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Fun, knowledgeable, experienced, professional. Need I say more?

I have written the ISEE curriculum for a number of Los Angeles based tutoring companies. I've tutored the ISEE for 5 years. Additionally, I have taught and designed ISEE prep courses. I focus on teaching standardized test structure, tips for avoiding pitfalls and improving scores, and building up gaps in the student's knowledge base. Read more


SAT, Essay Writing, Vocabulary, Biology

SAT Reading Qualifications I have experience teaching the Critical Reading portion of the SAT one-on-one to students. I teach strategies to break down the reading comprehension passages into manageable parts as well techniques in close reading. SAT Writing Qualifications I have experience teaching the Writing portion of the SAT as a private tutor. I teach students the grammar basics as well the specific grammatical errors that commonly appear in SAT questions. I've developed take-home materials that I assign students after lessons to help with memorization of key SAT vocabulary words and gram Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


English Professor and Director of Publishing Company

I have worked in a variety of different fields and have composed CVs, resumes, various cover letters and other documents for these positions. I have previously tutored students in career development at the Salvation Army in Indiana, PA. I have also advised students as part of my academic duties in the last 3 years when I've worked as a full-time English professor. I have also published a few career portfolios in print and online. I would be happy to provide additional information - let me know what you need. Read more


Tutor Philosophy, Theology, Religion, Critical Thinking, Writing

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was very young. Over time I learned how to work with my ADD/ ADHD and be very successful in the academic world. I have had years of training on how to work with students with ADD/ADHD and I have several years of hands-on experience working with groups of students with ADD/ADHD. Read more

Teaches 5 subjects


Math, Science, and Test Preparation

I have my M.S. in Physics (Northwestern University), and extensive experience tutoring in all science areas, including biology, bio- and organic chemistry, genetics, and pathophysiology. Also, I've helped edit research papers, including in molecular biology and biostatistics, and I am an experienced MCAT instructor and tutor. Read more


Helping students learn how to learn - English, Reading, Writing, Music

My tutoring background includes many years of teaching reading at all levels, and for various applications, including standardized testing. However, with regard to the SAT Critical Reading portion, I have made certain that I am thoroughly versed in the current specific content type and techniques used by the SAT in that area. I stress building a large vocabulary, and also work with students to help them figure out unfamiliar words during the test. In addition, I teach students how to look beyond the unfamiliar words and correctly eliminate answers or choose the correct answer. In addition to Read more


Writing Help From a Freelancer

Hello there! My name is Shawn and i'm a freelancer looking to help others hone their writing skills and reading comprehension. With two collections of essays under my belt, I believe I am qualified to help others with their school paper's and writing composition. I studied Editing, Writing, and Media at Florida State University. In addition to receiving my bachelor's degree, I have written for a wide variety of publications online. From VICE, to Bustle, to PAPER Magazine, to The Huffington Po... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


History, Political Science and English Tutor

My wife and I have been married for 28 years and we have one son who is fourteen years old. We have homeschooled him since first grade, sharing duties and subjects. I have been in business for over seven years and my son has been able to accompany much of the time and assist with customers. My education history includes three years as a speech major with a minor in English Literature. I returned to school after 20 years to attain an Aviation Management degree from OSU. The years in betwe... Read more


Award-winning college student with years of tutoring experience!

I am an exemplary student at Florida Southwestern State College with years of tutoring experience both private and in a college setting. I have worked in the tutoring center at the college and built a reputation for being one of the most sought-after and diverse tutors in the school. I also volunteer at the local public library teaching some courses in Spanish to locals, so I have experience standing in front of a class. I have been certified with the Association for the Tutoring Professi... Read more


Biology/Chemistry Tutor

I have tutored high school students in Algebra 1 for four years! I earned A's in Algebra 1 in high school and consistently helped my friends obtain A's on tests by helping explain concepts to them. I believe Algebra 1 is the best math subject I can tutor, since I believe I have mastered it fully through both my experience as a tutor and my rigorous coursework during high school. Read more

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