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The Security Guard for Your Writing Project!

I love writing and I am good at it. If you hate writing and are bad at it, then we need to connect! I can't make you love writing but I can help you with writing. I've been a writer since 1993, and a performance poet since 1997. I have tutored students in English, helped students with editing, and ghostwrote creative writing works, off and on since 1999. I have an excellent track record with ESL and TESOL students. I work at a University library, am a classroom lecturer and am also ... Read more


Professional writer offers writing and proofreading help

I've been a professional writer since 1989. My non-fiction credits include 18 years at a weekly newspaper and since May 2014 have been the contributing editor at another weekly newspaper. I've also done freelance writing for various newspapers and magazines and wrote family guides for a local museum. My fiction credits include a short story, a novella and three radio plays.... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Writer w/ Secrets of Storytelling for English, History, Essays, Lit.

Study skills are necessary to successfully acquire an education as well as to pass subject exams. Having taught grades k-9 for Philadelphia School District and then LAUSD, I have about ten years of actual teaching experience. Teaching students how to schedule and utilize time to study all their subjects is a critical aspect of teaching. The most difficult aspect here is sticking to pre-arranged schedules, so I create a reward system with each student which is great for motivation. Read more


IIT Grad for Math and English Tutoring

Having been one of my favorite subjects, Maths has always fascinated me. With clear and concise concepts, I have won several prizes in varied competitions. My understanding of the topics is way too good and I apply my knowledge to the best to help my student understand the concept in a way that is not only simple but also interesting to learn. Read more


English/Spanish Tutor and Avid Linguist

I studied Spanish in school and competed in national level Spanish language competitions. Afterward I lived in Mexico, where I tutored a neighborhood boy in English. I have taught English as a Second Language to Spanish-speakers in several church groups, and have worked on a regular basis with Spanish-speaking employees, helping them to adjust to working in the United States. Read more


Experienced Retired Teacher- English, History, Music

I taught American History in Middle and High School. I make an effort to teach history from a "why this happened and what does it mean today" viewpoint, rather than a memorization of names and dates. I use history as a topic with a goal of improving reading skills and writing composition proficiency. Read more


Specializing in Montessori and special needs tutoring -ages 4-15

I am an AMI certified Montessori teacher with a Master's degree in Education. I earned a bachelor of arts degree in English Literature from Washington University in St.Louis. I worked as a classroom Montessori teacher and tutor, for several years before having children of my own. I have four children, two of whom have autism. I am currently home schooling my special needs children. I believe very strongly in hands on learning. I own a huge variety of Montessori materials and other edu... Read more


Experienced teacher and tutor: math, science, writing, Spanish

  • $54 / h
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  • Cary , NC ( 27511 )
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I taught AP Calculus AB/BC for two years. This is the equivalent of Calculus I and II in college. Based on what students have told me, many tutors did very well in calculus, but not all remember the nitty-gritty details after a few years. In tutoring calculus I will be able to hit the ground running. Read more


Science, Reading, and Writing: The Trifecta for 21st Century Success

I received a degree in Biological sciences from Colorado State University that included heavy coursework in Genetics, which I received all As in. I am currently interning in a molecular virology lab and working daily with genetic material. I have tutored Microbiology (which includes basic genetics) as a Teaching Assistant at Colorado State University. Read more


Languages, Writing, Classics

I earned my B.A. in Classics (and graduated summa cum laude with a 3.5 GPA within my major). I am currently a 1st year Masters student in Classics specializing in Classical Archaeology, with a specialization in Museum Studies. I have taken many courses that pertain to Classics and I feel I can tutor this subject flawlessly. Read more

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