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Biological Science Tutor

I have worked in academia as a teacher and in industry as a research scientist. I taught medical students the basics of physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology at the Welsh National School of Medicine, the University of Alberta the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Texas Health Sciences Center San Antonio and the University of Miami. In industry I taught basic biological science skills to my reports and to summer students who came through my laboratory. I can make complicated co... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Mainstays and Climbing The Career Ladder

Wally comes from a background of building a $94,000 business into $52,000,000. Upon graduating from Bowling Green State University with a BSBA Degree, he took the job of direct sales in his Father's small 10 employee company. He learned early on that the best way to sell the company's line of products was to demonstrate how those products helped the customers sell their products. Sadly, his father passed away within six months after he started with the company. A great deal of overall manag... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Experienced, Professional Tutor. K-8 Reading and Writing

I am an experienced, qualified teacher. I earned my Master's degree in K-8 education and special education in 2001 from Notre Dame University of Maryland. I earned my undergraduate degree as an English major from Syracuse University in 1999. I LOVE to teach! I have also run my own business so I understand how important the skills and subjects students learn in school are in real, day-to-day life. I have taught all subjects in middle school, but mostly in reading and writing. As a teac... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Certified teacher looking to help you

I am a teacher certified in Elementary Education, Exceptional Student Education, PreK-3 and endorsed in Reading and ESOL. The bulk of my experience is with 4th and 5th grade students in general education classrooms with all abilities. I do, additionally, have experience working with students from PreK through high school. I currently am not teaching full time, but love helping children succeed to the best of their abilities and therefore enjoy the opportunity to tutor and give children the... Read more


College Graduate for Math and Physics Tutoring

I am lifelong student with a passion for mathematics and tutoring mathematics. As a physics major, I am well aware that hard work and perseverance to learning mathematics can pay off. While working on my bachelors degree I had the opportunity to tutor a variety of different students in the various topics of mathematics such as: Algebra, Pre-Calc, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. I enjoy helping the student to go beyond the standard "head-banging" that is involved with mos... Read more


Passion for Languages (Spanish)

Being a versatile educator with over 20 years of teaching experience, I have taken the opportunity to instruct a wide variety of students from various backgrounds and all facets of society. As a result, I am a compassionate teacher, who remains sensitive to children's unique needs, employs effective listening, provides individual and whole group support, integrates multicultural teaching units, and offers positive encouragement and reinforcement to keep students focused and motivated. One ... Read more

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Highly experienced K-12 Teacher & Guidance Counselor

I have taught all high school core subjects in a self-contained classroom for students with learning issues such as Asperger's, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and audio/visual tracking difficulties. My other special needs teaching has included math, science, and language arts for students in grades 3-8, both self-contained and mainstreamed. I have studied and Read more


Your future tutor

I have been a middle school math teacher for nine years. I enjoy teaching math because of the logic behind it. I also chose math because I did not like the way so many teachers were showing students how to understand. I do not like making my students memorize rules just to regurgitate them. I ensure that my students understand why things work the way they do. This ensure better comprehension and long term memory. I have been privately tutoring off and on during my entire teaching career... Read more


Resourceful Social Science educator

"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be." - Ralph Waldo Emerson A fervent humanitarian and environmentalist, I am most inspired by my elementary-aged daughter. I believe such occasions like our evenings reading together genres like historic fiction and listening to "Science Fridays" has helped accelerate literacy and comprehension skills all while exploring the past and staying current with international events and discoveries. I am a proud UCF al... Read more


Substitute teacher specializing in English and Social Studies

I have many years of Substitute Teaching experience in the Lake County, Florida school system. My degree is in Journalism with a Minor in English and I have a lot of experience with reading and writing. I have helped many students over the years to learn phonics and improve their reading and writing skills. I have taught all subjects in elementary levels. This includes math and science. At the higher levels I have passed the teaching tests for English and Social Studies. I had a... Read more

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