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Grad Student/Teacher/Learner

I am a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Secondary English Education at DePaul University (expected Winter 2017). As I make my way towards a becoming a regular teacher, I believe my coursework, field and professional experience have all equipped me with the skills to improve your performance in English class or on the ACT/SAT. I recently completed my first year of graduate work at DePaul. In that time, I completed numerous hours of fieldwork, the bulk of which occurred at Phoebe A. ... Read more


Experienced, fun English tutor

Hi there! I'm Robyn. I'm an English tutor with certification in TEFL from the University of Toronto. Originally, I'm from California and I spent almost four years living abroad in South Korea where I taught English as a foreign language full-time. I am committed to helping my students achieve their goals, and I deeply believe in the potential that they have. I love finding unique ways to help connect them to their learning objectives. As a third-grade student of mine said, "[I] make learning ... Read more


Learning Doesn't Have to be Boring

I am a creative soul and try to apply this attitude throughout my lessons. Prior to teaching, I was a professional guitarist/singer-songwriter, recording artist, and guitar teacher. In addition to music, I have been an artist for 40 years, creating paintings that are now represented in galleries. Also along the creative vein, I am a published author of short stories, novel, blog writer and website developer. With an interest in working with the youth, I went back to college as an adult,... Read more


Roselynne in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am a natural teacher. I am very articulate, and have a good use of the English language. I am very good with children, and love spending time with them. When I do spend time with them, such as my grandchildren, I generally am in a "teaching" mode with them. It just comes naturally to me, as I love to teach. I can teach reading, writing, art, history, and possibly photography as well. I would love the opportunity to help children in need. I believe in making learning fun for children... Read more


Dynamic and Engaging Tutor

Currently offering ten free writing sessions for PreK 4-Grade 3! An avid learner, I enjoy helping children reach their full potential in reading, mathematics, writing, and specialized subjects. I have worked with children from infancy through college in areas concerning schoolwork, enrichment, and test prep. Whether it be homework help or the implementation of lesson plans (which I design for each client I work with), I care about the needs and overall well-being of your family. I have exper... Read more


Experienced teacher will help your child excel

Hi. I'm Ellen. I received my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from UW-Madison and my Masters degree from Viterbo University. During my years as a middle school teacher, I have been trained in using best practices to match student's learning styles with specific teaching strategies. Besides working with a whole class, I have worked with small groups and one-on-one to help students achieve their potential. I have worked with students Kindergarten through grade 10, in math, science... Read more


Upbeat, Experienced, Certified Elementary Teacher/Tutor

I delight in teaching students a new skill or concept, and celebrating their success once they have mastered it. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education, majoring in Language Arts. I will initiate every session with the intention to foster critical thinking, equip students with the necessary tools and skills to problem-solve without prior preparation, engage learners who otherwise would not be receptive to new information or content, and provoke a genuine desire ... Read more


Life learning who loves helping others learn

I am a communications and marketing major who loves sharing knowledge with students and life long learners. My area of expertise is in business, marketing and advertising which I have been involved with for the past 20 years. I have a BA degree in communications. I have worked as a journalist and have been a member of Toastmasters. In my current position I speak with groups of people weekly making presentations. I have a great deal of experience in presentation and clarity in presenting ... Read more


Retired teacher who misses teaching

After being retired for a few years, I realize that: teaching and love of learning is an integral part of who I am, I miss my students, and I'm still creating lessons in my mind! I have 20+ years classroom teaching experience. I graduated, Magna Cum Laude, with a BA in Psychology, from Cal State, Northridge. After that, I went on to receive a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (4.0) from UC, Santa Barbara. At that time, I was only one of 60 students to be accepted into the program.... Read more


Multilinguist tutors French, Italian and English to all ages

I have tutored French, Italian and English to students of all ages in the many countries in which I have lived. My love for teaching is evident in the pleasure I take when I am able to have a meaningful conversation with my student in the language we are learning. My passion, in fact, is languages. I structure my lessons to the desires of the student and parents. Pronunciation and grammar are equally important but fluency and ease of conversation are my goals. There are several tools I ... Read more

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