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Great Tutor! Over 18 Years Experience

I have been tutoring for over 18 years. I tutor K-12 and some college courses. I received my degree in Genetics so I'm great with math and the sciences. I am also great with English and Language Arts. I am a nerd and proud of it! I believe learning can be fun. Math is a game. Science can take you to unimagined worlds. And Literature will take your imagination to where you never thought was possible. I am a tutor who will plan sessions around your learning style. If you don't know what tha... Read more


retired teacher with vast experience

Long ago I thought that teaching music would be what I would like as a profession. I got a B. Music Education and did enjoy teaching as an elementary music consultant on the island of Guam. That meant I gave master lessons to elementary teachers so that they could continue to have music during the school day. I traveled all over the island to different elementary schools - the ocean view never far out of sight. However, in my pre-graduate years, I had also prepared to teach in the element... Read more


Hola! I'm half Spaniard and love to help others.

Buenas tardes, Me llamo Monica! My mother was from Spain and married an American Navy man many years ago! We lived in Spain until i was 4 so I began life as a bi-lingual child. In high school, where others found difficulties in Spanish classes, I excelled as the foundations had been laid from an early time. As an adult, I always enjoyed meeting and speaking Spanish with persons I would encounter throughout the course of the day at work or elsewhere. These past ten years I have be... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Elementary School Subjects Tutor

I have been teaching in elementary schools since I was credentialed in 1989. My credential is a Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential with CLAD. I have also tutored students up to Middle School in subjects they need help with. I love helping students of all ages learn.... Read more


Michael the Music Man

Michael has been playing guitar for eleven years and writing songs for twelve. In that time, he composed over 500 pieces for a variety of ensembles, recorded eleven albums of original music, and played over 1000 shows. A graduate of Northern Illinois University, Michael received his Bachelors of Music Education in 2013, studying voice as his primary instrument. He offers individualized curricula for each student based on their own style and goals, with artistic expression and fun always at th... Read more

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German, Trumpet, Math Tutor and Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Hi Everybody! My name is Grant and I have worked as a Computer Support person for around ten years now, including software training around the world. I am ready to take on more opportunities and share the skills I have developed and knowledge I have acquired in my life. I have worked as a substitute teacher and a tutor for Sylvan Learning Center. I have coached soccer and basketball to all ages of youth for about 10 years. I am fluent in German (earned a Bachelors in it) and received my ... Read more


Primary Teacher with 17 years experience

I have been teaching for 19 years. I have the majority of experience teaching primary. I specialize in teaching reading. I enjoy working with children. It is my life's purpose. I have two school-aged elementary daughters. I teach at the elementary school I attended. I really enjoy one on one teaching. The results are instantaneous. There are no distractions or other students getting my attention. I assess the student on the first session and then tailor my instruction based on that child's ... Read more


One-on-one college/high school level writing tutor

Any student who seeks out the help of a writing tutor is already very motivated. These students are fun, easy to work with, and highly receptive to new writing techniques--which makes my job amazing! Whether you want help with summer school or just general practice on your writing skills, I am happy to help. Writing is often scary and intimidating, but by learning the techniques and strategies that work best; anyone can become a confident writer. I assist students at every stage of th... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Strengthen Your Writing - it's for your own good

Writing skills are a direct reflection on one's thinking skills - connecting your thoughts on paper is solid proof you have the neurological ligatures to fully comprehend the subject or concept being explored. This is the work I love to do with college students, anyone really, who are laboring to hammer out an idea. Obviously, we do the grammar stuff (imperative in the formal writing world), the vocabulary pumping work, but most importantly, we organize and put a diabolical choke hold on what... Read more

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Computer Tutoring - Basic, Internet/email, Office, Clipart

I have over 9 years of experience teaching computer classes, including Basic Computers, Business Application, The Internet, email, and Clipart. Also, I have taught keyboarding for two years. I have a valid teaching credential in Business, Math, and Psychology. With the many uses of computers, and the fact that changes are happening very rapidly, I feel that learning computers is very important. I also would be willing to teach the use of smartphones and tablets.... Read more

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