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Kindergarten teacher, wife, mom of 4

I teach kindergarten full time at Metamora Grade School. My kids go to Eureka Middle School and Eureka High School. I am looking to help out young learners gain confidence and feel successful by providing a fun and safe learning environment. I would be readily available during the summer months and can work some students into the school year. Teaching students the value of number sense is the basic bottom line for grasping math. I stress phonics, sight words, and focus on readin... Read more


Fun and Effective Tutor Specializing in History and English

I'm a current college student at Eureka College studying Political Science and History on a three year track. My minor is English Literature, however my true passion is history and law. I plan to become a lawyer. I promise though, I'm not as boring as my academic pursuits sound. I also enjoy football, shopping and makeup, and taking naps. I got into teaching and tutoring when I was 14. I was hired at a private school to work in its aftercare program. There, I worked with children from ages... Read more


Junior High Math Tutor

I have been teaching middle school math for the last 5 1/2 years. I taught general math, pre-algebra, and algebra. I graduated in 2003 from Bradley University with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and an Endorsement in Middle School Math. I also graduated in 2008 with a Master's degree from Bradley in Curriculum and Instruction. I try to use real-world issues and relate them to math so students can get a better understanding of how math works. It also helps them to realize why math ... Read more


Biology, Chemistry, Exercise Physiology, and Spanish

Hi there! I love tutoring and have been working as one for the past 6 years. I want to see students grow in their academics and grow to love science as much as I do. While my Bachelors is in biology and chemistry, I also studied Spanish extensively and would love to work with you on it. It is never too late to start learning another language! El mejor momento para comenzar es ahora. I want to challenge my students so I always assign homework with my lessons and I will provide periodic asse... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Photography, Web Creation, Creative Endeavors

I believe in the innate creativity of every person. You have a vision, and I am the one to encourage that vision through the application of tools that exceeds your needs. I am not a one size fits all instructor, I listen and learn and provide you the creative encouragement and tools to fulfill your vision. As you develop your creativity and confidence in your creations I will help provide outlets for your vision to share and inspire others. My professional experience includes more than ... Read more


Helping the struggling student is what I enjoy most.

I love to help students who struggle. Our society is a very fast-paced one and often times, students fall behind, feel frustrated and then struggle to catch back up. This often results in some just giving up. It pains me to see students struggle when I know a little bit of additional help can often help them achieve their goals. I substitute teach and hold a current substitute teachers certificate along with a paraprofessional certificate. I have spent the past few years helping a few high sc... Read more


Making math simple

I am working in the area until the next fall semester at Southern Illinois University where I plan to complete my business degree. After completion, I will be moving on to law school (undecided). Logic, math and general problem-solving are passions of mine and I have developed simple ways of expressing them. I use math in my everyday life as well as doing exceptionally well in the math courses I have taken. (Algebra 1&2, trig, etc) There are many ways to approach each probl... Read more


Savvy computer technologist with 25 years experience

I am currently an elementary computer lab aide/teacher. I have 25 years of experience with technology and am well-versed in Microsoft Office, html and web design. I also am very well trained in working on software and hardware installations and typing.... Read more


Ms. Kara! I offer elementary school tutoring in all subjects!

My name is Kara. I am 27 years old, and I love to teach! I have an Early Childhood Education degree from Illinois State University. For two years, I was the aide of a student with autism that was being mainstreamed into the general education classroom. I spent my days reinforcing and reteaching skills that were taught by the classroom teacher. I worked with him every day, pulling him aside when it was necessary and teaching him what was being taught in the classroom, but at a slower pace... Read more

Teaches 1 subject

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