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Guitar/Trumpet tutor; Christian History

I have 40 years experience playing guitar and trumpet, and achieved a music scholarship to college. I have taught guitar to children as young as 4th grade with great success. All of my instruction is theory based, i.e. learning how to read music, but also includes ear training to pick up chords/melody by listening to songs. I try to use free websites so as to keep the costs of learning materials to a minimum. In the case of trumpet, I would encourage buying learning materials. I have a Bac... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Eng., Lit., Research and Test Prep. Teacher

I have 10+ years of professional, college and secondary teaching experience as well as having served in the capacity of Lead Teacher and Department Chair. My specialties are in classroom and one on one instruction of English, Literature, Research Papers, all test preparation and ELL adult/professional guidance. My teaching and tutoring techniques are individualized and flexible in areas from basic homework assistance to term research project supervision. Many hours are available. Patien... Read more

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