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Maths, Sciences, Looking for Students who Learn Differently

I completed my degree in archaeology at Hocking college and took all available anthropology courses and developed a great passion for the field of study. I took biological, cultural and modern course modules that encompassed the breadth of this wide field. I also was selected as the student tutor of my peers for the program. I tutored archaeology and anthropology to the student body that sought out my services for nearly two years. Read more


Tutor, Teacher, Traveler

On the "old school" ACT, on which the overall score attainable was about a 34, not the current 36, I attained a 32 on my first (and only) try, which led to scholarships and admissions to honors programs. I feel quite comfortable tutoring for this test. Read more


OSU Grad in Geography

During my fourth year of undergrad, I interned as a TA for a lower division introductory course on American History to Reconstruction. Read more


Skilled Tutor for English, Social Studies, and Science

I have a Bachelor's degree in Anthropological Sciences from the Ohio State University. I received top grades in all my anthropology courses, including three graduate-level courses. I have informal experience tutoring and mentoring other students in anthropology through my work in the Ohio State University Undergraduate Anthropology Club. Read more


Sara, B.S., B.A., MSc

I have a B.S. in History (2011, cum laude, from University of New Haven), and took a course as an undergrad in Cultural Anthropology. I also have an MSc. in Biological Anthropology (2013, with Distinction from Bournemouth University in the UK). I started a PhD in Anthropology at Ohio State University in August, 2014. Read more


English, Writing, Life Sciences, Social Sciences

I have a Bachelors of Arts with a major in Anthropology awarded to me by the Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I graduated cum laude, with departmental honors which was awarded after I wrote and published an academic research paper concerning anthropology. I have also taught lab sessions related to biological anthropology. Read more


I love teaching

I have an MA in Anthropology and have fulfilled all additional course work for a PhD. I used to teach my own sections of Anthropology as a Graduate Teaching Associate at University. I completed almost one and a half years of field research on the ecology of proboscis monkeys in Indonesian Borneo for my PhD (which I never completed). I have also taught biological Anthropology at a Community College. Read more


Experienced & effective tutor for children & college students

As a high school student my ACT English score was high enough that I was allowed to skip English 101 in my freshman year of college. I'm very strong in grammar, vocabulary and compositional writing. To help someone with test preparation for the ACT English exam, I'd use several strategies, including preparation books, flashcards, practice tests, and games (crossword puzzles, etc). There is also an "art" to test taking that can be helpful. Specifically, test takers should be encouraged to answer all the questions, first the ones the student is sure about, then the rest. Also it's important to g Read more

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