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Great helper for math, programming and physics subjects

Looking for a way to top score your math, programming or physics classes? You can get it here! A well trained, experienced tutor is looking forward to help you with your studies. With one year of tutoring experience at the University of Rhode Island, I can show you new way to memorize formulas, help you understanding concept and let you be prepared for any exams that you ever had problem with. I am patient, and want you to learn, of course, in a fun way that you cant imagine. i want to sh... Read more


Like Your Computer, Love Your Tutor!

I've been doing website design since the mid 90s and have completed a couple dozen simple websites. I haven't kept up with the back-end commerce technologies but am still proficient with the front-end content and graphics side. My favorite authoring tool is Dreamweaver; I have been using it for many, many years and have taught numerous website & HTML classes over the past 17 years. Even though my own site is done in Flash, I still use Dreamweaver to edit my band's website every month. I am also proficient at buying and using Flash and HTML templates to expedite development time. Creating site Read more


Art (Fine and Digital), Web Design, Writing--Former Teacher

I've used Dreamweaver for about 12 years (and also hand code). In addition to an art degree, I have a computer science degree in web development. I'm qualified to teach basic web design using Dreamweaver and the Adobe suite. Topics may include user interface design, image prep for the web, best design practice, coding fundamentals, and FTP using the Dreamweaver interface. Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Web Design Expert - 14 years of experience

For over a decade I have actively delivered smart cutting-edge user interfaces and successful production-ready web development code. With precision skill and craftsmanship I have used my unique knowledge of design, frontend and backend technologies to create cross-browser experiences focused on long-term user retention and engagement. Read more


Multimedia Brian

I have been using QuickBooks since it first came out. I currently use it in my personal business for the last 15 years. Not only do I use it on an almost daily basis, I setup the Chart of Accounts from scratch, paying close attention to my G/L numbering system, allowing for easy addition of subsequent accounts in the future with appropriate G/L numbers. I'm big on automation, so one of the first things I do is setup recurring billing or payments to facilitate ease of entry down the line. Also, memorized transactions are a HUGE help in taking the tedium out of data entry. Since every transac Read more


Math, Statistics, Econometrics, and Art Tutor

I have over ten years of software consulting experience in .NET languages. Currently, I do consulting work in the .NET 4.5 framework with Telerik controls, Kendo, Bootstrap and JQuery APIs and the R statistical language. Also, I work with design patterns, agile programming methodologies, and SQL Server database models with .NET. Read more


Professional Software Developer willing to tutor

I have over 10 years experience in software development. This includes experience in C, Java and Javascript. I have also both tutored and taught college courses in Java and web design. The students I tutored in college improved their grades and test scores significantly. I am very good at explaining concepts like pointers, OOP, encapsulation and modularity, etc.. Read more


Results-driven expert in Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Android &Excel

I have been coding and teaching computer programming intensively the past three years with experience in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, SQL, etc. I have an excellent understanding of the Object-Oriented Programming paradigm, the school of thought that dominates today's academic and professional landscape as far as software development is concerned. I also possess the methodology for coding with industry-best practices, some knowledge of data structures, design patterns, GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), debugging techniques and specific IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). In fact, s Read more


Knowledgeable, Easy to Understand, Effective

  • $40 / h
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  • Stow , OH ( 44224 )
  • 20 miles

Besides creating webpage content: resizing, resampling and creating layered images with Adobe Photoshop, I also have helped design students put together a wide variety of projects to showcase their talent. As a hobby, I love using different filters, transformations and plugins to create surreal photography. Photoshop is one of my passions and I would love to work with you to accomplish your goals. Read more


Professional Web Developer

I am a professional web developer with over 5 years of experience. I specialize in WordPress and am proficient in HTML, CSS, and PHP. Through my career as a web developer I have the opportunity to tutor and train a large number of people. Many are specific to the content management system known as WordPress. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user I can help! Here are just some of the types of things that I have helped others with: - domains - web hosting - installing WordPress (the rig... Read more

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