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2 Year Experienced Tutor in all Science Subjects

I graduated Cum Laude from Colgate University in 2015 with honors in Biology. After college, I completed a post-bacc program at Thomas Jefferson University where I took biochemistry, physics and organic chemistry. I have tutored students in my class in biochemistry and organic chemistry. I received an academic excellence award in biochemistry and have experience with biology (as it was my major) and general chemistry as I have taken with my major. This Past year, I tutored multiple students ... Read more


Math and Computer Tutor for All Ages

I have over 3 years of total experience tutoring math, computer science (coding/programming), and other computer skills (like Microsoft Word, Excel, and other common software). I have taught students of all ages, from elementary schoolers to senior citizens. The areas of math I have tutored the most are algebra and skills necessary for algebra (like fractions, decimals, and percents). I have experience teaching the programming languages of C/C++ and Java, especially the Java of the AP Comput... Read more


Certified Teacher to meet your tutoring needs

As an experienced teacher, I can meet the needs of a variety of students. I have a M.Ed. from the College of New Rochelle, and earned my Professional Teaching Certificate from New York State. My teaching experience in Westchester County, NY is extensive with different language arts programs, and math curriculums (working towards the Common Care Standards). In addition, I work to strengthen foundational skills in reading and mathematics. Students have a many learning styles: visual, ... Read more


Elementary, middle school math and special education tutor

I have a masters degree and teaching certification in Special Education. I have taught students in a variety of classroom settings with ADD/ADHD. This includes full class, small group and 1 on 1 instructional support for the past 7 years. All of my students have made significant gains academically. Read more


Hany - Math tutoring

Hi there! I'm Hany, a middle and high school math teacher. I have taught Mathematics for about 3 years in Egypt where I earned my bachelor's degree and I am currently pursuing my Masters degree at Lehman college in New York. I'm always excited about Mathematics: whether studying it, teaching it, or talking to someone about it. I strongly believe it is a fundamental component of education that students need to master as its application varies from economics to physics, to computers, medicine a... Read more


Educational Psychologist for Math, Statistics, SPSS, etc.

I am a college professor who loves tutoring situations where I can directly assess my students' needs and provide an individualized help as well as interact with my warm heart. My underlying interests behind my subjects are always related to how this student ultimately finds his/her own way to be a self-learner and flourish him/herself in the academic area. Human development through education is one of my life-long passions through my careers. I spent about 25 years in the fields of Educati... Read more


Current Master's Student in Actuarial Science

I graduated Fairfield University with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, and minors in Educational Studies and Economics. I'm currently a Master's student at Columbia University studying actuarial science. At Fairfield I spent time at a local elementary school, gaining some hands-on experience teaching the children and helping them with their homework. We accomplished what we needed to in a lighthearted but timely fashion which kept them focused and engaged throughout the class. With m... Read more


Certified and Experienced! Specializing in English and MAth

About a decade ago I graduated from college. I was a sharp kid (I graduated with honors) but I didn't have much direction. I fell into finance (that was the thing for sharp kids to do at the time) and after some ups and downs, I decided that career path wasn't for me. Between that point and the present there was a teacher shortage, and I got recruited to teach math and special education. In exchange for spending a few years at a high need school in the city, the state paid for my graduate deg... Read more


Chemistry Teacher Available to Tutor Chemistry and Biology

I'm a chemistry and biology tutor available in Manhattan. I'm a chemistry teacher in a Westchester school and live and tutor in New York City. I teach and tutor chemistry and biology/living environment. I'm passionate about science and like to share this with my students. I enjoy relating coursework to real world examples to help students fully understand the material. I have an undergraduate degree with honors in biology and chemistry and a masters degree from Columbia Teachers Colle... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


European, American, and World History. Planned NYSED Cert.

I am a recent graduate of the School of Education at SUNY Oswego for adolescent education in social studies. I love music and I am very friendly and easy going. I am sometimes funny and I find that helps with my teaching, because it makes it fun for the both of us. I am also very patient with my students and I tutor as if I'm telling a story of the content to make it entertaining, but informative. I have a total of three years of teaching and tutoring history and a lot of my students and ... Read more

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