concerned teacher that changed my life! I strive to help my students and impact them as well! Although I am now retired and homeschooled my two children, I have maintained my AR teaching license. I am cer... Read more


I tutor writing and reading.

I am a retired police officer with twenty-eight years in law enforcement. I am also retired military, both active duty and National Guard. I have taught Freshmen Composition at the college level and am currently working on my doctorate in Higher Education.... Read more

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