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Versatile English Language Expert and Tutor

I have a unique background in both ESL and media. Teaching ESL is my second career and I love it. I taught English in Shanghai and Prague before returning to the U.S. Here I have 4 years of teaching ESL at the university level. I am eager to work with more international students of any age. My first career was in broadcast journalism. I worked as a radio news anchor, reporter, and editor for CNN Radio and other local stations in Boston, Chicago and Maine. I also have experience as a m... Read more


Math – You can do it. I can help.

You can benefit from my Geometry expertise in topics such as: Basic shapes and angles, Parallel lines and transversals, Polygons, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, and Formulas for area, perimeter, circumference, surface area and volume of all Geometric figures. I know Geometry very well and can explain it to you effectively. My passion is to Read more


A Future Secondary Math Teacher

I am a current student taking a semester break before I go and finish my transition to teaching degree at Anderson. I enjoy helping students grow and understand a subject that I enjoy teaching. Anything as far as Calculus 2 is within my capabilities to help students learn and grow. I have been a substitute teacher for the last 5 years before I decided to pursue my transition to teaching degree. I will take the students step by step and help them figure out where the gap in their learnin... Read more


This teacher caters to your learning style!

Music is my life, and is something that I want to share with others! Because of that, I try my best to give positive experiences to all of my students. I have a byline that says "Music is Much More than Just Learning Notes." I believe that! Anyone can learn notes, fingerings, etc. What I try to do is add that "soul" element that each person has and cultivate that into meaningful music! So, with all that said, here's what I try to instill: A lesson is a place to share! I listen to... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Music theory, composition, ear training and keyboard skills

I taught music theory and ear training on the college level for many years before coming to Indianapolis as artistic administrator for Indianapolis Opera. My approach to teaching these skills is that the purpose is to achieve a higher level of understanding as to how music works. The goal is to learn how to utilize this understanding to enhance the student's performing skills. I have had great success with students who think they don't like theory and the related courses. After studying w... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Historian for Hire

BA; Secondary Education MA; History Valid Secondary Teaching license 7-12 Social Studies from the state of Indiana I currently teach high school world history and adjunct part time at the college level for history. I have 8 years experience ranging from middle school to post secondary history courses. I am also a published author and would be able to help with any writing problems you are having. I have a flexible schedule meeting availability.... Read more


Anna's School of Microsoft Office Wizardry

Would you like to dazzle your friends as a software wizard? Learn how to whip up Excel charts, create colorful Word documents, and design presentations that will make your buddies laugh, smile, and admire your tricks...and that will set you up for successful interviews and jobs! I've survived and thrived in offices run as companies and nonprofits. I know which kinds of reports will impress a teacher or a boss, which formulas show the difference between a pro and an amateur, and which format... Read more


Microsoft Certified in Excel and loves to teach others

I have been using Excel now for over ten years in both my personal and professional life. I enjoy all the different applications that Excel can be used for, from something as simple as a household budget to advanced pivot tables for analysis. At work, I have always been the go to person when anybody has Excel questions. I love being that person and helping others learn new things and see all that Excel can do. ... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Spanish Teacher and Tutor

Dear prospective student and/or parent: I have taught and tutored students for over 12 years and am a licensed teacher in the state of Indiana. I hold a Masters Degree in Spanish and an undergraduate degree in Business and Spanish. My fluency in Spanish, my willingness to go above and beyond, and my understanding of the varying needs of each learner allow me to meet each student where they are in their academic journey. I have the benefit of using my Spanish skills both in industry and ... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Bright success in Math

I have been teaching mathematics for more than 30 years. After I graduate from college, I worked in middle school for seven years. Then, I got a scholarship to go to England for four months. After I came back from England, I taught in middle school for another seven years. Then I taught in high school for more than 15 years. I have extensive experience in both middle and high school math. In Egypt, I both taught and tutored in the public schools for more than 30 years. In 1982,I re... Read more

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