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Patient, Caring English and Reading Tutor

Welcome to my profile! My name is Rachel, and I am a Summa Cum Laude graduate of The University of Akron. I majored in Psychology and Business Management, with an emphasis on Human Resource Management. My Psychology degree is an invaluable tool in my teaching, as it helps me to understand the various personalities and learning methods of my students. I like to begin with each student by assessing their current competencies; I can then tailor an approach to their individual needs. Progress... Read more


Individual Success in English, Bible Studies, Athletics

I specialize in a few broad and varied topics. English is a passion, whether I'm proofreading university academic papers, helping a young student improve spelling and sentence construction, or heightening a high school student's reading comprehension. My cooking lessons are designed to teach students about flavor profiles in entrees and side dishes, and how to "wing it" when ingredients are scarce or time is short. In athletics, pushing the boundaries of human ability is my goal. From cor... Read more


English Composition and Literature

I’ve loved writing, composition, and literature my entire life and enjoy passing this along to others. I believe in the power of words and communication and that properly understanding how to write and communicate are invaluable skills. I have a variety of teaching experience. I’ve taught for three years as a Graduate Instructor and Concurrent Enrollment Instructor for Utah State University, and I’ve been tutoring for six years: three at the college level and three at the high school level. ... Read more


Elementary tutor

I have tutored in elementary education in reading comprehension, vocabulary, math, science, history, and spelling. I worked previously with After School Plus and Abacus Tutorial Services. I am a former certified middle and high school science teacher. I use visual, audio,and hands on activities during tutorial sessions. Read more


Ph.D. Student and Teaching Fellow with Tutoring Experience

I am working on a Ph.D. in communication, which has it theoretical and historical roots in the field of anthropology. I've also taken graduate seminars from Dr. Lauren Leve, a well-known and published anthropologists from Harvard. I am well read and educated in the field. Anthropology has a complex evolution- from its beginnings in missionary work, to the 1980's, which revolutionized the field, to practicing in the 21st century. I am eager to tutor and educate those who need help understanding the complexity of the field. Read more


Ready to help you with reading, grammar, writing and vocabulary

I am available to tutor anyone needing help with grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Connecticut and have written short radio segments for WDRC in Hartford. Currently, I contribute articles and reviews for several online publications including CBS Local Connecticut. I am a laid back personality that won't rush through a lesson or overwhelm you with too many things at once, but will instead proceed at a pace that's comfor... Read more


Hello! My passion is to aspire students to succeed.

My passion is to help to guide students towards academic success! I will strive to make sure that my students meet their required goals and excel in their academic career. I have had experience with one-on-one teaching in high school in English, Science and History. I am also an enrolled college tutor at my community college where I tutor English and help students with their academic essays. Before becoming a tutor at my community college, I enrolled in a tutor training, where I was given... Read more

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Experienced Teacher and Tutor

I have completed my Bachelor's degree. I have completed my M.Ed. I have completed another 21 hours of graduate level classes beyond my M.Ed. I am an experienced teacher, who has been able to successfully help struggling and advanced scholars to significantly raise their achievement levels. This has been through meeting the scholar on their individual level and not only teaching them the course material, but also helping them to understand how to study and organize the material. Read more


Patient, kind, caring, knowledgeable, using cognitive psychology

I was born and raised in Taiwan. After finished my 9th grade in Taiwan, I came to the USA, graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor's in Mathematics minoring in Behavioral Sciences, and finished my first year of a PhD program. My work background is mostly in education. I have about fourteen years of substitute teaching experiences teaching in all subject areas. Read more


Passion for Drawing and Painting realistic life

I was a graphic designer in the Milwaukee area for over 12 years. I worked in 2 screen printing companies during that time. I was a designer for commercial clients, as well as personal. I did company logos, fundraising items, teams, (school and recreational), and anything else that was brought in. I worked with typeset on the computer as well as by hand. Using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, MS publisher on a regular PC and a Mac. I also have done color separations for multi-colored screen printing. Read more

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