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Expert SQL/Database, Python, VBA, Excel & Linux Tutoring (no Data Sci)

I'm a gentle geek, a Physics Ph.D. from UC Berkeley with 4 areas of expertise: math, software, physics & data analysis. I can handle most anything you throw at me in my areas of competence, so I can help you effectively & painlessly. Soft skills matter. I have 10 years of software Support Engineer experience who worked through tough problems with people who started out upset & ended up happy & laughing. I love helping people, plus I'm kind & non-judgmental. My software experience is dee... Read more


Enthusiastic Tutor for Math and Chinese Mandarin, Great with Kids

I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker, reader and writer. I was born, raised and educated in Taiwan but have lived in US for almost 30 years. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Computer Science degree. I tutored elementary and middle school students in Math throughout my college years and really enjoyed watching kids improving their skills through my teaching. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I worked in High-Tech industry as a Senior Marketing Professional for many years. It was fun a... Read more


Engineering graduate specializing in chemistry

Hello! I'm a Portland native with a love for math, science and the outdoors. Combining these passions I studied Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. I especially enjoy chemistry and the amazing insights it can reveal about the world around you! Learning is not easy, it takes time, dedication and perseverance but with someone at your side to encourage you, answer questions, and help see things differently it can be much easier. This is why I decided to tutor, I want to help others ... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Math - Middle School, Algebra 1, Geometry...U.S. History

I am an Illinois certified teacher. I am endorsed in Middle School Math, Language Arts and Social Science/Studies. I really enjoy Math and enjoy bringing it to life for students. I have taught Math for four years. I have taught Social Studies/U.S. History for six years. I've also taught Geography, World History, Reading, Spelling and Language Arts. I have not taught at the High School Level; however, I have successfully taught Algebra 1. I have had success at reaching struggling students an... Read more


Experienced College Tutor Specializing in Biology and Chemistry

Hi, I am Rameen! I am currently a PhD fellow at Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine. I have been tutoring in Science since I was a sophomore in high school. Furthermore, I have been supplemental instructor for biology and chemistry courses at my undergraduate institution for 4 years now . This means that I teach college students in subject such as General Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physics and many more. I have worked with numerous students and am aware that everyone learns di... Read more


Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, English and Spanish


My name is Eric and I enjoy tutoring mathematics, statistics, and Spanish. I have tutored and taught the following subjects from time to time, high school mathematics (algebra, geometry, and trigonometry)and Spanish. I have also tutored and or taught basic mathematical concepts as well. In addition, at my current place of employment I have also developed and taught training programs that involve statistics and mathematics.

My approach to mentoring and teaching mat... Read more



Hi! My name is Cassandra and I was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. I moved to California 3 years ago and I have been enjoying the nice weather! I graduated from McGill University in Bioresource Engineering and I also have a degree in Business Administration from HEC Montreal. I speak French and English . I really enjoy tutoring and I am really easy to work with. Math is my favorite subject and I love teaching it, especially algebra. If you need help with French classes, French is my firs... Read more


Undergraduate Math Tutor for 2023-2024 School Year

Hello! I'm Kristy and I am currently an undergraduate student at UC Davis. I have always enjoyed teaching whether it is my sibling or my peers and would love to have the opportunity to do the same with you as well. In high school, I was chosen by teachers to volunteer as a student mentor to assist students who had a non-passing grade in a course they were taking. Primarily, I tutored 3-4 students at a time each quarter in Geometry, Algebra II, Chemistry, and other mathematical subjects a... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


MCAT, SAT, Math, and Science Tutor with Rutgers teaching experience

I am currently a senior at Rutgers University who is about to graduate with a BS in Biochemistry. I have been tutoring students from middle school age to college age for over 6 years and have experience in a myriad of different subjects. In addition to this, I am also working on a Rutgers Honors College Capstone Project and George H Cook Scholars Research Project in the field of physical chemistry. I am capable of teaching most science classes, such as biology, genetics, biochemistry, chemist... Read more


I am a Science and Math tutor

Since I can remember I have always had a passion about school and teaching. I have always tried to learn as much as I can. Since a very young age I fell in love with science and math; with a lot of effort I decided to go to college and get a B.S. in biochemistry. Soon after starting college I became a chemistry peer leader, meaning I had my own classroom of about 15 students in which they relied on me to have a better understanding of the course. I also, started tutoring college level stu... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects

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