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Physicist and Programmer, Future Statistician - At Your Service!

I've taken many computer science courses where a large component of the course was programming, including: data structures, programming languages, operating systems, computer architecture, and others. I've taught high school students about the Java programming language extensively, and taught at the college level for the Mathematica and LaTeX programming languages. I've used both Java and Python professionally, and am well-versed in a variety of other languages. I can teach about computer programming in general (structures like conditionals or loops, or advice on designing complicated computin Read more


Professional Engineer, tutoring for greater Cause, not money

Hello there, I came to United States from Nepal to Study Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering as a full ride scholar. Now I am an engineer with masters degree and a job. I am so grateful for all the people and institutions that have helped me to be what I am now. During my college years, I had a goal to be where I am now and now I have a different goal; to give what I have, understanding of my STEM Disciplines. I am not here to make big money. I want people to get help as I got along the wa... Read more


My name is Daniel and I tutor most maths or sciences.

I have taken a class on Python programming and I have made various programs using the language for small projects I have done. I presented one of my programs for JSU's annual Student Research Symposium. I have about 50 programs written in Python and I am constantly growing my knowledge of the programming language. Read more


Graduate student

I have taken a differential equations and partial differential equations classes when I was an undergraduate student. I was doing exceptionally well in these classes and made an A for each class. Ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations are my research interests and I am currently conducting research with these particular subjects. Read more


I'm a Math, Science, and Foreign Language tutor with a Masters degree

My background is in the biological sciences with a focus on their application in forensic contexts, and I have both a BS and a masters degree in forensic science and a BA in psychology. I completed my master’s degree last year with a thesis on the genetics of facial morphology at the University of Lincoln in the UK. However, during my university studies I also pursued topics outside of my major, taking classes in advanced mathematics, anthropology, and completing a minor in French. Based on my previous academic performance, I have been accepted for a PhD position in Human Genetics. I eventually want to become a professor at a research institution. My immediate interest is in gaining more teaching experience at the collegiate level before I pursue a PhD. To this end I am committed to seeking ways to develop my teaching skills. Previously, I have had experience as a student teacher during my undergraduate degree, and I really enjoyed the work that goes into designing and teaching a curriculum. I am enjoying working with high school and college students again as a tutor. Read more


Experienced Music, Math, and Language Tutor

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor's degree in physics, gained a lot of training from UCSF/SFSU/CCSF in Medical Device Design and Electrical Engineering. Physics is a mathematically intensive major and as a result I have very strong algebra, geometry, and calculus skills. Since I've been tutoring for over 10 years, I have developed strong methods of explaining complex concepts -- allowing sessions to be more productive. My philosophy of tutoring is that the student, above all e... Read more


John G. - A programmer who can help you further your knowledge

In high school, I excelled through my advanced and AP level English courses, and was able to practice my writing very heavily. Through that I developed skills in peer editing, reading, writing, proof reading, and comprehension of written material. In college I became involved in Journalism and took a course under a retired New York Times journalist, and was able to write countless articles for my school. Read more


Computer Science Tutor

Python is my favorite language. I've done quite a bit of Python tutoring -- here are two example reviews students have given me on InstaEdu (your lower-paying competitor): "Very knowledgeable with Python. [...] Writes beautiful, efficient code. Would definitely work with him again." "Literally the best tutor for computer programming ever! [...] Explains everything step by step." Read more

Teaches 2 subjects


Mathematics Ph. D., Thirty Years University Teaching Experience

I have taught mathematics and statistics at the post-secondary level for over thirty years. I understand what distinguishes successful from unsuccessful students as regards both innate ability and effort. Do not waste time, anyone's time, by pushing an endeavor that won't succeed nor by giving half-hearted effort to one that can succeed if given the requisite energy. Engage someone who can discern the difference. If you are serious about learning mathematics or statistics, I am here to ... Read more


Francis Math Tutor

I am a 2nd year PhD Student in economics. I had both applied econometrics in my master's and theoretical econometrics in my first year in the PhD program during which we learned different techniques of regression as well as their applications. I use Stata and Matlab in my work involving econometrics regression. Read more

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