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(30) Tango tutors for lessons, class and homework help

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Math, English, and the Arts; You need it? I tutor

Hello there! My name is Brittany. I have been a tutor at Ozarks Technical Community College for 3 1/2 years. I have my Associates of Arts in Teaching and am currently working on my Bachelor's in Mathematics. I tutor many kinds of Algebra, English, and the arts, such as Theatre and Dance. I have been immersed in Theatre since I was 5 years old as I assisted my sister in gaining her Theatre degree. I began dancing when I was 13 years old and fell in love with the art. I have studied Ballet, Ba... Read more


Spanish, Dance, Art, Math Tutor in SCV

I graduated Cum Laude Honors in 2003 from CSUN with a double major B.S. in Finance and International Business with a German minor. In 2006, I obtained a Master's Degree in Business (MBA) with 3.7 GPA, and in 2007 completed all of the remaining required Accounting courses to sit for the CPA exam at Santa Monica College online (Intermediate Accounting, Bookkeeping, Quickbooks, Tax, etc.). I have completed the Becker CPA Review in order to sit for and pass the 4 CPA exams. I have 7-8 years of full-time accounting work experience as Accountant, Accounting and HR Manager, Tax Analyst, and Assistant Read more


English Tutor with 3 years' experience (English (TOEFL, GRE) / Biology

I have 3 years experience teaching English (specifically reading and speaking). I have also worked with students from different countries to help improve their communication skills. I have a Masters degree in Biology and have utilized my experience to teach biology lab courses at the University of Texas at Dallas. I also have hands-on experience working in biological / research labs for over 5 years which makes it easier to explain concepts in the field to students. I believe in keeping thin... Read more


MBA and BA - Critical Reading, Writing, Math, Marketing

I am qualified to be a business tutor because I have an MBA from NYU Stern and I've worked in the business world for 12+ years. As part of my education, I have taken many business classes, finance, management, marketing, operations, business law, economics, accounting, etc. As part of my professional work experience, I have worked at major corporations (in the corporate office). I've led many cross functional teams, as well as, created strategy and execution tactics. Read more


Social and Wedding Dance Lessons: Tango, Salsa, Ballroom and more!

I began dancing Argentine Tango in 2008, and have had the opportunity to spend time studying in Argentina, and traveling all over the US to festivals and workshops to continue my training. I have been teaching Tango since 2009. I have taught at UNT, various dance studios since 2010, and independently since 2012. I am a regular at most local Tango events (more than once each week), and I have hosted my own monthly Tango social for over five years. I have had the opportunity to perform at several local events, shows and venues with other dancers and professionals. In Tango, nothing is more i Read more


Get confidence where you need it most.

I spent several years living in Argentina and traveling to Europe to train with some of the best Argentine tango dancers and teachers in the world. I have completed to teacher trainings in Holland with Eric Jorissen of the famous El Corte. I have attended festivals and taught classes in various U.S. cities and in Europe. Read more


Knowledgeable, skilled Special Needs teacher - English-Math-SAT Prep

I am a certified special education teacher with a K-12 certification granted after completing my masters in special education at William Paterson University in 1971. I taught in the Morris School District (6th -12 grade)(self-contained- all subjects- for 17 years and also 8 Years in Woodcliff Lake and Franklin Lakes respectively. I diagnosed specific learning disabilities and designed special techniques for working with individual students having ADD/ADHD, and various forms of Autism. Read more


Authentic and motivational Ballroom and Spanish Teacher

I am have been dancing for over eight years. I am certified DVIDA dance instructor. I have trained with top-level professional instructors such as Ron Montez, Jim Maranto, Jannell Maranto, Felipe and Carolina Tolona. The DVIDA certification include tango which I enjoy teaching. My purpose is to make each of my class lessons fun and informative. I believe dancing is therapeutic to the mind and body. I also believe that the most important aspect of teaching dance is enjoying one’s self and furthering a healthy living style. Read more


Certified teacher, Elementary, lots of experience

I have been dancing Argentine Tango for more than six years. I acted as an assistant teacher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a couple years. I also taught a small group of locals and expats when I lived in Tanzania. I have been hired to perform and do mini-lessons at charity events and private parties over the years. I can teach beginner level tango to both leaders and followers, and help intermediate dancers with technique. Read more

Teaches 2 subjects



In high school, I began my sciences early on with Biology as a freshman. Since then, I have taken advanced level science courses. In college, I was a Biology major before becoming a Chemistry major, but I excelled in many upper level biology courses. I have not tutored in Biology as of yet, but I still enjoy learning and teaching what I have learned from my experiences. Read more

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