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English Teacher available for Writing assistance

I have been an English teacher for 15 years. I've worked with students in 7th-11th grade, and led classes for adults. I am also a published fiction writer. Reading and writing are passions of mine, and I get a lot of joy in helping other people succeed in these areas. I specialize in grammar and sentence structure, essay organization, and revising with attention to purpose and audience. I am also available to edit or proofread all varieties of texts. If you want someone to be excited ab... Read more


Pre-K-5 Tutoring any area

I taught elementary in Louisville KY, during the last three years until June 2015, when I moved to Katy, Texas. Some of my duties as an instructor were to develop lesson plans and to provide appropriate assessments and instruction to all elementary grade levels. I would teach a total of 680 students on a weekly basis, also provided counseling, appropriate learning material and experiences for the students and provide continuous evaluation of students' progress and achievement. Read more


I have experience with Kindergarten-5th grade

I'm qualified to be a Greek tutor because my family is Greek and I grew up speaking Greek. I know how to read and write Greek as well. I also went to Greek school at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Cathedral in Oakland from the age of 5 years old and received my Greek school diploma at 11 years old along with my Greek dictionary that I still own. My parents were both born in Greece. My dad is from Crete and my mom is from Macedonia. I also currently teach Greek Dancing at my church in Concord called St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. Hope this proves that I am fluent in Greek. Here are s Read more


Certified Elementary Teacher

I was a classroom teacher for 31 years and am proud of my successful career. I love teaching and dedicated my life to my profession. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Arizona. I am certified for k-8 and have a Sheltered English Instruction endorsement as well as special certificates in the areas of Marzano's Instructional Strategies, Multiple Intelligences, The Skillful Teacher and Bloom's Taxonomy of the Learning Domain. I was honored in 2010 by Tucson U... Read more


Private Tutor and Music Teacher

During my studies at Winthrop University (2004-2009) I took four semesters of Aural Skills in order to graduate with my Bachelors of Arts in Music. In these classes, I not only learned how to sing and use solfedge, but I also learned how to identify intervals, chords, scales, rhythms, time signatures and note values through various melodic, rhythmic and harmonic dictation exercises in all four of the major clefs in Western musical notation. In order to graduate with my BA in music and also go on to the next aural skills class, I had to pass each aural skills class with a C or higher. Read more


"Learning is the eye of the mind"-French Proverb

I grew up with a love of learning. A vast love of reading, writing, and learning about the world around me. I am now a third year student at Grand Valley State University, and this University has further instilled a lifetime of learning in my heart and mind. I will be student teaching next year, so I would love to put my skills to the test and tutor students to become stronger thinkers. Although I have never done private tutoring before, I have worked with children of all ages. I am a cam... Read more


Creative and Experienced Tutor and Editor

I have 13+ years experience of homeschooling five gifted children ranging in ages from 4 to 16 and with varied learning styles. Two of my children (aged 13 and 18) have made successful transitions to public school and are currently earning high grade-point averages. My focus is on helping students to love learning, and to provide creative tools and resources so that they can overcome obstacles in their educational experience. Read more


Juliana W. Reading, Math, Spanish, Writing

I studied education philosophy in college. I have been a home educator for 13 years and have taught several students all the required subjects for elementary education during that time. I have also tutored several elementary students in various educational systems and in various subjects during this same period. Read more


Experienced teacher with a valid California teaching credential

Being a full time teacher in California public school for over ten years, I specialize in teaching phonics, grammar, reading, writing, and ESL. I have helped my students excel in standardized tests. By combining my education background with my in-service training, I always deliver tailored instructional practices to all my students. I also taught students with special needs, such as ADD and ADHD. I look forward to helping your child to become a successful and joyful learner. ... Read more


Private Tutoring by Susie

Autism is a neurological disorder which is hotly debated with regard to its origins. Many treatments are used with excellent results, such as dietary change, behavioral therapy, and educational therapy. A great number of children who are diagnosed with autism grow up to produce exceptional achievements if they are nurtured properly. Some notable public figures are Temple Grandin and Bill Gates. I have 10 years of experience offering nutritional and educational therapies for children with autism and Williams Syndrome, with incredible success. I have worked with children diagnosed at various Read more

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