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Math and Engineering tutor with a passion for teaching!

In addition to my experience in C++, I have been developing C# applications for Web, Mobile and Desktop since 2008. I have developed applications from scratch as well as fix/improve applications developed by some else. I have developed applications which connect to SQL or MySQL databases. Moreover, I have created from simple Web applications to complex applications for industrial applications. Currently, I am still developing in C#. Read more


Science, Math, Spanish and Computer Programming Tutor

I studied three years of Computational Mathematics, where the main programming language was C++. During this time, I participated in Inter-university programming competitions, winning 1st and 2nd place. Subsequently, I learned to program using NetLogo and taught myself Python, using my C++ background. I have been tutoring since 2008 and have taught C++ to students who had no previous knowledge of it. Read more


Tutor for Science, Social Studies, Computers, and Programming

I have taught C++ in middle school as well as a high school computer club. I can teach people how to solve programming problems one step at a time and how to write good encapsulated code. For example, I can teach people how to write a program that solves for Pi to a given number of iterations. I have taken the first college course in C++ programming. Read more


Professional Software Developer and Entrepreneur

I have a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and am employed as a software engineer for 10 years. Linear Algebra was required coursework for my degree. Most of my employment is related to real-time computer graphics software development. This requires me to understand Linear Algebra for rigid body transformations, as well as solve systems of equations for animation techniques. I have also studied Machine Learning, which uses L.A. as a basic vocabulary. Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Science, Math and Computer Programming Tutor

Have a peer reviewed conference publication from an evolutionary algorithm I wrote in C++. Developed analysis tools in C++ throughout graduate experience and continue to do so. Team taught a bioinformatics class where I had to hold office hours to help students with coding projects. Numerous programming classes taken. Read more


Java professional loves to teach one on one

As a student at Columbia University I was sent to Bell Labs to bring back the first Unix system from to the Biology department. I've loved Unix and C ever since. I've written accounting software for AT&T, was responsible and wrote large parts of Merril. Lynnch's municipal bond trading system, and their mortgage backed security allocation system, all in C. I like tutoring because I enjoy the challenge of making a complex topic understandable. I know I've done my job when I see the light go on on my student's face after he or she has grasped a key concept. One of the pleasures of tutoring is Read more


Mid-Cities Math and Computer Tutor

The math portion of the ACT test has a total of 60 questions that must be completed in a total of 60 minutes. The math part of the ACT has six sub-sections: prealgebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry. This covers the precalculus areas of mathematics that are typically covered in middle school or high school. This is a large landscape of math to review or learn. I can break this down systematically and help your student understand each topic by going over concepts and working exercises. Read more


Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Computer Sciences Tutor

In order to write C code, it can help if you know java or c++ already as they have pretty much the same syntax. The main difference being the limitations of what you can do in C compared to ++ & java, as basic C has fewer built in features. Usually though, one learns C before learning c++. (I've heard that schools used to teach C & C++ before java, but this was the opposite at Rutgers, so the trend may be changing.) Some programming habits that are relatively harmless in java can be very bad for C & C++ programmers (example: dropping references/pointers by storing NULL in variables causes memo Read more


CSUF student, AVID Graduate, friendly neighborhood Tutor!

I know just about everything there is to know about American History, from the defeat of the Spanish Armada, which led to the English colonization of North America, to the invasion of the Normandy beaches in WWII, from Pearl Harbor to the terrorist attacks on 9/11. I help students think critically about history rather than have them memorize facts by bringing historical figures to life! Read more


Math, Statistics, & Computer Science

I earned my Bachelor's in computer science using (among other languages) C, and have used it as a consultant. With the advent of C++, I "upgraded" and learned to program at the higher level of abstraction afforded by objects. This makes libraries much easier to use, so one must know the "power tools" available (e.g., GUI object libraries, XML libraries, as well as the STL). Through projects such as an invoicing program with a GUI and a Webpage generator, I have learned how C++ objects can use these tools effectively. As the tools and programming models evolve, I keep my skills up to date with Read more

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