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English! Conversation, literature, writing, essays + Admissions!

I have over 200 hours experience editing applications for US admissions (the Common App and individual university supplements such as Princeton, Harvard, MIT, and USC), and UK admissions (UCAS). I have completed a 20 hour training course with a leading private admissions consulting firm. Students and I work together to find universities with the best fit for the student's academic and extracurricular needs. I can help with any stage of the process, from advisement on course selection and summer activities during high school to college list making to applications themselves. Read more


Patient, kind, and passionate English and Grammar tutor

Hello, All! My name is Stephanie and if you need help with English, Grammar, Phonics, Reading, or Writing, I would love to help! I am nearly finished with my Bachelor's Degree in English and have been the go-to person for several of my friends who have needed help writing their papers. In high school, I was the oldest student in a K-12 school and often helped the younger children with homework. My mother was a teacher and the head of a few schools, so I have been exposed to several meth... Read more


Empowering The Future and Inspiring Confidence Through Education

I have professional experience working with children with special needs. I have taken a number of courses in creative teaching methods to make learning interesting for children who have trouble focusing. I have been trained to utilize methods outside of the traditional lecture, model, memorize methods to help students learn in a new, more unconventional way. I incorporate visual effects, projects, and even costumes to keep students focused and make learning more enjoyable. Read more


licensed middle/high school English teacher for summer tutoring

Hello. My name is Adam H. I am a 7th and 8th grade gifted reading and language arts teacher at a local public school. Over the summer, I would like to offer my services as an educator to help students advance their knowledge and love for the subject of English language arts while their schools are out of session. I can offer review and silhouetting in the areas of reading comprehension, writing and public speaking. I also can offer review for state tests such as the OAA and OGT, or review... Read more


Enthusiastic, British, English and History tutor

I have a total of eight years teaching experience. I have two bachelor's degrees- one in English Adolescent Education and one in Film and Media Studies. I have a Master's degree in History. I have been in the United States for 13 years. I was originally born in the UK. I love to teach, the act of imparting knowledge towards today's youth is what makes my job so worthwhile. I wish to tutor to further students' individual knowledge and to help them, in any way, to flourish in school. I have ... Read more


Extremely diverse teacher, trainer & tutor experienced in SPED

  • $20 / h
  • 3 reviews
  • 11 ratings
  • Havre , MT ( 59501 )
  • 20 miles

ADD/ADHD runs in my family and has been a topic of extensive personal research. It was my research topic in my psychology of exceptional children class earning my B.A. in psychology. I have substantial one-on-one and classroom background working with ADD/ADHD kids. I have developed bite-sized microlesssons and other proven techniques to address the unique challenges and learning styles of easily distracted learners. Read more


The Most Effective Voice and Performance Coach

I have been trained in both music theory as well as "playing by ear" at Sherwood Censervatory of Music (1987-2000) and Vandercook College of Music (1994-2001). I have been told by several instructors and critics that I possess "perfect pitch" and that is a quality that very few can say that they have. I am able to detect and correct keys of songs by listening to them and conveying this ability to students as well. Read more


Stacey: Reading/Language Coach/ ESL

Hello! My name is Stacey. I am a homeschooling mom of three and I love working with children. My God given gifts are teaching others to read and helping them past the stumbling blocks of language acquisition. I have a special affection for Spanish and have dabbled a little in Portuguese. I love languages and I LOVE working with people from other cultures/countries, etc. A few of my own children have been through speech therapy programs and I am sensitive to speech and pronunciation ne... Read more


History and Political Science double major at Miami University

I am a History and Political Science double major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I have taken extensive coursework in classes about the American System of Government, the USSR, the American Civil War, World War I, the interwar period, World War II, American presidents, and am familiar with virtually all other aspects of American history. Through Miami University, I have been part of a volunteer organization known as "Adopt a School," where twice a week I go to an elementary school a... Read more


Good Teaching Starts With Knowing Your Student

Good day and thank you for your interest in my profile! With regard to my credentials and experience, I am currently a Latin teacher entering my 5th year of teaching at a prominent Orlando area private school. I have a Master's degree in Library and Information Sciences as well as a Florida Temporary Teaching Certificate. I have also passed the K-12 Latin and K-8 Integrated Curriculum FL State Subject Area Exams. With respect to my teaching philosophy, I firmly believe that a teacher who ge... Read more

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