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Energetic, relational ESL teacher

Teaching ESL for me began in Western China where I discovered that interacting with students from foreign cultures who desired to learn English had to be the greatest job in the world. Since then I have completed a Master's degree in TESOL and have over 5 years of experience teaching and tutoring English to students from age 3 to age 65 who span the entire spectrum of language proficiencies. Lessons with me with be full of learning and fun and will be directed at increasing your proficiency... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


K-12 French and Physics Tutor.

Hello! I’m Geoffrey, I was born in France and yes I do love bread and cheese, but no, I do not wear a beret! Thanks to our great French educational system, I was able to get two bachelor degrees : one in physics and one in English Literature, History and Linguistic. For the last 4 years, I have been teaching in a French immersion kindergarten classroom and tutoring high school and college students and adults in French and Physics. From these experiences, I have learnt new techniques to teach... Read more


Writer, Learning Partner, Literature Enthusiast!

I am passionate about helping students learn in the best way possible, and I use a variety of methods to accommodate all learning styles. I specialize in English/Language arts, K-12 Science, Literature, History/Social Studies, Government/Civics, and more! I pride myself on my punctuality, professionalism, and positive attitude. Contact me today to schedule a session! I have studied Japanese for 10 years and have attended a private Japanese school, had a private tutor, and I also finished t... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Spanish Tutor

My name is Guadalupe, short name Lupita. I majored in Physics at the University National Autonomous of Mexico(UNAM), and have a Master degree and Ph.D in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Reno Nevada (UNR). I am a Spanish and elementary math tutor.... Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


History is not old... It tells a story about people

I love teaching. I have taught almost everything from k-12. My main field is History, but I have taught English, English to Second Language Learners, General Science, 6th grade math, Computer science, and English 6-8 grade. I am a certified teacher in California in several subjects. I love teaching Government and Economics to High School students. I'm very upfront with my students. I expect progress in all subjects, but I love to teach stories of events, etc. in any History class. I have tau... Read more


Chess and Russian tutor

I am an experienced chess coach /instructor with deep understanding of chess at high levels I've been teaching students of all ages since 1980. I provide in classroom lessons as well as private in-house sessions. I have been playing chess for over 40 years. For several years I have worked as a chess teacher, helping young children to develop chess skills, in particular to enhance creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, memory, concentration, intellectual maturity,... Read more

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Experienced high school tutor in ELA, History, and Mathematics.

Hey! My name is Ambarin, and I have been tutoring from ages 6-18 for about 7 years now. I am currently double majoring at the University of Texas in Computer Science and Animation. I have experience in not only tutoring for reading and writing up to AP English levels, but also am able to provide assistance for math up to Differential Calculus and history courses up until your senior year of high school. I am most notably popular for language tutoring, with Japanese being my prime language to ... Read more


Hands on teacher for Spanish, SSAT Test Prep

I have taught Spanish in the public school system for over seven years. Having lived in Guatemala for 15 years, my Spanish is flawless. I am familiar with many of the textbooks that are used in Spanish courses. I love sharing my knowledge of the Spanish-language with learners! I have a depth of knowledge of the SSAT material and acuity in both verbal and quantitative skills. In addition, I can offer students test taking skills designed to improve their scores.... Read more


Certified English Teacher And Business Consultant to Tutor You

Hello there, Helping you to achieve your goals is my number one priority. I would love to tutor you. I am a professional writer with a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Management undergraduate degree. This means that I understand writing in a variety of situations, from academic to professional. I am also a certified TEFL/TESOL teacher. My tutoring experience started with K-12 and university level peer tutoring. I have also tutored informally online. I look forward to hearing from you. ... Read more


With some help, you can write well!

Struggling with papers? I can help! I've worked with undergraduate students struggling to write for over three years. I have TA-ed for freshmen writing seminars, and work as a consultant at UT's Undergraduate Writing Center. I have won numerous awards and scholarships for my writing -- I'll let you read some if you're interested. I have seen every kind of paper imaginable: lab reports, love letters, theses, applications, poetry! I can help you get where you need to be with your writing. W... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects

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