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Alg/Geo, ELL, Spanish, Latin, Technology

I started tutoring in high school, pretending to do work during class when in fact, my work was already done and I was helping my classmates who were having trouble with theirs. As a college student, I worked as a tutor in Trigonometry, Physics, History, and Economics, frequently working with students who had recently entered this country and were experiencing difficulty in the language aspect of their subjects, not necessarily the core concepts themselves. For me, the biggest reward is see... Read more


Expert in Humanities and Liberal Arts

I am dedicated to lifelong learning. While my degrees are in History and Historiography, I've taken many courses in Literature, Philosophy and Classics. I have a strong background in European History, particularly the Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation periods. I have minored in Asian History, and have focused on various aspects of Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian History. Another area of particular focus has been Intellectual History, especially the History of Science. As a gr... Read more


Let's punch up that essay.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Anthropology from the University of Utah. My particular areas of interest include: medical anthropology, public health, global health, visual anthropology, ethnobotany, Eastern Europe, Alaska, and homeless populations. As research assistant, I contributed to Anthropology Journals on Virulence of Plague in Russian speaking countries. Read more


Real World Experience with Graphic Design Software and Writing

Unlike other businesses, the Macintosh platform has always been the preferred platform for my profession. I have been working full time and exclusively on a Mac since I purchased my first Macintosh CI (System 7) back in 1989. I am currently working on a Mac Pro 10.5.8. There is not much that I haven't had to make my computer do at one time or another – from running my business and creating my product to keeping my software and hardware running up to snuff. Read more


Professional Tutor

I am a professional tutor with a broad background. I have a B.S. Degree in Business plus 37 graduate hours in Education. I have a Substitute Teacher's credential from Florida, and was credentialed by Mercy as an EPIC Electronic Medical Records Trainer. My experience includes one year teaching high school advanced placement English Composition for a national tutoring agency, one year teaching ESL for a private ESL company, one year teaching K-8 Music, including a holiday music/drama product... Read more


Certified Elementary Math, Speech-Language, and Reading Tutor

I worked for seven years as a Speech Therapist in the public school setting helping students with autism learn their Speech-Language skills. Any further information about student matching with me and my qualifications maybe can be negotiated in my email system contacts with parents who are needing services. I can mention briefly that I have worked with students who have autism and are verbal communicators without need for augmentative communication systems and some who were not verbally talkative but in need of augmentative communication systems. I would hope that anyone needing my tutoring Read more


Special Ed. Teacher for Tutoring

I have a masters degree in special education cross categorical. I will be starting my 15th school year with Seattle Public Schools where I work with special education students, many of whom have ADHD. I help them with organization skills and focusing skills in order to make their learning more successful. Read more


Tutor in math, science, reading and writing for grades K-12

For literature assignments, I usually talk with the student to understand the level they are currently at and methods I can use to bring them up to the appropriate level. I use methods such as worksheets, flashcards, vocabulary words, and small reading passages. I feel that these methods help me gauge the progress of the student as well as help them to advance. The methods that are used/learned (e.g. flashcards and vocabulary words) can also be used in other areas of study. Read more


Revelations Tutoring : Unmasking Your True Potential

As a Christian wife, mother, and educator, my passion is to assist others in achieving their fullest potential. For the past ten years I have been teaching English. My career has afforded me the opportunity to teach students from middle school to college. I currently teach writing and study skills classes to international college students and remedial grammar classes to community college students. When working with a student, I believe it is essential to develop an understanding of the stu... Read more


Educator specializes in differentiation to meet your needs

As a former teacher and educator in NY, I have first hand experience in teaching students a variety of subjects. I have worked with students of all levels as I am certified in both General education and Special Education. I have tutored and nannied for many years, even while I was teaching. I am very patient and differentiate the subject matter to ensure learning. Everyone has the ability to learn, it is the job of the tutor/teacher to teach to your learning style. I can tutor all subj... Read more

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