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Dr. M., math tutor

My interest has always been in the teaching of mathematics, and how we learn and apply the tools of the subject. It has been interesting to observe and participate in the evolution of the pedagogy. In many ways the pedagogy has changed, and in some ways it has remained the same. I started mathematics teaching in junior high school. I have taught junior high school, middle-school mathematics, high school mathematics, and freshman and sophomore college mathematics. Several mathematics subjec... Read more


Experienced and Effective English and German Tutor

My name is Wanda M. and I've recently returned from a five-year stint teaching German and English in Germany. I would like to give you a brief summary of my credentials, experience and approach to teaching. I have a BA and an MA in German and have completed the coursework for a Ph.D. My German is rated at the highest level of proficiency (native fluency). I have been an instructor at UT Austin, Texas Tech University, the Free University of Berlin, and with the Texas Intensive English Program... Read more


Passionate ESL Teacher with over 10 years experience

I am a hard-working teacher, highly motivated and productive, spending many hours on classroom and tutoring preparation with methodologies that support the adult learner. I am also creative with my approach to teaching, innovative in arranging learning opportunities for learners so that all learners are successful, and I am available to learners who needed extra support. My belief is that the learner already has skills in another language and it is my responsibility to allow the learner to ad... Read more

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ESL and English Tutor

I am friendly, easygoing, and have a passion for helping others learn. I taught English as a second language in China from 2009 to 2014. During this tenure, I held teaching positions at Dalian Polytechnic University, The Wuxi Institute of Technology, LvGuang Kids Education, and Shanghai International Studies University. With the exception of a few Korean college students, my ESL students have been Chinese. I have taught listening, speaking, and reading to a wide age and occupation range incl... Read more


Enthusiastic 15 year Literacy/Reading Coach.

I am an educator with over 15 years of teaching experience. I am currently serving as the Reading Specialist for Stafford County Schools. I am certified in English Language Arts, History, Reading and Administration. I have experience with Literacy and Tutoring programs in several states as well as holding state certifications in five states and two countries. I am ager to support students in Reading and Language Arts subject areas.... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Educating Your Children

Everyone wants their children to be successful. Let an expert do this for you. Over 25 years of experience. My background has been in Elementary and Middle School education. With the experience of dealing with students with behavior problems has been a plus in my career. Children need time and help and they can be successful. Due to time educators are on a rigid time schedule and often moving on to the next content. Some students need more time to grasp that concept. Every student is ca... Read more


GIS Analyst for 10 years

Geographers study the interactions between people and their environments, both human-made and natural. Geographers examine the places and regions resulting from such interactions and analyze the spatial characteristics of all manner of natural, cultural, economic, and political processes and relationships. I have always been most interested in the globalization area of emphasis, which focuses on the geographies of globalization and its political, cultural and economic dimensions. Geographers ... Read more

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Japanese Tutoring Available in Northern VA!

I was born and raised in Japan. I have a BA degree in American Literature, and I used to work as an interpreter/translator for 2+ years in Japan, and worked for a Japanese insurance company in Richmond, VA. I am very fluent in both English and Japanese. I work full time and my working hours are irregular than typical jobs however I will be able to teach on weekend mornings for those who are busy during the weekdays. Beginner, intermediate, advanced or even business level are welcome. No tex... Read more

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Gifted English, Creative Writing, Theatre, Music Teacher/ Tutor

I was a music teacher for years before earning my Bachelor of Arts in English, with an emphasis on British Literature. I have taught and tutored theatre (regional to professional), worked with Spanish-speakers as a temporary bilingual teacher, and I was an editor for a local newspaper as a "temp". I have experience with media and journalism style writing, as well as technical writing from college courses. Please contact me if you need tutoring in any of these areas. I am told I am a fun and... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


TEFL/TESOL Instructor

Hello My name is Mariah. I am certified to teach TESOL,TEFL,and TESL. I am very patient, and willing to work with anyone who wants to learn English as a second language. I believe it's important to keep your student interested in the lesson by being creative. I also make sure what the student learns in the lesson can be used in everyday life. My five years of tutoring and teaching experience have helped me to see what students need. For one year I tutored an elementary school age boy. His ... Read more

Teaches 5 subjects

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