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Learn ASL & have fun!

I was taught/learned ASL through my deaf/hard of hearing friends and peers at RIT. I taught ASL to freshman while in college, and I am fully versed in the culture as well as spent much of my college career communicating with deaf people in work situations and with friends. I've also helped teach ASL to Resident Advisors at Buffalo State College. Read more

Teaches 1 subject


ASL Tutor, current student at CSUN Aleisha

I am a student currently attending California State University Northridge with a major in Deaf Studies, my concentration on pre-deaf education. I've been signing around 5 years, have volunteered at Deaf community Services and I try to be an active member in the Deaf community. I feel most comfortable teaching basic ASL to children and families but I also feel comfortable working with Deaf or hard-of-hearing families. Other subjects I feel comfortable in are reading and writing (English). On m... Read more


Tutoring customized for any age, skill set, and many subjects.

I grew up in a multi-lingual home. I am a native Gujarati speaker and learned to speak and understand Hindi using that knowledge, coupled with immersion into the language, and practiced starting at age four. I have also taught phrases and basic greetings using the English alphabet (also use for personal email and text messaging) to everyone from younger siblings to classmates to coworkers to my own seventh grade language arts teacher. Exposure not just to language, but personal experience, slang, and culturally acceptable uses and choices of words. Big fan of Indian music. :) Read more


Elementary Tutor--- fun while learning :)

I am certified in Elementary Education, (K-8) with an emphasis in Early Childhood. I have a true love of children. I am able to adapt and create a balance to any situation within a classroom. I will provide positive instruction, in order to create a disciplined and respectful learning environment. In doing so, I can help your child develop his/her own sense of individuality as a learner. Read more


English and Journalism teacher for ASL. Writing, Literature, ASL

I am a 20-year veteran of the teaching profession with much experience teaching English in grades 7-11. I also have extensive journalism teaching experience. I also am fluent in American Sign Language. My tutoring style is very interactive and student-centered. My expectation as a tutor is that we engage during each tutoring session. I am known to create a comfortable relationship with my students. I am a goal-setter, and each session would start with a target with the expectation of succ... Read more


ASL Tutor. Will work with hearing and deaf students!

I am fluent in American Sign Language and have had over 7 years of experience working within the deaf community. I have an Associates Degree and am pursuing a Bachelors, which allows me to feel confident in my ability to work with deaf and hard of hearing students in a breadth of subjects. I am familiar with the specific educational hardships that accompany deaf/hard of hearing students in accomplishing their academic goals and have a burden to help. I have had 3 years of experience working as a freelance Interpreter for several agencies. I have had 1 year of experience in educational classro Read more

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Certified Sign Language Interpreter

I have worked with the hard of hearing community for 5 years. I have my BA in Deaf Studies where I learned all about the culture and community within the hard of hearing world. I have my interpreting certification which proves I can communicate with those that use sign language. I have taken a Deaf/HOH culture class and lived in the Deaf/HOH dorms while I was in college. I was also the intern for that dorm. Read more


Knowledgeable Interpreter Specializing in both ASL and English Grammar

Language and meaning are my dual passions. How language is used both to illuminate and obfuscate meaning is a subject I find particularly engaging. So as I've worked in the sign language interpreting field for the past 12 years, I've gained increasing insight into what a delicate process communication is. I've also grown to respect how easily that communication can break down between two or more individuals coming from vastly different mental frames. My role has been to capture and transmit l... Read more


Student success is my top priority!

I have more than 18 years of experience working in the public school system as an Educational Interpreter for the Deaf. I have been using sign language since I was a child. I am Certified by the State of Michigan to interpret both in educational setting as well as community settings. I am fluent both in ASL and SEE. Read more


Elementary or ASL Tutor

I graduated in 2009 with an Elementary Teaching degree and in 2013 with a Master's in Deaf Education. I have been teaching elementary-aged deaf/hard of hearing students for two years. In addition to that I have had internships with hearing, deaf and hard of hearing students in public and private school settings. ASL is my second language, and I have been immersed in the language for about 12 years. I have two years full-time teaching experience with deaf/hard of hearing students and hav... Read more

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