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Experienced certified teacher for all level Math, English, SATs

I graduated from University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education with a Masters in Elementary Education. I have over seven years experience working with young students in the classroom, at tutoring centers, and in private homes. I always teach in a friendly, relaxed, low pressure style, and it is important to me that the students enjoy their sessions with me. Read more


Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change

During my studies at Full Sail for my first Master’s degree, I worked for a company that traveled the country in search of new talent for the entertainment business. I was given the task of educating parents and their children about the business and what to expect in the form of speeches. I spoke to hundreds of people at a time, providing them with pertinent information for their children’s potential careers. In an entirely different context, I was required to teach my peers as a member of my law school’s Moot Court Honors Board. There, I was required to teach classes on Read more


Tutoring at all Levels, using Florida's core curriculum and STEM

I have many years working with ADD/ADHD students, children, adolescents and adults especially in tutorial programs at tutorial centers, both private and public and at colleges and universities, my last being at PSU in Plymouth, NH. Many of the students in elementary through secondary school I worked with were ADD/ADHD, some unidentified. I have found that one-on-one tutoring is very beneficial for ADD/ADHD students and many function well in the neutral tutorial environment, in a familiar setting with no distractions, where attention, concentration and focus can improve. This is good because yo Read more


Cheerful and Enthusiastic Spanish Tutor

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Purdue University. In February 2015, I am slated to graduate from the Indiana Wesleyan University's Transition to Teaching program. This course will convert my degree into a teaching licensure. I will be certified to teach Spanish to 5th through 12th grades. During my Junior year in college, I studied all year at the University in Madrid, Spain. Read more


Willing to tutor in language arts prep for reasonable fee

I'm a recent graduate of high school planning to attend Columbia University in New York City in the fall. I have experience tutoring in a one-on-one setting, facilitated through my school's National Honor Society. I find tutoring to be particularly exciting, as it enables both tutor and student to exchange knowledge and experience in a dialectical setting. I aim to provide expedient, clear, non-condescending tutelage in a comfortable setting and will work with client/s to fit their specifi... Read more


Patient and knowledgeable Writing, reading and English tutor

I am a psychologist, studying for my license exam. I received my masters degree in 2007, and my doctorate degree in 2012. I am a very active outdoors person, surfing and SUPing. I read extensively, and I am a professional artist. As a student, I tested out of the English requirement for Dominican University, and later at UC Davis. I was then able to take advanced level literature and poetry classes. I have over 5 years tutoring at the university level for writing and English. I tested out o... Read more


Language Focus for All Ages!

In college, I minored in Latin American studies and had the opportunity to take several Anthropology courses from introductory to more specialized. Anthropology is a study I am passionate about and have a clear knack for. During my time in school, I often worked with classmates that were struggling to grasp the material. Through the use of external resources (library, internet, etc.) and research tools, along with my own experience, I feel comfortable aiding those who are studying Anthropology. Read more


Education Specialist

In my 40 years of teaching special education in the Irvine Unified School District, I have taught many students classified as having ADD/ADHD. Additionally my son, who is now 33, has ADHD. Each student is unique and requires patience, varied short multi-modality activities of high interest at a low frustration level. Read more


Dynamic and Compassionate K-8 Certified Teacher

I am K-8 certified in Maine and 6 credits away from my M.Ed. degree. I taught 12 years in southern Maine: 7 years as a Literacy Ed Tech (grades 3-6), 4 1/2 as the Classroom Teacher (grades 4 -5) and 1 as a Gifted Talented Middle School Math Teacher. Currently, I am an ESOL tutor in the Conway, NH school district. I also have spent time overseas teaching. I have privately tutored students of all ages in math, reading, ESOL and test prep. Read more


Love to work with students and help them achieve their goals!

I am starting my student teaching for my Elementary Education certification in January. I cannot wait to be in a classroom full time. My dream is helping students achieve their educational goals. I am a mother of two and a wife. I am happiest when helping others unveil their potential. I have a strong pull toward teaching literacy, reading and writing. This is my passion. Reading is a way to travel to many different places and a way to be many different people. With reading this can happe... Read more

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