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Calculus Tutor - McKinney, TX

I have tutored hundreds of students in math, science, and engineering over the past 25 years. I worked in the BYU Math Lab to pay my way through college where I earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in mathematics. I have even published a book and software package used by several universities in numerical analysis and the C programming language. I tutor all levels of math, from prealgebra through calculus 3 and beyond. AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Phy...

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I am ADD/ADHD. My four (4) children have inherited many of my ADD/ADHD tendencies. I have learned to deal with this and am comfortable working with students that are attention defecit or hyperactive. I have a lot of experience working as a scoutmaster for dozens of 12 year old scouts over the years, many of which were ADD or ADHD.

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My 21 year old son has Asperger's Syndrome. My wife has attended several International Asperger's conventions and has an Asperger's Users Group online. My youngest daughter has symptomns of Aspergers too, but has not been diagnosed formally like my son. I know how to work with youth with Aspergers. I have successfully tutored several students with Aspergers and know how to get them to focus. One of my Aspy students went from failing AP Calculus BC to getting a full 5 on the AP exams.






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April J. from Allen, TX

Harold missed his calling, he should have been a school teacher. My little one is ecstatic about his first lesson and enjoyed meeting with him. I am recommending anyone who is ineffective with Math or Chess to reach out to Harold. I recommend him highly!

Kelly H. from Dallas, TX

Harold took my son from being way behind in Calculus to scoring a 5 on the Calculus BC subtest and a 4 on the BC test. He was patient and effective with my son, who has moderate to severe ADHD. I couldn't give a higher recommendation to this personable man. He was fantastic!

Tim/Tammy B. from Mckinney, TX

Mr. T tutored me in Pre-AP Physics and sometimes helped me with any questions I had in Pre-AP Pre-Calculus. He was always able to answer my questions and helped to explain things in different ways than my teacher or the textbook did. Mr. T was always on time to my lessons, and he always had a way to make the problems seem more "real-world" with examples. I got the highest grades in my physics class and did great on the final exam (most people I know didn't do very well on these). My physics teacher thought I was a natural at physics, but it was really just Mr. T helping me!

Glenna L. from Mckinney, TX

My daughter utilized his services for her precalculus class. She found him to be very easy to understand and to work with. She raised her grade significantly by the end of the term. I would highly recommend him!

Bela B. from Plano, TX

Harold was a wonderful Calc tutor for my daughter. She had been struggling in the subject and was getting very frustrated. After Harold worked with her, she was successful in bringing up her grade significantly.

Lauren S. from Los Angeles, CA

You helped me Ace the C++ exam. I liked how you were able to make the concepts simple and show me how to test my code. Thanks

Amy C. from Mckinney, TX

Harold is a great Pre AP PreCal tutor. My daughter was very frustrated in her Pre AP Pre Cal class. Her teacher was ill prepared to teach Pre AP Pre Cal, so getting any tutoring from her would not have been beneficial. We found Harold on Wyzant and he taught my daughter all she needed to understand the concepts and get an "A". He made himself available whenever she needed him. He was always on time and very encouraging. He also helped her prepare for the Math SAT and she improved her score by 100 points. We would highly recommend him for both Pre AP Pre Cal tutoring and Math SAT prep.

Debbie R. from Mckinney, TX

Harold is tutoring my 15 year old daughter in both geometry and chemistry. She is a junior in high school. He is good at helping students formulate an answer vs. giving them the answer. In addition, Harold is able to help students solve problems the same way they are being taught in school today. He is good at helping the student rationalize through a problem for clear understanding. He has been a great help and my daughters grades have proven that.

Margarita C. from Plano, TX

Mr. T is very knowledgeable in Calculus. He is always well prepared and explains the material in a manner that is easy to understand. Mr. T has always been very flexible with time and school schedule. He is also patient, kind, and trustworthy. I highly recommend Mr. T.

Sterling T. from Frisco, TX

I am pleased to let all know that Harold is an outstanding tutor and he makes learning simple and easy to comprehend. I am thankful for finding Harold on Wzyant and being close in my area. I would recommend to everyone who is having trouble learning or comprehending Math in all subjects to go to Harold because he will make it easy for you to understand

Renee S. from Mckinney, TX

Harold's tutoring has been very helpful for Lauren. After each session, she says that she understands what they covered better than before. Now, we just need to get those test scores up!!

Christy B. from Melissa, TX

Harold has provided our daughter with very concrete and structured direction in Calculus and regarding studying for the ACT. His approach is organized and with clear purpose. This has helped her in grasping the material and thus improving her grades and understanding of the subject matter.

Otis H. from Tyler, TX

I've taken Numerical Analysis my last year in college. This was well over 25 years ago. Harold was able to re-generate a lot of ideas about the course, as well as facts and theorems about C algorithms. So, therefore, I have made plans to cover as much of the subject as possible, before returning to school to pursue a seconds Masters.

Mei Z. from Plano, TX

Harold is a natural and dependable teacher. He has been patient and responsible in helping with my son to understand Calculus BC AP. We also love his weekly review after each tutoring session. With Harold's help, I hope my son will be able to get a respectable final grade as well as having a good AP test. Thanks.

Kyle K. from Allen, TX

This is the second class that I have used Harold for. He is very patient and does a great job in preparing me for the lesson. Thanks!

Michelle R. from Plano, TX

Great tutor. Very patient as he went step by step with my daughter on her college level business calculus. You know the tutor is good when your college student says yes I want to go back. She would not have said this if she didn't feel that the tutoring was worth while. We will be back!

Kameron F. from Mckinney, TX

From the first day, Harold equipped me with tools I could use that have not only helped me with my homework, but have also helped me to understand how to use the formulas that we need for taking the quizzes/tests. This is my second time taking Calculus 2 and I feel more confident after having Harold tutor me in 2 sessions than I have in 2 semesters of taking this class in college. Harold is an excellent tutor, very patient, and really knows how to build a foundation in Calculus that you can work from. I highly recommend him, especially if you are struggling in Calc!

Tracey W. from Mckinney, TX

After one school year of experience working with Harold T., we highly recommend him as a Calculus and Physics tutor. Our daughter's stress level went down and her grades went up. She now has one of the highest grades in her Physics class. Harold T. is excellent at making the Calculus and Physics concepts easier to understand by applying them to real life examples. Communicates well. Energetic. Makes learning fun. Very accommodating and responsive to our schedule requests/changes. We are grateful that we found Harold T. We have tried other tutors but he stands out because not only does he communicate and relate well, but he has a superior knowledge of the subject matter.

Cathy W. from Frisco, TX

We highly recommend Harold T. as a calculus tutor! He is thorough, patient, kind, and professional. He will help your child build the confidence they need to succeed.

Stephanie S. from Garland, TX

We decided to go with Harold because of his experience! Well worth it! My son needed to pass the TSI math part. After two times and not able to pass we hired Harold and passed yea! Thanks so much!! Would highly recommend! Very accommodating! Gives lots of feedback! Thanks so much!

Scott B. from Irving, TX

He has a significant amount of real world experience in using Microsoft Project as a Project Manager. He also is an extremely good motivator that immediately helped me on my job the next day at work. If you need help using MS Project get in touch with him.

John S. from Mckinney, TX

I'm most grateful for Harold's expertise. I'm taking a class that is quite demanding of prior knowledge and skill sets that I was not afforded in prior education.

Shannon K. from Mckinney, TX

Harold has been a wonderful tutor for my son! He is a junior in high school and was struggling to pass Pre-AP Pre-Cal until we found Harold. Weekly tutoring sessions have raised my son's grade from an "F" to a "B". Harold is also a great AP Physics tutor. Just as my son was improving in Pre-Cal, he began to need help in Physics. Harold came to the rescue and helped get him back on track. It's great that Harold can tutor both subjects! Often my son gets tutoring for both in the same night. Harold helps him talk through each problem and has really boosted his confidence in each class. He looks forward to going to tutoring and always comes home satisfied that he understands the new concepts much better than before tutoring. On WyzAnt, Harold always types a summary of the evening, what they worked on, and how my son is progressing. His help in boosting my sons grades has been well worth the investment in tutoring!

Steven S. from Frisco, TX

Harold helped me with Calculus 1 last semester. He is fun to work with and showed me various methods that helped simplify what I was learning in the lectures. He works at a pace you can keep up with and clarified many concepts that I needed practice with this year. I highly recommend Harold to anyone looking to improve their understanding of their math/physics course. After working with Harold, I noticed a night and day difference in my ability to perform in the class and didn't feel so overwhelmed!