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Elementary Tutor, Kindergarten Readiness, K-5 Math, Reading

I am currently a teacher, certified in elementary education, early childhood education, and language arts. I am qualified, through the State of Michigan, to teach all subject areas in grades Prek-5 and Language Arts in grades 6-8. I have experience teaching preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1, 2, 4, and 5. Read more


History and German Tutor with Ample Teaching Experience

I have been learning about history since I was a small boy. I studied history at Northwestern University, where I earned a BA. I have an MA in European History from the University of Virginia and have taught the subject at the college level. This involved grading many essays, and helping students better their writing. A few times when it became apparent that none of my students planned to be history majors, I focused those classes on writing papers about history rather than on history itself. Read more


Experienced & Passionate ESL, Reading, & Writing Tutor - Detroit

Hi there! I am experienced and proficient in teaching reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and pronunciation. I have experience teaching all skill levels of ESL including beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. I attended the University of Michigan - Dearborn and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, achieving High Honors and a 3.71 final GPA. I also minored in Journalism and Screen Studies, and hold a position in Public Relations, where I use my w... Read more


English, writing, pre-algebra, Algebra 1, and ACT/SAT tutor

I would be a qualified tutor for college counseling because I have given guidance to students in the past through private tutoring concerning the college application process. I have tutored many students in essay writing and would be able to assist college bound students in writing their college application essays. Additionally, I attended a four year college and earned a bachelor's degree. I previously worked at Indiana University and have five years of work experience at the high school level. Read more


TESOL / TEFL Certified Tutor

In addition to achieving my TESOL / TEFL certification from Global Leadership College, I have a varied background in adult education. I was an instructor for the Internal Revenue Service, teaching new hire and remedial courses in the Taxpayer Service division. Later, I was an instructor in the training department of Trans World Airlines Getaway Tour reservations center in Philadelphia. Read more


Derek's English and History Enrichment

I have played piano since I was six years old, and have played continuously since the. I have taught it, mainly to adults, the past four years. I have my own course books and teaching method which have proven successful I also play the harp, and have since I was ten, and performed as a guest with local symphonies and high school holiday programs. Read more


Social Studies and English Tutor

American history, and history in general, was one of my favorite subjects in school. It was always fascinating to imagine how the actions and lives of certain people ended up shaping the fate of a nation. One of my favorite books in American History was called The Day the American Revolution Began, in which we learn interesting facts like John Hancock had an ornate gold coach and while fleeing from the British, has to leave a salmon feast behind! Read more


English language and literature; Latin

My name is Brendon, and I am currently teaching English composition and literature courses. I have a fondness for words, languages, and grammar, so of course my experience has been in teaching not only literature, but also the nitty-gritty grammatical aspects of writing. Having obtained my Master's, I'm well acquainted with the fine-tuning of my writing and editing skills, skills that I hope to pass onto others. In the past I have tutored students from high school to college level in readin... Read more


Tutoring Art and ESL/EFL for Adult or Young-Adult Learners

I am currently enrolled as an honor student with scholarships of merit at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The school has endowed me with more than $20,000 a year, and I have received A's in all of my studio classes. My major is in Motion Media Design, and I have studied the Adobe AfterEffects software extensively. Read more


Published Author Provides Expert Tutoring in Writing

I am a lifelong writer and published author who has successfully tutored high school students in the past, turning "D" and "F" grades into "A". My method is different than most; through a series of simple writing exercises I enable students to discover and unlock their creativity, allowing them to write just about anything. All writing involves creativity, and everyone has a creative side. My goal is to allow each student to find that creative spark within themselves and use it in all their w... Read more

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