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(20) MTLE tutors for lessons, class and homework help

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A committed teacher prepared to help you with ESL and Spanish

As a licensed teacher of English as a Second Language, teaching English is my business; my bread and butter as they say. I work with students on the practical aspects of language acquisition as well as develop their cultural repertoire through select topics. As a high school tutor I supported many students comprehension of the English Language Arts curricula by focusing on the central themes and using analogy, alluding to relevant cultural context that helped them grasp the big ideas in literature. Read more


Language Arts (K-Adult); Math (K-8); ESL

I can help you prepare the thinking, analytical and practical aspects of standardized tests. My expertise is in English (reading and writing) and math. However, beyond the subject matter, these tests require specific test-taking skills. These skills can and should be taught separately from the subject matter. I personally have scored in the 95-99% percentile of every standardized test I have ever taken, including SAT, ACT, GRE, ASCP, and MTLE (Minnesota teacher competencies). I also have researched the tests and have a handle on their specific requirements. I can share my knowledge and test-ta Read more


Insight, Understanding, and Improvement

I am experienced in both managerial accounting (including activity-based costing, variance analysis, international financial consolidation, product program analysis and evaluation, control procedures, etc.) and financial accounting (including company valuation and performance analysis, Compustat data analysis, financial ratio analysis, peer company performance comparison, application of FASB procedures, etc.). Read more


Goal-Oriented Test Prep, Math, Reading, and Spanish Tutoring

The English section of the ACT was my strongest section when I took the exam. Mastering this section requires excellent process of elimination skills, quick decision making, and an understanding of what each question is testing. All of the students that I have tutored in ACT reading have significantly improved their scores using my method. Read more


I'm a creative and passionate elementary and middle school tutor

I graduated in May with an Elementary Education major and a Middle Level Math minor at Winona State University. I also received my Minnesota teaching license in K-6 and middle school math. I have tutored middle school students in math, taught lessons to sixth graders for 4-H, and been an instructional aide at an after-school daycare. The education program at Winona State prepared me for teaching children with a variety of needs using methods backed by research. After entering the education program at Winona State University I spent many hours in elementary and middle schools teaching whole-class lessons, working with small groups, and teaching/helping one-on-one. My field experience gave me ample opportunity to apply the teaching strategies I learned in the program with a variety of students of different ages and with different needs. Before graduating I completed one semester of student teaching where I spent every day in a fourth grade classroom teaching, co teaching, and aiding my cooperating teacher. Much of my time during student teaching was spent pulling small groups of students, individual students, and planning and delivering whole-class math lessons. Many times the students I worked with required more attention and had higher needs than other students. In April I was hired as a tutor for Tutor Doctor. The sessions were with elementary students conducted in their own homes. I never repeated a lesson with any student. I make it a point to learn students’ previous knowledge, strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles in order to tailor the lesson so that the student recognizes and builds upon strengths and prior knowledge, but also work towards personalized goals aimed at enriching the areas that need improvement. I believe students should be actively participating in the lesson. When pupils are engaged, motivated, and responsible for their learning, they become autonomous learners who are encouraged to practice reflective thinking. The tasks and activities I use in lessons to help your student will be authentic and relate to their everyday lives so they are more likely to retain and recall the new information. While effective teaching practices are key to a successful lesson, I have found the most important aspect of tutoring is to create a good relationship with your student. Knowing your student provides direction for the lessons and an understanding of your student's prior knowledge, interests, strengths, and weaknesses with the purpose of adapting instruction for an individualized approach. Watching a student progress, develop, and learn, as a result of my efforts, is a rewarding experience and an incredible responsibility. I believe with the research-backed methods, student-centered approach, and friendly, supportive environment I implement, I will help your child learn and progress to the best of his or her ability. Read more


Math & science - I'll help you get concepts & do word problems

Algebra 1 is a foundation course for all of the higher levels of mathematics as well as many science classes. I can help you get off to a strong start. In Algebra 1 students typically start to learn some abstract concepts that are sometimes only loosely connected to real life problems. Many students need concrete or visual examples. I'm good at that! I've never met a word problem I couldn't draw a picture for. I can also help students who struggle with the complex reading level common in word problems. When I work with a student one on one, we can discover what individual difficulties the s Read more


Licensed Elementary Teacher with Master's Degree in Education

I hold an elementary teaching license and currently teach science at a private school in Minneapolis. I have secured a job teaching at the elementary level with Minneapolis Public Schools starting this fall. I recently completed a Master's in Education degree at St. Catherine University, where I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and earned a STEM certification, as well. My tutoring methods include a constructivist philosophy where students guide their own learning with support and scaffolding from their teacher, positive reinforcement, and personalized learning tactics. I have taught all subjects at Read more


Home-schooled? English, K-8 Math, ACT Prep

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in middle school and took medication for two years. I am familiar with how it feels and the effects on school work. I was a psychology major and have had many classes about ADD/ADHD and the effects on adolescents. I have worked closely with ADD/ADHD students in my last teaching job. I am also currently mentoring an 8th grade girl with severe ADHD. We meet once a month to work on strategies and changes in thought processes to help her in school specifically. Read more


Reading experience!

I have a 316/317 Reading Specialist license from Wisconsin. I am a remedial reading teacher at a High School. I help my 9th graders with vocabulary, comprehension, and study skills. I administer the ACT Aspire and ACT annually. I tutored ACT and SAT prep at a Learning Center for two years. Once a week I administer the AIMS Web fluency passages and a MAZE assessment to about 40 students. Read more


Math/stat tutor

As an undergraduate I took a number of courses in differential equations. I recently tutored a student in material on differential equations, both first order and second order. This would include linear differential equations, separable equations, and homogeneous and non-homogeneous linear differential equations. Read more

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