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Tutor, Teacher, Role model, Friend

In the fall of 2011, I traveled to Thailand for six months where I taught English Conversation: Speaking and Listening. I had thirteen classes of 6th grade students and twelve classes of 12th grade students, with about forty students per class. I also have experience teaching and tutoring elementary Korean students in English. Foreign language experiences include Japanese, German, Thai, Spanish and ASL! Read more


Berkeley Undergraduate Specializing in Spanish Tutoring

The past two semesters in college, I have studied the history of the West and particularly Europe from the beginning of time up until the present day. In both of my history classes, I received an A grade. My professor has written me a personal letter of recommendation. I think something unique I might offer as a tutor is that I spent an entire month in Europe this summer, seeing many of the historical sites and museums in Italy, England, and France. These are things that can not be learned through a textbook, yet I am able to explain in great detail. Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Teacher of Philosophy, social sciences, Logic

I have studied Philosophy, including Greek Philosophy. I have a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy. I have thirty-six college hours in social studies, which includes world, European, and American history. I also studied humanities in American, and music. In the area of Philosophy, I studied Greek, Hellenistic philosophy. Read more


Dynamic Productive Tutor

I have had years of study in Greek and Roman Art History at the graduate and undergraduate levels. As part of my degree from University of St. Thomas was required to study Ancient Greek philosophy from the pre Socratics to Plato to Aristotle. I have also had exposure to Neo Platonism through Plotinus and Italian Rennaisance Art History. I was required to read Heroditus, Thucidyus, Josephus, Eusebius, and other Classical historians throughout my academic career and I have also read the Greek dramatists, Sophocles, Aristophanes, and Euripedes. Read more


Dedicated and Patient Tutor who Makes Learning Fun

I worked in Human Resources for 15 years and then as a Life Coach for the past 12 years. I also taught career transition classes (resume building, interviewing skills, networking skills) as a volunteer for 5 years. I am skilled at helping others prepare for interviews, improve their resume, identify their strengths and skills, and many other aspects of career development. I interviewed and hired numerous people during my career in HR, so I am skilled at knowing the types of questions that are asked during interviews and can effectively help others to prepare for this process. Read more


ASVAB / GED / TEAS / Elementary Education / Middle School Mathematics

I have successfully tutored individuals for the TEAS exam in the past. The subject matter is equivalent to what is on the GED test. I have passed the GED subject matter test, along with ASVAB subject matter test. My teaching certifications prove I am capable of teaching all subjects defined within the TEAS curriculum. Read more


PhD Specializing in Composition, Theory, Communication, and Philosophy

While preparing for my PhD in rhetoric, I took courses in philosophy predicated on Aristotle's work in formal logic. My own work in rhetoric includes work with Aristotelian logic. I am equipped with a thorough understanding of Logical Proofs, particularly Linear Proofs. Much of rhetoric is dependent upon Formal Logic, including syllogisms, equivalencies, constructive dilemmas, fallacies, etc. I teach formal logic in my rhetoric courses. Read more


Current teacher who loves to teach with a creative hands-on style

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Oklahoma. I am currently working towards a Master's in Education from the University of Oklahoma. I have been teaching third grade for the past two years and have mentored, observed, and student taught and various elementary classrooms. Read more


English, Writing, Reading, Proofreading

I am a recent cum laude college graduate from UCI, with a background in English and Film Media Studies. With the best of both worlds, the analytical strength of academic writing infused with the boundless creativeness of cinema, I am a strong candidate for your desired services. I value the importance and sensitivities of writing; and truthfully, there is nothing more enriching or deserving of such attention than education. In my past, I have tutored elementary school children in ... Read more


Ms. Laura, PreK-8th grade

I am a licensed preK-8th teacher. I have over ten years experience as a classroom teacher in Tennessee public schools. I also have worked for several years as a tutor with Sylvan Learning Centers. I am comfortable with all subject areas in the preK-8th grade curriculum, including pre-algebra and beginning algebra. Read more

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