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Experienced Deaf Teacher

I am excited help you succeed! I became deaf at age 2, but I didn't learn sign language until I was 17. As a result, I not only understand the process of learning sign, I will never forget how it feels to struggle to master certain concepts, so patience is my virtue. Almost 25 years later, I still enjoy working with others to achieve their goals. I earned my American Sign Language Certification - Columbus State Community College - 1998. I was an ASL Instructor - Kids In College Prog... Read more

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Elementary Tutor--- fun while learning :)

Hello. Thank you for choosing to review my profile. I am confident, that together, we will be able to improve your child's study skills with an emphasis in reading and writing. I am committed to helping your child develop a passion for learning, while gaining a sense of confidence within themselves, their classroom, and their school. Through hard work, fun, and consistency, my main priority will be helping to ensure your child's goal in reaching their full potential as a student. I am act... Read more


Determined, Passionate, and Ensuring YOUR Success!

Hello hello! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Stephanie U., and I myself am a college student. I graduated first in my class from my high school, and received my Associate's Degree on a full scholarship in Drama. I interned at a private high school for 5 months teaching an American Sign Language class, and am currently working on my Bachelor's Degree with a double major in Drama and English and a minor in Education. Along with this, I am also in the process of obtaining my ASL t... Read more


An Amazing Tutoring

Hi Everyone, my name is Margo H. I am proudly deaf from Alabama. My parents and my sister are deaf. I graduated from Alabama School for the Deaf in Talladega, AL in 2004. I moved to Austin, Texas in 2012. I am currently a student at the Austin Community College in Austin, TX studying to be a CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter) and Deaf Studies. I also hope to do a minor in Education. I am also a single mother to two wonderful sons (12 and 9). Their names are Re’Shawn and LeBron. It has been ... Read more

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Knowledgeable Tutor For ASL and English Grammar

Hello. I am knowledgeable in ASL and English. My association with the Deaf community began about 18 years ago, and I've worked as an interpreter or service provider for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing indivuals for 14 years. I have worked in educational and community settings. Most recently I've had the privilege to provide vocational services for Deaf and disabled indivuals which has allowed me to see firsthand the struggle many face in receiving proper accommodations. Interpreting is sometimes... Read more


Elementary or ASL Tutor

I graduated in 2009 with an Elementary Teaching degree and in 2013 with a Master's in Deaf Education. I have been teaching elementary-aged deaf/hard of hearing students for two years. In addition to that I have had internships with hearing, deaf and hard of hearing students in public and private school settings. ASL is my second language, and I have been immersed in the language for about 12 years. I have two years full-time teaching experience with deaf/hard of hearing students and hav... Read more


American Sign Language Tutor

As a Deaf person coming from a hearing family, I was raised and surrounded by hearing environment and naturally, that made me want to teach everybody sign language. I started teaching since the age of 7 starting with my dad, my relatives, and my neighbors. And I've never stopped teaching ever since. There is always somebody new coming along on my path and I've always been so open and encouraging others to learn ASL. I have taught and inspired many various of people of all ages to learn sig... Read more

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Passionate Science Tutor

I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Microbiology. While there, I worked as both a TA and a tutor where I was able to aid in students' learning. I love tutoring because I recognize that everyone learns in different ways, so I enjoy imagining creative and different ways to explain concepts. I am currently working on a masters in nutrition and research. I have been studying science for over 5 years, and I have taken a variety of classes including organic chemi... Read more


The Unstoppable Learner

Hello everyone, my name is Steven. I am a very dedicated and committed learner; I have a passion for teaching others the things that I learn. I thrive off the fulfillment of others gaining a greater understanding of whatever subject or topic I am assisting them with, more specifically, basketball. I am NFHS Coach Certified, Youth Fit For Life Program Certified, and CPR/First Aid Certified. The details are where the winners play and stay, so that's where I live. I believe that one should ... Read more

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Licensed Speech Pathologist

I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Speech & Hearing Sciences, as well as a Masters degree in Speech Pathology. The majority of my clinical experience has focused on serving the needs of children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger's Syndrome. Specifically, I have provided residential and social mentoring support to college-aged students with Asperger's syndrome transitioning into a university setting. Additionally, I have several years experience evaluating and treating students with high-functioning autism. Read more

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