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Math & Clarinet Tutoring

I took this class originally in 8th grade, Mr. Ho's class at Travis. In the end of that year, I was one of the only students that year to receive a high A for the class. He taught us a couple of ways to factor/distribute including FOIL and box methods. Since then, I have been helping my peers take, retake, and remember the subject. Read more


17 year veteran teacher Master Reading, Science and Math Teacher

I've worked with special education students ADHD, ADD for the past 16 years. I have been specifically trained in ADHD, ADD in Dallas ISD, Killeen ISD, university of north Texas reading lab and Plano ISD. I have also had 150 professional development hours in the specific area of ADHD and ADD. ADD I have 12 graduate level class credit hours in special education in the field of learning disabilities. Six of these credit hours focused on ADD and ADHD. Read more


Bilingual and Knowledgeable Tutor Specializing in Math and Spanish

I have loved learning for as long as I can remember. This passion for learning has driven my desire to tutor and help others achieve their educational goals. I have always excelled in school, and though I was not a big "studier," tests were never difficult. That is not to say everything comes easy to me; I have simply developed methods to simplify lessons. That is what I am here for. My passion for learning has extended into a passion for teaching and helping you overcome all obstacles in you... Read more


Andrew Math teacher

My name is Andrew. I recently finished my fifth year as a teacher of high school math. I hold three different certifications in education: 4-8 Generalist, 8-12 Math, and EC-12 special education. I have experience in full class teaching, small group tutoring, and one on one tutoring. This past year I had 5 90-minute sessions with 22 students who have failed the STAAR test multiple times. After the sessions, 21 were successful. ... Read more


High School Teacher, Teach for America Alum 12yrs. Experience

I have worked as a teacher for 11 years and I have worked with students doing both TAKS prep and remediation. I am familiar with the information that students need to know to pass the test and if they have failed the test I analyze their scores and focus on what they need to learn in order to pass. I am currently preparing students for the TAKS test coming up in 2 weeks. Read more


Jennifer M. TEA Certified Master Biology Teacher

I am a certified Biology teacher with 14 years of classroom experience. I am extremely knowledgeable in regards to the state required objectives. I have a degree in Biology from Cameron University in Lawton, OK where I received a full athletic scholarship for tennis. I know what lessons will work for retention of biology curricula. I have worked diligently to review the state released Staar test and currently hold an 86% biology pass rate and a 100% pass rate for PreAP Biology at a high scho... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


pre-K -6th Tutoring Certified Teacher

I have been a teacher since 1988. I began teaching in Pleasanton and moved the next year to NEISD where I have been since 1989. I have always had a passion for teaching. I inherited this passion from my mother who was in education for over 40 years. I believe all children can learn and all are gifted in their own way. Although I am certified in GT I have never taught a designated GT classroom because I do believe we miss so many in the testing process that I can service more by staying in... Read more


Successful Math and Science Tutor-Teacher

I am certified to work with students who have Autism Spectrum Disorders, which includes autism, Aspergers, and other associated learning disabilities. I have worked with such students in an inclusion environment where the students have been in normal classrooms. Use of visual and graphic organizers, structuring spaces, and helping the students to develop clear organizational frameworks are key to helping them to adjust to a normal class situation. Read more


Art, Theatre, English, Reading, Special Ed and Creativity!

I have been working with children and adults with ADD/ADHD, including members of my own family, for many years. I have studied the works of Dr. Edward Hallowell and others, as well as receiving hands-on training in the public school system. In addition, I have worked with my own children, three of whom are ADD/ADHD, and many students with this situation. Read more


An effective teacher with a sense of humor!

I scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the GRE (Graduate Records Exam) which is essentially the same as the SAT and ACT math tests. Having worked as a professional test questions writer, I help students break test questions into a logical sequence of small problems to arrive at the final results. Understanding the question is the major part of taking standardized tests, so I concentrate on that skill. Read more

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