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Tutor deaf children, deaf adults, and ASL students

My passion is to encourage others to believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. I love to teach and see people learn those things they struggle with so much. I am a graduate of Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf (SWCID) with an associates in interpreting. I received my bachelors from Stephen F. Austin State University in deaf education. I taught two years of deaf education in a regional day school, taught two years of American Sign Language (ASL) at a local j... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


College Student: 4.0 BFA Degree

I have always loved to teach, and I hope I can teach you and help you gain confidence in your learning! I will be graduating summa cum laude this spring with a 4.0 and BFA degree. I specialize in tutoring art/design/music, reading/handwriting and any K-6 studies. Whether you are working on test prep or individual homework assignments, my goal is to keep the student challenged, but not overwhelmed. I try to be very flexible with my time. While I do have a cancellation policy, I offer ... Read more


Joe The Tutor Guy

Hello, I am a certified secondary math teacher (grades 6 to 12) with ten years' public school teaching experience and have also taught math at the community college level part-time; I'm in in my sixth year now. After ten years teaching, I decided to return to my primary career of engineering and now work full-time as a production engineer and manager at a local industry. I have been tutoring math for several years working with junior high kids through college students - including statistic... Read more


Generalized/Special Needs Tutor

I am a dedicated, patient, and passionate female with a Bachelors of Social Work degree, and 15 + years experience working with children and special needs populations. I have served as a substitute teacher in the Wichita Falls and Burkburnett ISD areas, and I am well versed in subjects/grade levels K-8. I enjoy working with special need students and have recent experience with ADHD and Autistic traits. I have extensive knowledge and experience in behavior management and learning theories. ... Read more


Russian Language / TEFL / ESL / English Skills

I have worked as a language educator for over a year. Presently, I teach English at public schools in the Republic of Georgia, in cooperation with a government initiative which aims to increase student comprehension of English. As far as methodology is concerned, I like to work with communicative methods. That being said, you can expect that I will incorporate lessons which emulate real-life scenarios as often as possible. I also tutor colleagues and sometimes students in elementary R... Read more

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Experienced Elementary Teacher with extensive Reading/Math Background

I am a 27 year teaching veteran. I have taught the TEAMS, TAAS, TAKS, and STAAR Test and can help prepare your elementary student to take this state mandated test. There is no better time than today to get your child on track. I believe in the idea of Catch Ip, Keep Up and Get Ahead. I am anxious to work with students who struggle with reading, writing, or Math. Teaching has always been a life long passion of mine and feel that helping students is wonderful. I know that I may not have t... Read more


Proofreading, writing, editing

I received an English degree with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I specialize in proofreading, editing, and writing. I can assist in any mode of writing such as essays, short stories, research papers, poetry, technical or expressive writing. I also have exceptional skills in grammar, sentence structure and parts of speech. Proofreading and editing available via online as well.... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Freelance Composer, Arranger, and Teacher

I am a composer who recently got my master's degree from the University of Louisville. I got my undergrad degree at the University of North Texas. While my main area of expertise is composition, anyone with a master’s degree in music is going to be generally well-versed in a variety of musical topics. As such, I can also offer lessons in theory, conducting, music fundamentals, notational software (both Finale and Sibelius), music technology, and a variety of other topics. These can be mixed a... Read more


Enjoy helping when possible

I have spent over 10 years teaching and/or tutoring math classes at college and high school levels, while this is no longer my job, I still enjoy working with students that want to learn and helping them succeed. I am available any evening with enough notice but I will try to avoid Wednesday nights when possible. I appreciate advance notice on the topics that need reviewed so that I can be better prepared and more beneficial to you but I am also willing to figure it out as we go as well. I ... Read more


Math Master Mike

I have practiced engineering for the past 20 years, and math is a critical part of that job. While I have no formal teaching or tutoring experience, I have tutored GED students as well as my own children in various levels of math and have mentored younger engineers and technicians in my most recent job. There is no greater satisfaction to a teacher than when their student sees the light. I have enjoyed the subject of math for over 30 years. It was half of the reason I pursued and acqui... Read more

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