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Preparing for timed tests requires a different skill set. I teach students to use mental math, logic, and common sense to improve their time management. I explain math problems in ways students can understand. I show them how to deconstruct words to expand their word knowledge and how to recognize verbal analogies. I never talk down to students. I offer them words of encouragement to boost their confidence. I am a great listener and able to tailor my approach to your specific needs. Students ... Read more


Reading and Test Preparation Expert for grades K-12

I have coached graduating students for the Virginia EOC tests in Reading, Writing, and US History as well as World Geography, and World History. I work on test strategy and teaching skills that the student was challenged by in the previous test based on that result. This past year, I had a 100% pass rate for Writing with the students I coached. Read more


Certified, Experienced AP Teacher for History, SAT, ACT, GRE and more!

I am a full time teacher with nine years of classroom experience with students from 6th to 12th grade, and fifteen years of experience teaching exam prep (SAT, ACT, GRE, and AP Exams), including time at two of the largest exam prep companies in the country. I would love to use that experience to help your student achieve their maximum potential. I hold an MEd in secondary education as well as a BA in Linguistics and Middle Eastern Studies from Rutgers University, and a MA in Middle Eastern,... Read more


Special Ed Teacher Highly Qualified in Hist., Gov., Geom. & Alg.

I provide study and organizational skills, and life skills coaching. I have taught the ADD/ADHD student at both the middle, and high school levels for over 14 years. I am licensed in Virginia and Arizona to teach youth with these problems. Finally, as a psychotherapist, I provided clinical services to youth and young adults with these problems for over 20 years. Read more


Experienced, fully licensed teacher

While I am licensed in all subjects PreK-6 and English and social studies for 6-8 grade, I have been an 8th grade English teacher in Virginia for 15 years. During that time, I have tutored hundreds of students, providing tailored instruction to match their learning styles and abilities. I decided to take a year off from the classroom, but I soon realized how much I miss teaching the students. While I have taught middle school, I have tutored elementary, high school, and college student... Read more


Unlocking Potential: Reading, Writing, Test Prep, & More!

With over fifteen years in the educational field, my journey began as a tutor for college-level French and Spanish. I've since guided students ranging from three-year-olds to adults, covering subjects such as English, math, science, social studies, and test preparation. My expertise extends to a multitude of exams, including Praxis, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE, and many more. Beyond academic tutoring, I've assisted students with college essays and consultations. Notably, my tutoring service ... Read more


Goal Oriented and Effective Math Tutor

My goal as your math tutor is to improve your math study skills, study habits and improve your math grade. By doing the following: - Assist student with math homework. - Prepare student for math class, math quizzes, tests and exams. - Teach student how to study the textbook outside the classroom. - Teach student to manage their time and develop better study habits and skills. The overall goal is to increase students' interest in mathematics and reduce or completely take away any anxi... Read more


I'll help you learn SQL/SSIS

My name is Alfredo and I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. One of my main focus throughout my professional career (financial institutions, public sector, medical sector, and application support) has been programming with SQL mostly T-SQL. It has helped me understand how data is used in a real world scenario and how it is implemented to help tell a story and provide information to those that needed it. If you have always wondered what is needed to start learning SQL... Read more

Teaches 3 subjects


Language Arts and Literature, K-12

I have been teaching Language Arts for the past seven years in Virginia. My husband and I just moved to Colorado, and I'm excited about continuing my career in education. I have a B.A. in English from James Madison University and a Masters in Education from George Mason University. I am dually endorsed in Language Arts grades 6-12 and Visual Arts preK-12. I've taught middle school English for the past seven years and also have taught 10th grade summer school English. I've also had the opportu... Read more


Patient Tutor/Specializing in Reading, Writing, SAT Prep, History

I am eligible for a provisional license in VA for Special Education K-12 as I am working on my Masters in the area. As a high school English teacher, I teach and differentiate learning for special needs students with ADD, ADHD, autism, aspergers, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and some behavioral problems. I have been successful in this area providing graphic organizers, study guides, after and before school tutoring. Read more

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