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Tutor with experience with SAS, SPSS, and SQL

I have used SPSS to perform data and statistical analyses. I am proficient at generating frequency distributions, descriptive statistics, cross-tabs, and performing linear and logistic regression. I understand how to calculate new variables from existing variables and manage the current list of variables (e.g. data types, variable type, etc.). Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Teaching experience through grad Econ and undergrad Math/Statistics

I have been a Mac user since 2010. I have set up my Mac and friends' computers to synch with Apple iOS devices and iCloud, as well as customizing my Mac to also run Windows programs through Parallels. I have a background in computer science, first working on mainframe systems and PCs later. Before purchasing a Mac I had used PCs for 25 years and understand the pain that comes with switching, as well as the joy that comes from having done so! Read more


GIS, Weather and Environmental Statician and Modeler

I have been involved in many sports and fitness activities since I was 3 years old (dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, running, kayaking, etc.). I have always been conscientious of my health, and over the past few years have fine-tuned my fitness and eating habits. I go to the gym almost every day and focus on free weights, cardio, some machines (built for smaller females), and stretching. Many people don't realize that in order to be fit, you have to have the right combination of exercise AND diet. I have been able to manage both without sacrificing good meals or most of your free time. My Read more


HIgh Level Math Tutor with Teaching Experience

I have an engineering degree with a Master's degree in Engineering Management (a cross between engineering and business). I have taught business courses (business statistics, quantitative analysis and business math) at a local university. Plus, I have over 20 years of industry (business) experience. Read more


Consultant and tutor in math, statistics, quality and SAS

I have tutored many students in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 over the years. I have taught Algebra at Northwestern, and have been a teaching assistant in Algebra at University of Ky and Northwestern. Also I have worked in math study halls at UK and Oakland Community College (Des Plaines, IL) assisting college students in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Read more


Mark I. Professional Statistician

I have taught Excel for over twenty years, and have always illustrated the power of Pivot Tables! It's amazing what you can do with them. I also show students how to effectively use formulas, and equally important, how to "dress up" a report and incorporate it into a Powerpoint presentation for a 'Wow' effect! Read more


Patient UCLA Graduate Specializing in Math and K-6

I have over 8 years experience in SAS programming. I utilized SAS in my previous consulting experience and have expertise in processing, analyzing, and summarizing large datasets. I also have handled raw data in various forms with SAS and am available for one on one coaching. I have managed junior associates at my previous firm and performed quality control on their programs. I have also ran SAS training sessions for junior members in the company. Read more


PhD student, experienced & enthusiastic about education!

I am currently a PhD student in Educational Psychology and have taken courses in advanced statistical methodology as part of my Quantitative Methods emphasis. For coursework in these classes and for my own research I have utilized SAS. Additionally, for two years I served as Teaching Assistant for the lab portion of a 3-course statistics sequence in which I taught graduate students to perform statistical analyses (e.g. Proc Reg, Corr, GLM, etc.) using SAS. I have created numerous SAS resources for my students including lesson plans, exercises, sample data and guides. Read more


Bakeerathan, PhD in Statistics

I recently graduated PhD in Statistics at Case Western Reserve University, OH. When I was a graduate student, I worked as a teaching assistant for 5 years. I am now working as a Teaching Postdoc Scholar at Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, University of Louisville from July, 2013.... Read more


Super Statistics and Psychology Tutor!

I have a PhD in psychology from Arizona State University and have taken 10 graduate level statistics courses. I majored in psychology and sociology as an undergraduate. I have been a teaching assistant and lab instructor for undergraduate and graduate statistics courses at ASU, including introductory and advanced undergraduate statistics, as well as graduate level ANOVA and regression courses. I've also taught social psychology at the undergraduate level. I love teaching statistics and helpin... Read more

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