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Motivated to ensure your Success in Math and Economics

We use calculus everyday without even knowing it. The speedometer in your vehicle is constantly calculating an instantaneous rate of change. In other words, calculus allows us to abide by traffic laws! Well, it is not only limited to this. Calculus has a wide range of applications throughout all fields including physics, economics, chemistry, biology and so much more. I have taken and passed the three levels of calculus at the university level with an A and have tutored individuals on the subject for the past 4 years at the university level. Furthermore, I have tutored individuals in calculus Read more


Nothing but great tutor. Very professional on Maths and Business.

Personally I am a Chinese citizen. I was born in China and speak the language for more than 20 years. I had professional training for more than 15 years including reading, writing, grammar, ancient language as well as speaking. For the reference, my Chinese language skill is equivalent to HSK level 11. I had experience of teaching this language to more than 10 students, and the responses are very positive. Read more


Tutoring in statistics, econometrics, Stata and economics

I have a Ph.D. Economics from Texas A & M University and I have worked as an applied economist for 25 years I have taught economics at BYU, Idaho State University, University of Pheonix and Utah Valley University. I stay current with economic events and read a new economics book every six months in order to keep current with how economics is evolving as a scientific discipline. Read more

Teaches 4 subjects


Harvard doctorate + 15 years tutoring experience = Success!

I've spent the last 10 years of my life as a freelance and part-time graphic designer, and have strong experience in the Adobe Creative Suite. I can comfortably produce professional publications in InDesign with rich typography, image placement and manipulation, and professional file preparation. I'm happy to walk through projects with students in a way that helps them understand intuitive workflows, giving guidance about helpful shortcuts and problem-solving techniques to help them gain independence and fluency... in fact, I prefer to work this way over just telling them the quickest way to d Read more


SPSS and STATA Statistics Tutor

I have taken 3 graduate level statistics courses that utilize Stata and can perform everything from basic statistics to multi-level modeling. I have been a teaching assistant for 4 senior level statistics classes using Stata. I have also independently tutored several students to teach them basic stats using Stata. Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


UCSF Researcher for Statistics Tutoring

In addition to using Stata on a daily basis for my research at work, Stata was the primary statistical software package I used for my graduate degree and I have used it in my Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Methods for Equity Analysis, and Modeling and Operations Research courses. I have also served as the Lab Assistant for the incoming Master of Public Policy cohort Stata Lab at USC. Read more


Former economics professor, published writer

I used to teach economics in a traditional classroom, now I teach online. I like one-on-one tutoring because I can adapt the pace to the student's needs, and enable every student to master concepts. In the past, I've tutored students in economics and math. But I'm also a great history lover, and a clever and enthusiastic computer programmer. I've published or self-published, solo or with a co-author, a lot of articles, four non-fiction books, and one fairy tale. I love to write, and to hel... Read more


Tutor, Mentor and Accomplished Mathematician

I have a M.S.E. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. I was a graduate student working in Discrete Mathematics / Theoretical Computer Science, for 5 years. In addition to extensive programming experience, I have years of coursework in many varieties of Computer Science, from Turing machines and algorithms to Natural Language Processing. Read more


Adjunct Professor, Former Kaplan Teacher and Kaplan Teacher-Trainer

I've received hours of special training to address the learning needs of various students, including several seminars on the particular needs of ADHD students. Because of this training, I am often paired with ADHD students in the elementary ministry to help them remain engaged. With this experience and training, I'm sure that I can help your child achieve their learning objectives. Read more


Jack of Many Trades, PhD

I have taught or assisted multiple statistics courses using STATA as our software package. Similarly, I have worked extensively with STATA in my personal research. I use examples from throughout the social sciences and hand-generated data to provide examples to teach STATA (mainly to generate stats work within the student's interest area). I often teach STATA in conjunction with statistics courses, but the two curricula can be separated. Read more

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