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Spanish teacher offers tutoring in many different subjects!

My name is Mandi, and I am available to help you succeed in a variety of areas! I graduated last year with a degree in Spanish Education & International Studies, with minors in Mathematics & ESL. I am a Spanish teacher at a K-8 school in the Twin Cities area. I am also able to help you with reading, writing, English, and social studies.... Read more


Spanish and Italian Teacher all levels.

My native language is Spanish and Italian, I grew up with a Italian and Spanish speaking parents and I went to school in Italy. I worked in Italy and France for 10 years. In America I worked as a Multilingual Interpreter for the Physicians at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in New York City. I believe a person should learn a language in a visual and auditive way but according to my experience teaching I found that some people are more visual learners than others, while some are mo... Read more


10 years experience

I know I can be a tutor in Spanish because it has been a huge part of my life for over 20 years. I excelled in the subject all the way through high school and college. I have a BA in Spanish Education and have been a teacher for 10 years. I know what it takes to get a student to learn in my class and I can only imagine what I could accomplish with one on one tutoring. Read more

Teaches 1 subject


I will help students from pre kinder to elementary school.

I have been tutoring at the YMCA Outreach. I assist students in improving academic achievement by meeting with them on a regular basis to clarify learning problems and work on study skills. Reviewing class material, discussing the text. The main subjects that I have tutored are: math, reading and writing. I also help students who have difficulty in writing or reading English. I work at a pre-kinder center and a elementary school at Ripley charter school. At the Pre-Kinder level I help students on academic and social skills and subjects like reading math and social studies. This may include one Read more


Learning can be difficult-I can help!

I have been a tutor for 8 years locally, serving the entire Wenatchee Valley. Prior to moving here, I worked for Sylvan Learning Centers for 2 years, where I tutored all the higher-level math students, administered diagnostic and periodic assessments, and taught many SAT preparation classes. My tutoring business is in addition to my teaching position at a local Christian school. I have had students of all ages, including college students and adults looking to continue their education for... Read more


Motivated science and language tutor

I'm excited to be able to help guide you achieve your educational goals. I am a motivated, young physician in the Atlanta area with a desire to reach back and help in the community. My tutoring experience began 10 years ago, when I began my studies at the University of Kentucky. I tutored math and foreign language in my undergraduate studies for the University of Kentucky sports teams. Also while at UK, I tutored first generation college students in algebra, biology, and Spanish. In grad scho... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Esmeralda A.

I find that the reason I am qualified to tutor as a violinist in because I have 5 years of prior experience as a violinist. I have performed in public events in an orchestra and mariachi. I do have past experience in tutoring first year violinists in my previous orchestra with reading music sheets, fingering, and musical terminology. Read more


University and High School Teaching Experience

I have a long history of programming in C++. Starting with getting a 5 on the AP Comp Sci Test (then given in C++) to doing scientific modeling using the language as part of post-master's research, it has been my main language. I have taken college courses in computer methods using other Object Oriented Languages. Read more


Ace your classes and make your own history.

I have dedicated twenty years to the study and appreciation of cinema. Outside of work and school, cinema is basically my life. I do not have a production know-how, but I do have an expansive knowledge of film history, directors, filmmaking, and most other information related to the art. I have been a published film critic since 1996. Read more


Dr. Dubs, Spanish Teacher

Even though I have never taught English literature, I have extensive experience teaching Spanish literature. I have taught all literary genre to AP high school Spanish students who are preparing for their national exams. My students normally score 5, which is the highest score one can earn on this particular exam. Read more

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