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Tutoring Future Scholars

I am certified in special education k-12 mild and moderate. I am licensed in the state of MS. I am a licensed teacher in special education and regular education. I have been in special education and regular education for more than 20 years. I have am working with the MR, SLD, and MOD students as well. I have experience with the majority of the 13 categories in special education. Read more


Dr. Jaimie F.

I completed my doctoral studies in the summer of 2013 and am available to tutor many K-12 and college subjects as well as various entrance examinations such as the SAT. I have taught college English and Math as well as high school American and World History. Additionally, I have tutored high school students preparing for the SAT exam via WyzAnt. I am available to tutor weekdays and weekends in the content areas listed and will also provide lifelong learning strategies for students.... Read more


ESL, Test prep, Reading/Writing & editing for 'your' voice

Greetings! I have been an educator since 1987. A friend asked me to help a young girl who was struggling with feeling intimidated by her male tutor in ESL. I discovered then a passion for teaching and have been doing so in a variety of positions both formal and informal since then. I push my students to learn the specific information they ask of me. Perhaps more importantly though, it is my hope that they will find a passion for learning and gain skill sets that they can use in all their end... Read more


Nationally Recognized Educator (English, Writing, and Literature)

Dr. Tom D. is the author of articles on innovative teaching techniques for at risk students, a former member of the Learning Magazine writing staff, and is occasionally featured on local and national radio and TV. His published works include a book that outlines innovative teaching strategies and motivational techniques that have proven successful and earned him national recognition. He has also been the subject of articles in publications written by the Milken Family Foundation, featuring ... Read more


Spanish Tutor

Hello! I am an experienced tutor with a Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of Spanish and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Illinois. I have a K-12 Illinois teaching certificate for Spanish and Psychology, but am qualified to tutor many other subjects. My background includes individual tutoring and classroom teaching, and I have a thorough understanding of different teaching strategies and learning styles.... Read more


Passionate Tutor in Applied Math and Science

Hello! I'm a graduate student at the University of Washington in the college of mechanical engineering. I studied chemistry and math in my undergraduate, and in the years between completing my undergraduate degree and starting graduate school I was a narrative designer and writer in the game industry (I wrote for Dungeons and Dragons and Halo, for any gamers out there). I had a passion for math and science growing up and reconnected with that passion through my work at Microsoft. I was a mat... Read more


Love all languages!

I really enjoy linguistics and how they affect our English language. One of the biggest influences on English has been and continues to be French. I love the French language and culture and love to share that passion with students of all ages, from young children to adults. I am also passionate about teaching others to express themselves in writing in our own language and how to build a good vocabulary which will help them in school and in their work. I taught both French and English in Will... Read more


ANYONE of average intelligence CAN LEARN MATH

One of my sons has ADHD and the other has ADD. I helped them all the way through school to learn to cope with and compensate for it. In order to be able to help them, I researched and studied the two conditions, their challenges, and methods for teaching them to compensate for and/or overcome the learning disabilities that accompany (are inevitably a part of) ADD/ADHD. My years of hard work paid off in that both of my sons went to College. It turned out that both are very knowledgeable in the sciences and particularly skilled in math/electronics/computer science. The one with ADHD prefers ro Read more


Patient, Knowledgeable & Experienced English Tutor/Editor

I began working as an English tutor for the University of Wisconsin system in the first year of my undergraduate studies. During this time, I received an award for Tutor of the Year, for which I was nominated by students I tutored and selected by a committee of faculty. I received a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, where my emphasis was Creative and Professional Writing and Publishing. I graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. I have also volunteered time as an edit... Read more


Get help Writing by Bestselling Author Who Loves To Write and Teach

I have written ten novels and four narrative nonfiction titles. Most people cannot write because they have not been told it is alright to write what you think. I work on freeing up students to feel what they write and use stream of conciousness as a technique to get the work flowing. I have written ten novels and every one of them comes from the same well. Writing is something of a mystery and teeachers can only deiphcer some of the mystery. A lot of new writers need someone outside the clas... Read more

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