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(21) Vietnamese tutors for lessons, class and homework help

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HAVE FUN LEARNING with a Certified Teacher & Native Speaker!

Alice-Michou is a well-educated and polished native French speaker who came to the United States from Paris, where she grew up studying and working for fine French companies. Alice also spent her childhood years in a prestigious French Catholic Boarding school (Couvent des Oiseaux) in Saigon and Dalat, where she were taught all the "bonnes manieres" (social etiquettes). Even among native speakers, Alice speaks French with a noticeably beautiful Parisian accent. Known for her enthusiasm an... Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Linhchi , Math and ESL tutor

I have been tutoring Math K-12 in Waterbury and helped many students improved their math skills and grades. Students who failed in math became C or B, students with low grade in Math became A students and have more confidence about their academic skills and themselves. The students that I had a chance to work with were in different level in math. Some were faster and some slower learner. Depending on each student's skill level, I was working with each student step by step in order to improve ... Read more


Tackle science classes

I have been a peer tutor for two consecutive years at University of Houston, before moving back to Louisiana. I am currently majoring in Kinesiology, Bio minor at LSU. My emphasis is Science and Math courses. I am familiar with the content and practice of Calculus I & II; Chemistry I & II, Biology I & II and Physiology. I can narrow down the important topics to score high grades on the tests. I am able to summarize the whole course of Calculus 1 and 2 in shorter version; more focusing on ... Read more


Transformative Math, Science, and Psychology Tutor

I obtained a 720 in SAT Math since 2009, in the top 12% for the DukeTIP program qualifications, took the AP Calculus test and scored a 5, and have designed my own science project relating to math. I obtained a 690 on SAT Biology during my high school years, taken biology and physics courses in college and have a cumulative GPA of 3.9 from science courses at Austin Community College, and have done science fair researches at the University of Texas at Austin Cockrell School of Engineering and S... Read more


I am looking forward to help you improve your artistic skills

Hello, My name is Sammy-Linh. I am a senior at Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Fine Arts and Digital Media. My mother tongue is Vietnamese, and I studied Vietnamese up to high school, so I am skilled in Vietnamese language learning as well. I am in the painting and drawing field of fine arts. I consider myself an artist, a web developer, and a blogger. In tutoring, I have great experiences from having a summer job on campus called Summer Scholar Program, in which we welcomed students... Read more


Mathematics and Physics Help!

Hello! My name is Hai! I graduated from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. I originally decided to major in Aerospace Engineering because at the time I heard it was one of the most mathematics and physics intensive curriculum. Turns out that is actually the case! I went trudged my way through the curriculum with close friends and colleagues; that made the courses manageable! I not only developed my skills in mathematics and p... Read more


Let me help bring out the best in you.

I recently graduated from CSUF with a BA in Communications-Public Relations. Currently, I am working on getting a Masters in Communicative Disorders. My passion is to teach, mentor, counsel, and guide students into the right path. I wish to help others improve be it in life or in their studies. Five years ago, the first time I took my TOEFL test, I scored 110/120. I then tutored my sister, who scored 115. My friends that I tutored also scored above 90 points. I studied German for three yea... Read more


Medical Student - Biology & Math Tutor

I have been a tutor for the majority of my undergraduate education at University of California, Berkeley. I tutored students in an array of science courses during my undergraduate years. I have tutored students in physiology, genetics, cell biology, and nutritional sciences. Additionally, after obtaining my baccalaureate degree in two majors: Public Health and Molecular and Cell Biology, I tutored students who were all in different grades, ranging from elementary school all the way to high s... Read more


Vietnam tutoring

I earned my Master's in Educational Administration, and worked as a behavioral therapist for a short time before being a full time mom. I am easing back to work now as my son is 15 months old and looking for a Vietnamese tutoring job that can help me connect with the Vietnamese community in the South Bay and teach kids to speak the language. I am a Vietnamese native who came to America 5 years ago to pursue my higher education in Educational Administration. I tutored and taught English, Tr... Read more

Teaches 1 subject


Secondary Math Teacher

I am a licensed secondary math teacher. I am currently teaching calculus, pre-calc, and geometry at Union Christian Academy. I also have a master's in ESL besides a master's in business administration. For math, I can teach all levels from pre-algebra to calculus. I also tutor students for ACT, SAT, pre-SAT etc. For ESL, I can also teach all levels, especially TOEFL Preparation.... Read more

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